The truth about Martin Luther King Jr shows why history shouldn’t be whitewashed…or excised

“Yesterday, in British magazine Standpoint, Martin Luther King Jr. biographer David Garrow penned a rather explosive piece revealing previously undisclosed FBI files that detailed shocking events in the life of the legendary civil rights activist. According to the article written by Garrow, King was not only a prolific philanderer, but also an abuser of many women and someone who reportedly laughed while a friend raped a woman.”

The article title says it all…

“MLK’s Alleged Abuse Of Women Does Not Negate His Achievements”

No man is without flaw…no history is without flaws. We should no sooner tear down the many memorials of Dr. King, than we should any of our Founding Father memorials.

No one thing should be judged solely by its past, but by what’s done to correct flaws.

E.g. – Slavery was wrong…but hundreds of thousands died to correct that flaw. We will be judged – history will be judged – by how we correct the flaws along its trajectory.

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