Mueller’s final sabotage presser is FURTHER PROOF no crime was committed

Now that Mueller’s finally spoken, it’s time to realize he EXONERATED the President.

Because he WOULDN’T exonerate the President.

Confused? Don’t be – this is all part of the Potomac Two-Step: high theater for the deep state, in-the-weeds head bobbing for pundits…but time-wasting for ordinary Americans.

The special counsel was tasked to investigate for ‘collusion’; to recommend charges if any prosecutable offenses were committed. PERIOD. (This is crucial to exoneration.)


Forget whether a sitting President can be indicted. For the purposes of this discussion it makes no difference at all – none…because a special counsel DOESN’T INDICT.

Andrew McCarthy noted this in a May 8th article at National Review:

If there is sufficient evidence, then it is the prosecutor’s job to recommend indictment. The question of whether the OLC guidance should then be invoked to delay indictment should then be up to the attorney general.” (bold, underline emphasis added)

Lost in the latest Mueller head-fakery (deliberately so) is the fact that a recommendation doesn’t equal an indictment. Let this sink in: Mueller could’ve recommended charges to the Justice Department if there were any legitimate reason to do so…without prejudice.

(It’s obvious he would’ve, if he could’ve. Swamp creatures defend the Swamp; any honest person acknowledges his assembled team was partisan Democrat to the hilt.)

Therein lies the PROOF that Trump was innocent. Mueller could’ve, but didn’t. Why?

Mueller’s problem – from the beginning – was being under tremendous pressure to find ANY chargeable offense, where there was none. Had he attempted to recommend that charges be made absent credible evidence, he would have been laughed out of town.

(Not to mention, probably disbarred for malpractice.)

His only alternative, then, was to create a false narrative based on innuendo, that would smear the President, arm Trump’s detractors, and quietly make his exit, stage Left.

Mueller’s false narrative? He didn’t indict because a sitting President can’t be indicted.

Total B.S. The special counsel doesn’t indict…he recommends.

And he couldn’t recommend.


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