Here’s your ‘obstruction’…

Want real ‘obstruction’?

It’s Mueller failing to expose the real collusion in this fiasco…by Hillary And Democrats.

Where every effort of the FBI, CIA, NSA, DoJ, State Dept. & 5-Eyes foreign Intel services couldn’t find ANY evidence Trump/campaign aides colluded…

mountains of evidence reveal Russian/foreign disinformation was solicited, fabricated, and then disseminated throughout that corrupt set of groups – AIDED BY MEDIA.

If the special counsel was tasked w-investigating how foreign agents meddle in an election, how else to describe that dizzying display of failure to reveal such egregiously flagrant collusion…than OBSTRUCTION?

Which begs the question…

…in such a one-sided act how can anyone accuse an innocent President of obstruction, when this obvious PARTISAN DECEIT is so openly conducted?

If, that is, election interference was the problem being addressed.


Mueller’s ‘report’ is one of the most arrogant head-fake efforts in political history, attempting to paint the innocent as guilty, while ignoring the real guilty Party…and assorted henchmen.

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