The REAL reason Democrats have a problem w-impeachment is H-U-G-E…

Nancy Pelosi told a late-night host the problem with trying to impeach the President is that a Republican-controlled Senate would acquit him…but there’s more she didn’t say.

Democrats would have a huge problem with total exposure of exactly what transpired during the last three years…and a trial in the Senate would be sure to expose that.

Their hoax failed…

…and their Obama-weaponized federal agency wrongdoings are even now subject to enhanced scrutiny…their media accomplices can only obscure realities for so long.

A presidential impeachment with a Senate trial cannot be so easily obscured, and as the accused, President Trump would have the right to call out EVERY bad actor…

…foreign…and DOMESTIC.

That’s the type of national-stage high drama even network majors can’t obscure.

Prediction: on impeachment, ‘talk’ will continue…but ‘action’ won’t happen.

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