Was Obama’s composite girlfriend a Head Start baby?

If you had 48 years and a $180 billion budget, think you could help kids do better in school? Maybe a program with a catchy title, like ‘Jump Start’ or ‘Gi-PhD-ed’…

After 2 studies, looks like anything would be better than the Head Start program.

According to the latest study, “…By third grade, Head Start had little to no effect on cognitive, social-emotional, health, or parenting outcomes of participating children.”

Oh, did we mention it was a federal (translation: Obama Administration) Health & Human Services study? There’s just one tiny problem…someone forgot to tell Obama the results, ‘cuz according to his website he wants to double down on this fairy tale.

And, as usual, it’s doubtful the mainstream media will ask the relevant question. So it looks like, once again, BCP must boldly go where ABC-CBS-NBC-CNN fears to tread.

Mr. Obama, sir, your HHS study from 2010 followed 3 & 4-year old kids through Head Start, kindergarten, and the 1st grade. Your HHS study in 2012 followed them through the 3rd grade. Both studies reveal no benefits compared to non-Head Start kids.

When did ‘no benefit’ become the acceptable norm for multi-billion dollar programs?

Or, is reality the problem here?

Your autobiography and 2012 campaign reveal a penchant for composite girls… is it possible they went through a composite Head Start program that was successful?

If that’s the case…could we suggest you use composite tax-payer funds to pay for it?

Maybe with the next $180 billion your composite Democrat team will get it right…?

Otherwise, we’re assuming your compositie Julia’s life was totally dependant on federal government largesse BECAUSE she went through the failed Head Start program…

…and she’s giving you a snow-job now…

…compositely speaking.

Headline: Obama bites self…blames GOP!

Obama attacks Obama…in a rant against Obama-authored sequestration!

You can’t make this stuff up.

Can you spell ‘manufactured crisis’?

In a speech today, Obama said: “…these cuts are not smart.  They are not fair.  They will hurt our economy.  They will add hundreds of thousands of Americans to the unemployment rolls.  This is not an abstraction — people will lose their jobs.  The unemployment rate might tick up again.”

So, a responsible media should be asking…

…if the cuts are so bad, why did you author them?

Bottom line: Democrats own the Senate and White House, and should be presenting their specific alternatives to the Obama sequestration, if such a measure is so harmful.

Republicans hold the House, and as Speaker Boehner reminded everyone today, they’ve passed legislation TWICE to replace Obama’s sequestration plan with common sense cuts and reforms – contrary to his claim, Obama’s offered no credible plan.

So…maybe Obama should give his Senate buddy Harry Reid a call?

A responsible media would ask the obvious followup: if it’s so urgent, why hasn’t the Majority Leader sent the House bill back to Boehner with his Senate changes?

After all, that’s the usual procedure when Congress works together. Especially now.

You know…it being so urgent and all…

In the Land of Stupid…

Imagine your income is payment from federal funding for a special program you run.

It’s a modest annual income that pays you $1000 per week, and it’s linked to annual increases projected to be about 10% – that means, next year you’ll get $1100/wk.

But then, a federal spending cut forces the projected 10% increase down to 7.7%. Now that means your weekly income of $1000 will only increase to $1077 next year.

Would you call that a cut in pay?

Democrats do. That’s the ‘sky-is-falling’ crisis they try to create as ‘sequestration’.

The federal government spent $3.6 trillion last year. But with sequestration, they can only increase spending to $3.877 trillion this year…$277 billion more.

OMG…the sky is falling!

Only in the Land of Stupid  (and need we say, with help from a deceitful media) can a Democrat get away with this level of absolute fraud…


(satire alert) Introducing SKAM – helping America cut energy use in half…

BlueCollarPerspective accepts Obama’s challenge, and submits the following proposal for his State-of-the-Union goal to ‘cut in half energy wasted by homes, businesses’

(Note to Obama team – please send promised federal funding support for this ground-breaking concept asap; reserves are running low due to higher gas and food prices.)

BCP proudly introduces SKAM – Simply Keep Americans Moving – a unique solutions oriented proposal which any reasonable politician can justify supporting in their usual wholehearted, I’m-not-in-it-for-the-money, what’s-best-for-America fashion.

The concept is simple: HUGE energy consumption occurs based on seasonal cycles. Northern Winters demand more energy to keep us warm (at work and at home), and Southern Summers demand more energy to keep us cool from the heat and humidity.

SKAM breaks through that cycle! And the concept is simple: during the cold winter months in Northern states, move populations to the more temperate Southern ones.

And vice versa – during hot,humid summer months in the South, move populations and businesses to Northern states, utilizing Vertical Deployment (VD) if you will.

During each annual VD cycle, families share home, work, and school facilities.

After all, in working-class school-age families, homes are only occupied part of each day. And many businesses have only 1 or 2 shifts, leaving them vacant for large sections of each day, and – unless retail-oriented – completely closed on weekends. Schools too.

This creates a huge opportunity through home- and work-sharing space efficiencies!

The Smith family can occupy the Jones home during the day while the Jones’s are away at work and school; the Smith parents go to work in the evening at shared-shift manufacturing facilities, and the Smith kids go to school on that same schedule.

Using this VD concept liberally, we can accomplish a Naturally Occurring Movement-Adaptive Design (NOMAD) which ends the necessity for Spiking Energy eXcess (SEX). Homes, businesses, and schools are used more efficiently, reducing energy needs.

Let’s face it – once a NOMAD accepts VD as the norm…who needs SEX…?

This is SKAM…a concept any reasonable Liberal should be willing to embrace…!!!

(Who knew that VD could be such a useful, cost-saving approach?)

‘Not resting’…Obama-style…

An article this morning titled “Press waits on ‘Party Bus’ as President golfs today” struck an ironic chord, remembering Obama’s oft-stated comment that he ‘will not rest until (insert usual tripe and/or demagoguery here)…’

‘Party bus’… ‘Golfs today’… Really?

We Googled ‘Obama, I will not rest…’ and came up with 241 million links, including this ‘The Obama Golf Counter’ doozy as the first.

We can pretty much assume what the 48% of America’s electorate who voted ‘Romney’ think of his hypocrisy. But, we have to wonder what those 11,642 per day food-stamp qualifiers, hundreds of thousands of monthly job-losers, 15% unemployed blacks, and 25% unemployed recent college grads think of Obama’s vacationing extravaganzas.

Ahhh well, they’ll probably cut him some slack…

‘Cuz…you know…being ‘down with the struggle’ is a tough gig…

(Besides, if he’s resting, that pretty much means those struggles are over, right?)



Life on Gullible Island…

Fueled up at your friendly neighborhood gas station recently?

For all of those gullible ‘yes, we can’ voters, refueling their car on a weekly basis should be a constant reminder of their lousy choice, since they re-elected the primary cause.

(Too bad the rest of us have to pay as well.)

To be gullible is to be ‘easily deceived’; no word more appropriately defines voters who chose to go down the ‘forward’ path one more time, voting for Obama and Democrats.

(Ironically, when referencing Dictionary.com for the word ‘gullible’, at the top of that page is a picture of Obama, and a banner “Support President Obama’s Agenda”!)*

America’s economy lives on fuel. Obama’s energy policies drive up fuel costs. And no act drives up prices faster than those which reduce supply. Nothing creates artificial shortages as fast as restricting domestic oil drilling.

‘Gulling’ voters into believing Republicans are in the pocket of Big Oil has worked to the Democrats’ advantage for decades. To gull is to deceive, and as an art-form, Obama’s boys have taken deception to new heights.

So next time you see a Liberal at the pump, remind them that it’s the Democrats (led by their anointed one) who drive up gas prices, by restricting domestic supply and creating artificial shortages. If anyone is in Big Oil’s pocket, it’s Obama and his Democrat cohort.

And when a Liberal replies ‘Obama can’t control that’, remind them oil prices dropped like a rock when President George W. Bush opened up offshore drilling in July (and challenged Congress to do the same, which they did), before Obama’s election in ’08.

Gas prices that Christmas: $1.65 per gallon – having fallen 60% after W. acted and demanded Congress do so. A month later, January ’09, Obama was sworn in to office…

…and gas prices have never been the same.

Wouldn’t it be great if only the Gullible-Island dwellers had to pay for their bad choices?

(*NOTE: the link to Dictionary.com should work, but ads on that site will probably change from time to time, so the ad picturing the anointed one with the banner asking to support his agenda may not appear all the time. We’ve saved a copy of that page, with that ad, as a jpg, and will post on the BCP website asap.)

Yes Virginia, it was Obama who proposed the sequester…

Virginia M. emails, stating that we should have noted another HUGE lie told during the State-of-the-Union address last evening. (We point out this was more of a deflection than an outright lie, although one could argue it’s a difference without a distinction.)

His statement was that “…Congress passed a law…” which is true enough, but is also an attempt to imply the idea of a sequestration was Congress’s, when it was Obama’s.

(The linked Washington Post article reveals it originated out of the White House, even as the Post et al makes a pathetic effort to paint Republicans as just as much to blame.)

We thank Virginia for her vigilance, while gently reminding her that’s why we used the word ‘deceptions’ in our previous blog post.

Look! Up in the sky…it’s Shill-man…!

Reading the prepared State of the Union that Obama gave last night is a challenge.

So many deceptions, so little fact.

(“…businesses have created 6 million new jobs…”) Unhh, what about the 8.5 million lost? (we’ve “…cleared away the rubble of crisis…the state of our union is stronger…”) Only in Obama-land does adding over 11,200 food stamp recipients per day make a ‘union’ stronger. Since he took office, food stamp enrollment has increased 50%!

The real corker was close to the end though. “As long as I’m Commander-in-Chief, we will do whatever we must to protect those who serve their country abroad…” (Yeah, tell that to the 4 dead Americans in Benghazi, fatal beneficiaries of that empty promise.)

In Obama’s mind, ‘…whatever we must…’ amounted to 1) refusing to beef up security before the attack, 2) leaving Americans stranded without backup during the attack, and 3) lying about what occurred after the attack…and continue lying to the present day.

How does he sell such a pack of blatant State-of-the-Union lies to Americans…?

By oftentimes hiding behind the petticoats of administration lackeys sent out to take flak (including Leon Panetta and Jay Carney – which explains ‘crossdresser’ rumors), and enlisting the eager shills of the mainstream media to do the dirty work of selling lies.

It’s a filthy job…but you know CBS and the New York Times are up to the challenge…

They must be so proud…

‘Whistleblower’? Mr. Spielberg, call your screenwriter…!

Question – for the media, when is a cop-killer really just a ‘whistle-blower’…?

Answer – when he supports gun-control, Obama, and liberal causes.

(Because, don’t you know, it’s the only response when you get fired summarily. Doesn’t everyone who’s lost their job kill the daughters of retired police Captains?)

Word has it that a certain ‘Lincoln’ movie director and his screenwriter are already being lined up to create this present-day historical drama…with of course, the usual liberties‘ taken to clarify historical reality. (No big deal, really, happens all the time…)

(You know, the usual ‘widely accepted standards’…Hollywood style.)

We’re expecting the Spielberg-Kushner ‘re-creation’ to depict this poor unemployed guy as relentlessly hunted by an implacably evil police force, intent on his destruction.

And, naturally, the Hollywood types will shift blame for the acts of violence (the usual trail of dead and wounded victims) onto that evil police force. (Changing names of course, “…so as not to ascribe actions to real people who did not perform them…”)

No doubt, in the spirit of clarifying historical reality

…to portray the true nature of injustice…as only Hollywood can!

We suggest for a movie title…’Misunderstood’.

Mr. Spielberg, call your screenwriter…

(Update) When a Benghazi ‘fruit-of-the-loom’ protocol collides with ‘Liar, Liar’ reality….

Defense Secretary Panetta testified under oath Thursday that “…Obama was absent the night 4 Americans died…” in the Benghazi attack that went on for over 7 hours.

Panetta has a degree in law…we assume he understands what ‘under oath’ entails.

As noted in the earlier blog on this issue, in late October Obama asserted he was issuing directives the night of the attack, implying constant involvement.

Barack Obama has a degree in law…but he also knew he wasn’t under oath.

Obama’s senior campaign advisor (Axelrod) was on Fox with Chris Wallace, and stated during that Nov 04 interview  “…immediately when word of the attack came, (Obama) was meeting with his top national security folks. He was talking to them well into the night…everything that could be put in motion, he put in motion…every conversation that needed to be had was being had between him and his top national security officials.”

As the senior campaign advisor, one would have to believe that Axelrod was intimately aware of Obama’s involvement, especially considering Obama was bragging at every campaign stop that “…bin Laden’s dead…and al Qaida is on its heels…”

Not to mention that Obama went back on the campaign trail, heading for Vegas the very next day after our 4 Americans were killed. Given that, his senior campaign advisor had to be somewhere close by him the night before…and, knowing the impact of Obama’s anti-terror-success campaign rhetoric, the Benghazi event screamed for attention.

So, shades of Liar, Liar…whether perjury before Congress, or less formally before the American public writ large…which lawyer is lying…?

Because at least one of them must be…