Woodpile skunk – ‘though we can’t indict, we can incite’ smear-bait

By this time, Mueller has to be wondering how many more times he has to come out of the woodpile and skunk-spray President Trump before Democrats get the message.

His original 440-+ page report was supposed to be the hit-job that got it done, got the impeachment process started…but those cantankerous Democrats waffled instead.

So, yet again, Robert Mueller has to emerge from the woodpile, doing his best ‘incite by implication’ schtick, in a renewed effort to give the waffling Democrats what they want.

But, funny thing – reading the transcript of his comments, it reads more like an ‘I refuse to testify and incriminate myself’ than an indict-by-implication assault against Trump.

No matter how he fancies it up, there’s no evidence against the President or aides that collusion with foreign nationals occurred…he just doesn’t want to say so in those terms.

How else can one define “…if we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so” phrasing? Confidence? What kind of cheap-shot phrasing is that? His job is to report on evidence found, not confidence felt.

Here’s an ‘i’ word he refuses to verbalize: I-N-N-O-C-E-N-T

Of course, Mueller’s intent here was to (once more) give media the implication-gasoline to throw on impeachment fires…in yet another attempt to rid the Swamp of its enemy.

If Mueller’s lucky, everyone will be so focused on that they’ll overlook that he failed to follow crucial elements of his instructions, which he’d have to answer for otherwise.

You know, the part where he was instructed to “…conduct the investigation including any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation…” (our emphasis)

I.e., matters like…

  • Democrats funded the dirt-dossier that was used to start the investigation;
  • Democrats colluded to use foreign agent disinformation for election-meddling;
  • Democrats funded the only outfit that analyzed their ‘hacked’ servers;
  • Democrats refused to allow the FBI access to those servers;
  • Democrats hid the fact they financed the efforts.

Today, Mueller said “The matters we investigated were of paramount importance.” 

Yeah, sure…

…just not important enough to investigate thoroughly…as evidenced by the lack of critical analysis of the dossier, or the Democrat obscured involvement in the CREATION of that dossier: a dossier used as the ENTIRE REASON for a ‘collusion’ investigation.

You’re damn right Mueller won’t testify…he’s crawling back in the woodpile.

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