Tax Cut logic – using deceit to make a point actually PROVES…4 points

Tax-Cut Logic 101…

Using deceit to make a point actually PROVES four points:

  1. the point being made has no merit;
  2. the user of the deceit has no integrity;
  3. the opposite-point being made has merit;
  4. the opposite-point advocate has integrity on the issue.

Attacks against the Republican tax-cut plans make a perfect case for this logic – when its Democrat opponents aren’t flat-out lying, they’re using deceit to make their points.


Cries of ‘middle-class tax hikes’ in the Senate plan are a lie, because a vital part of the issue (a $7k early-years tax-cut) is being left out in order to push their dishonesty.


Using their never-ending Democrat class-warfare rhetoric they claim the GOP tax-cuts are ’tilted toward the rich’ without bothering to note that a) the higher income brackets pay the lion share of taxes and b) percentage-wise, the lower-incomes get more back.


Warning everyone who will listen that the GOP plan ‘blows up the deficit’ by $2 trillion over the next 10 years ignores Obama’s plan, which ‘blew it up’ $5 trillion in 8 years.

Riedl’s article in NRO is worth the read, for 3 reasons – it puts the lie to the Democrat minions invested in a deceit they champion the middle-class; and by their deceit, gives credibility to a Republican effort, that may not be perfect, but is a very good start…

…and, once again, exposes a FakeNews media that aids such Democrat tactics.


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