Any ‘dirt’ on Pres. Trump would’ve been exposed long ago

Seriously – what politician could have stood up under the type of hostile scrutiny Pres Trump has gone through over the last three years? None, Nada, Zip, Zilch, Zero.

Given 8+ years of weaponized federal agencies and a flood of leaks, what fool doesn’t realize ANY bad info on Trump, including IRS data, would’ve been exposed by now?

Given the extent his opposition has shown (daily) they’re willing to go, it would’ve been SCORCHED EARTH before the election, and definitely NUCLEAR after his election.

That said, what ‘cover-up’ innuendo they’re throwing at him now is just that: innuendo, meant to smear, delegitimize…and a desperate attempt to create doubt before 2020.

Reportedly, Obama’s IRS-FBI-CIA-DoJ-STATE agencies were illegally sifting NSA data on Americans, including Pres. Trump, since 2011. The NSA Dir. blew that whistle.

So, seriously: if there was any ‘dirt’ on Trump, it would’ve been out there long ago. The really incredible story here is how it’s gone unremarked how CLEAN his history is.

That’s a REAL cover-up.

A dishonest media is doing its best to hide all these truths…

…displaying for all to see why they truly are the ENEMY of the people.

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