‘Nothing to add’…except smearing innuendo…

Mueller makes a statement this morning, saying he’s got ‘nothing to add’

…the ‘report speaks for itself’

…then spews ‘wink, wink’ innuendo obstruction bile, contradicts what AG Barr says Mueller told him (re, why no obstruction determination)…to keep hysteria alive.

Finally, with his ‘can’t indict a President’ comment, Mueller gave media ammo to smear upcoming AG Barr investigations, implying Barr was a liar (without calling Barr a liar).

What a skunk.

And Mueller knows he’s exposed as a partisan: that’s why he couldn’t wait to state that, if he did testify before Congress, it wouldn’t go beyond what’s already in his report…

…’cuz then he’d have to answer uncomfortable questions concerning why he never bothered to investigate the predicate behind the probe (the dirt-dossier), or its funders…


And, hopefully, some Republican with backbone could’ve asked Mueller if it’s a Special Counsel’s responsibility to smear…without evidence…the target of an investigation.

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