Blaming the GOP for decades of border-control abuses is wrong-headed

Reader Mark F., responding to our blog where we lay blame for enticing illegal border entry at the feet of Democrats, says Republicans own this. Trump owns this. He promised to fix it. They concentrated on the wall when they should have fixed birthright citizenship, eVerify, and visa overstays while they controlled Washington.

We disagree, and replied There’s one Party that proudly supports Open Borders, and thus entices illegal entry. The other Party may have a few weak-kneed members, but – as a Party – supports controlling borders…it’s not right, or accurate, to paint an entire Party as co-owners of an enticement policy when a few bad apples hamper the efforts of the majority within.”

“To the extent Republicans controlled Congress and haven’t funded the wall, they’ve abetted the problem…but the Open-Borders crowd provides the enticement. President Trump called for funding the wall, negated Obama’s unlawful DACA mandate, called for a change in defining ‘birthright’, and by EO changed how asylum is handled, so we’d say his stance on this issue does NOT entice illegal entry efforts, & as such, doesn’t justify a statement that he owns any part of it.”

(Some would argue that some Democrats disagree with open-borders rhetoric, but we remind them that while they may disagree, they still vote Party line to stall the GOP.)

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