Grade-school mock slave auction fail?

Lost in the news of a 5th-grade mock slave auction was any mention of how historically accurate it was.

Having taken place in New Jersey, we’re guessing no mention was made of the historic fact that the South was a Democrat stronghold, and slavery was their institution.

(We won’t hold our collective breath for the 5th grade re-enactment of an anti-slavery Republican Party creation in 1854.)

FBI Confirms…Obama’s a liar, and deserves impeachment

FBI Dir. Comey confirmed Trump’s campaign was being tampered with by the FBI since July of last year, and it had to have been at Obama’s direction.

So Obama’s statements to the contrary are lies.


Neither are we…but then, we are talking about Obama.

Tampering with a political opponent’s presidential campaign deserves nothing less than impeachment of Barack Obama.

But think of this, folks…

Even with tampering of the Trump campaign by Obama’s Justice Dept, it wasn’t enough to drag Hillary over the finish line to victory in November.

Disingenuous Republicans make things more difficult than necessary

From legislation to checks-&-balances to rogue ideological courts, the GOP Congress allow themselves to be thwarted by rules and laws they could change.

It’s one thing to be handcuffed, it’s another thing entirely when those cuffs are self-applied.

Hiding behind the very rules they condemn, the Republicans play this game simultaneous to cries of dismay and ‘sky-is-falling’ rhetoric.

It’s time the American people said ‘enough’.

GOP Congress can reconstitute ideologically anti-constitutional federal courts

We said it before, we repeat now…

Our Constitution gives Congress the right to ‘constitute tribunals inferior to the Supreme Court’...they can effectively eliminate ideological anti-constitutionalists.

(Art. 1, section 8, subsection 9)

Our U.S. Constitution is under attack by a left-wing judiciary intent on sole control. Republicans can’t allow rogue Left-wing federal judges to abuse the Constitution.

They should man up and exercise their duty to the citizens of this country that are threatened by an ideological judiciary which is openly toxic to the Constitution.

Show some guts, Congress. Reconstitute the 9th District…and ANY federal court that fails to follow the very Constitution that makes their existence possible.

Defend the Rule of Law…and most importantly…

…defend us from those who would shred our Constitution in order to set America on a course that’s destined for a World order where individual liberty is non-essential.

Do the right thing…obey your oath to support and defend the Constitution.

Fight the radical Left’s agenda, and use the Constitution itself to do it.

Since when can an un-elected judge obstruct America’s national security?

Politically appointed judges can’t be allowed to undermine national security.

That’s what the federal judge in Hawaii just did, by ignoring the clear constitutional duties a President has to exercise his responsibilities, regarding a limited travel ban.

Forget the high-minded rhetoric of the many laws undeniably supporting President Trump, or the pathetic depths the court took to find standing where there is none…

…no NON-ELECTED ill-informed partisan judge can control our national security.

A President has a sworn duty to protect American citizens, even if that duty extends to protecting us from Left-wing judges who have no knowledge of foreign threats.

Mr. Trump has every right to ignore this ruling and carry out his responsibilities.

Americans will support him when he does so.

And most importantly, Republicans in Congress could too…by reconstituting the Left-coast federal court that runs contrary to the U.S. Constitution.

More to follow…

The gov’t shutdown canard

The big lie about government shutdowns is that, if such a ‘dire’ situation must be avoided, all the Congressional Republicans would have to do is…


They make a rule that requires 60 votes, then warn of serious consequences because that very same rule causes gridlock?

About the only ones left in America who believe this phony reasoning are the politicians.

Why act like a replacement healthcare bill can’t be continually improved?

Many of the op-eds and so-called ‘news’ stories seem based on the same lie…

…that is, any GOP replacement bill for the Obamacare monstrosity will stick in the craw of Americans without any possibility of improvements as time passes.

We firmly believe our free-market system would fill the void of the death spiral that is Obamacare. But if a replacement bill is unavoidable, ti’s also certainly improvable.

First and foremost, President Trump is a businessman, and as a businessman he is an expert on the concept of assessing a plan’s progress, and improving it on the fly.

Read the stories you choose, but watch out for any premise showing a plan as final. In large part, this is a tactic to make any alternative to Obamacare look unfavorable.

Don’t fall for it.

It’s not in the best interest of the Republicans to pass a monolithic healthcare law that, upon implementation, may adversely affect millions, and not fix it as needed.

That’s the Democrat modus operandi

…most notably demonstrated…by Obamacare.

$36 million of our taxpayer money spent to hide what Obama’s team was doing?

If he was so trustworthy, why would Obama’s ‘most transparent administration ever’ spend tens of millions to hide what was going on during his tenure as President?

Last year alone, Obama spent $36 million of your taxdollars to stall FOIA (freedom-of-information-act) requests…looks like Hillary’s emails just keep on costing us.

(Of course, since Obama’s the smartest guy in the room, maybe he had a different, more sophisticated meaning to the word ‘transparent’ that we just don’t understand.)