Life on Gullible Island…

Fueled up at your friendly neighborhood gas station recently?

For all of those gullible ‘yes, we can’ voters, refueling their car on a weekly basis should be a constant reminder of their lousy choice, since they re-elected the primary cause.

(Too bad the rest of us have to pay as well.)

To be gullible is to be ‘easily deceived’; no word more appropriately defines voters who chose to go down the ‘forward’ path one more time, voting for Obama and Democrats.

(Ironically, when referencing for the word ‘gullible’, at the top of that page is a picture of Obama, and a banner “Support President Obama’s Agenda”!)*

America’s economy lives on fuel. Obama’s energy policies drive up fuel costs. And no act drives up prices faster than those which reduce supply. Nothing creates artificial shortages as fast as restricting domestic oil drilling.

‘Gulling’ voters into believing Republicans are in the pocket of Big Oil has worked to the Democrats’ advantage for decades. To gull is to deceive, and as an art-form, Obama’s boys have taken deception to new heights.

So next time you see a Liberal at the pump, remind them that it’s the Democrats (led by their anointed one) who drive up gas prices, by restricting domestic supply and creating artificial shortages. If anyone is in Big Oil’s pocket, it’s Obama and his Democrat cohort.

And when a Liberal replies ‘Obama can’t control that’, remind them oil prices dropped like a rock when President George W. Bush opened up offshore drilling in July (and challenged Congress to do the same, which they did), before Obama’s election in ’08.

Gas prices that Christmas: $1.65 per gallon – having fallen 60% after W. acted and demanded Congress do so. A month later, January ’09, Obama was sworn in to office…

…and gas prices have never been the same.

Wouldn’t it be great if only the Gullible-Island dwellers had to pay for their bad choices?

(*NOTE: the link to should work, but ads on that site will probably change from time to time, so the ad picturing the anointed one with the banner asking to support his agenda may not appear all the time. We’ve saved a copy of that page, with that ad, as a jpg, and will post on the BCP website asap.)

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