Latest numbers on WuFlu, indicating no ‘spike’…keep your eye on the ball

At…“COVID-19 – “Spike vs. Spin”, Part 2”

She crunches the numbers, showing that even though there’s an increase in new cases due largely to a huge testing increase, deaths and hospitalizations aren’t proportionate.


More cases mean just that…more cases. Huge negative factors are down…

…unfortunately for LIBedia, NO proportional increase in deaths, or hospitalizations.

So, all they can hype now is increased cases…and they will…you can bank on it.

Honest reporting should focus on honest indicators…

…we’re watching those for you – even if LIBedia WON’T.

Never more timely than now – Once more into the breach, once more…

A quote from Shakespeare’s ‘Henry V’, suitably apt for the Nov 3rd election.

In that play the British King was encouraging his troops to attack the fortifications of Harfleur…a Normandy, France city that had repulsed initial British attacks. Rallied by their king, British troops – though suffering heavy casualties – finally prevailed.

Our 2016 electoral victory for Donald Trump should have been a rallying call to the Republican politicians throughout the Nation…sadly, they failed to rally at all.

2016 should’ve shown Republicans that Americans were done with politics as usual. In a cowardly show of spinelessness, Congressional Republicans ignored that message.

They allowed hoax collusion probes, bogus special counsel dealings, deceitful attacks against a Supreme Court nominee, and false accusations of American systemic racism.

“Democrats had hoped to destroy the economy and then run against Trump’s depression. Yet, they have come to realize wrecking the economy by keeping states they control on lockdown through November is not going to be enough to win. Therefore, they have unleashed their paramilitary arm, Antifa, to riot, and their ideological arm, BLM, to silence all opposition so they can run against Trump’s depression and Trump’s racist America.” (bold, underline emphasis added)

So, now we’re engaged in yet another Civil War, fighting the anti-police thug Marxists who are doing everything to tear down the engine that built this Nation…capitalism.

“Democrats concluded that if they must destroy our economy with false lockdowns and open rebellion to regain power, they will do so because they would rather rule in the ashes than be the minority party in a prosperous republic.” (emphasis added)

And, of course, returning Democrats to power in the White House will give cover for the criminality of higher-ups, that has occurred over the last five-plus years.

Enraged Republicans WILL vote. Discouraged Republicans have 3 choices:

  1. hopelessly vote (R),
  2. cowardly vote (D)…or
  3. sit it out, and don’t vote.

Choices 2 & 3 aren’t solutions…they’re capitulations.

Once more into the breach, Republican voters…once more.

There’s only one way to stand athwart America’s Flag, & stop this insanity…voting (R).

Goin’ Viral…it’s worked before, guaranteed they’ll use it again

As evidence mounts this flu isn’t so deadly, it appears that past seasons of flu could’ve been portrayed as just as serious…if they’d done the amount of testing they do now.

Which will prove their Covid fear-mongering was a political ploy all along.


1) When 2020 deaths from ALL causes are compared to previous years, totals will be within 1% to 5% of the previous 10 years…and only cause-of-deaths will be different.

2) Whenever they want to regain power or push agenda, the Covid Ploy will be initiated.

3) Their ploy will only be as effective as Americans allow it to be.

4) Ghislaine Maxwell (pervert Epstein procurer) suicide watch guard will fall asleep.

(Sorry, we had to throw that last one in…especially when it was learned gov’t officials hired renowned Greek bodyguard Billious Clintonidous to oversee the operation.)

Whether it’s overblown Pandemic panic-porn or Suicide-by-Design, it worked once…

…it’ll work for them again…and again…and again.

(Besides, there are some things that are just SO obvious.)

This hypocrisy just CAN’T be ignored…LIBedia & Democrats went there

Obama watched, then SLEPT as Benghazi went down, & did NOTHING  not even a flyover or drone threat was implemented, to stop FOUR Americans from being killed…


…yet President Trump is vilified and excoriated by LIBedia and Democrats for doing nothing about ‘bounties’ he WASN’T briefed on…and DIDN’T EVEN KNOW ABOUT?

LIBedia know this…Democrat politicians know this. What manner of deceit is this?

Is there no decency among these rabble? But, wait…it gets worse.

House Intel Democrat Schiff was briefed on ‘bounties’ in February…and did nothing

…yet now has the nerve to stand there and condemn a President…who didn’t know?

There’s got to be a term for a low-life that’s beneath snake-belly level; can’t find it.

How bout using the word ‘schiff-like’ from now on?

So let it be written…so let it be done.

schiff-like (adj) 'the lowest level of contemptible'

Jobs added; July 4th in days…time for Democrats to shut it all down again

Higher-than-expected 4.8 million jobs added in June; July 4th just days away…what’s a Democrat to do? Of course…shut down whatever they can to put a damper on things.

With help from LIBedia, they took a new flu virus that’s little more serious than seasonal flu, turned it into the Black Death plague…and destroyed our American economy that was the centerpiece of the Trump administration’s achievements over these 4 years.

Now, overhyping ‘case numbers’ and misreporting hospitalizations (while not reporting declining mortality rates), LIBedia once again has given Democrats cover to shut down.

How much longer will America’s citizens put up with deceitful efforts to regain power?

They couch every report of increased case numbers in ‘high anxiety’ language, even though it’s to be expected more testing will reveal more (mostly asymptomatic) cases.

(Asymptomatic cases don’t need treatment, such cases actually contribute to a group-immunity phenomena that lessens flu severity…but why report what lowers anxiety?)

They lie about hospitalizations, classifying EVERY admission a WuFlu hospitalization if the incoming patient is a traffic-accident or fall victim…if they test positive at admission.

They intentionally don’t report declining mortalities, (since that would lower anxiety). It’s a lie of omission…but, still a lie…considering that omission heightens everyone’s fear.

Using such fear-mongering tactics to regain power or drive an agenda is base cruelty.

Tim Carney has an excellent article “No second wave, just a differently timed wave rippling through a huge country” with several graphs that expose the LIBedia lies.

(His region-by-region graphs show the story…a great article, well worth the read.)

Bottom-line? You’re being played…while our economy (and well-being) are destroyed.

Power-grabbers are so intent on regaining that power, they’ll destroy our Nation in the process, if that’s what it takes…November will be a great time to tell them how you feel.

Numbers don’t lie…power-hungry politicians and LIBedia do lie. It’s time to stop them.

Or…you can choose to live in fear…’cuz there’s always a new crisis around the corner.

Choose WISELY.