Here’s an answer to the ‘can’t be charged, then why investigate?’ question, Rush

Rush Limbaugh posits the question often over the months since Mueller spewed a 448-page hit piece errrr…report…into the public maelstrom swirling around Pres Trump.

There’s a very clear answer to the question ‘why a DoJ probe, if a sitting President can’t be charged with a crime’…Congress doesn’t have the investigative powers DoJ has.

Once Sessions was suckered into recusing, deep-state DoJ powers chose to appoint a special counsel, providing Executive branch agencies for the investigative clownshow.

The fix was in…the game was rigged…with Robert Mueller as circus ringmaster.

But, O-M-G…despite all their (rigged) efforts, they couldn’t find any proof! 

What was left, but to use non-resolution, full of sly innuendo and false narratives.

Mueller clearly was tasked by Democrats to keep impeach-fires burning by issuing a non-resolution rather than do his job, implying Trump’s guilt ‘cuz there’s no proof of innocence…which turns innocent-til-proven-guilty legal standards upside down.

We say clearly, because his job was to investigate if there was any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia…after two years, no evidence supports that claim.

It would’ve taken 5 words to report that result: no proof, no charge recommended.

But Mueller took about 200 pages, laced with innuendo, ending with ‘can’t say he’s innocent’. As a prosecutor IT WASN’T HIS JOB to proclaim innocence. So, the 200 pages of ‘here’s what they said was done, we can’t prove it wasn’t done’ smear.

Then he follows up with 240-some pages on ‘obstruction’ ending with similar innuendo and the implication that, since he can’t be indicted, no final resolution was possible.

Any bright objective first-year journalist could’ve asked why Mueller didn’t recommend a charge…since the actual decision to indict wasn’t the special counsel’s responsibility.

But we digress…everyone knows why Mueller’s done what he’s done.

As noted, the reason a DoJ investigation was launched is simple: because Congress wouldn’t have the more powerful investigative agencies available that the DoJ has.

When you think of it, what’s remarkable is how clean this President and his campaign was, withstanding the investigation of the FBI-CIA-NSA without any relevant charges.

Without even any (dare we say it?) trumped-up charges.

Incredible. And largely, gone unremarked by the media.

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