HUGE incentive for politicians holding up elderly stimulus payments?

The current Democrat administration, blaming a delay in stimulus payments to Social Security recipients on the necessity to ‘update contact information’, are blowing hot air. Think about it – the one segment of the population that is most interested in making sure contact information with the Federal government is up-to-date are the elderly…

…who are receiving monthly Federal benefits. Why is that important to know?

According to the CDC, the daily death rate age 65-&-older is appx 5800 people, by far the largest death rate of any age group of Americans. How is that relevant?  Because that’s the group receiving Federal benefits (social security, SSDI, etc) who just happen to be caught up in stimulus payment delays. Just coincidental? Consider this…

The IRS says stimulus payments must be returned if the recipient died before receipt.

5800 elderly deaths per day times $1400 in stimulus = $8,121,273…D-A-I-L-Y.

(And, gosh Mabel, they’re saying it may take another 14 days to work everything out.)

The stimulus bill was signed into law March 11…20 days ago. 20 days worth of elderly deaths = $162,425,468 that must be returned (to date) by relatives of the deceased.  (And, with a projected mid-April ‘correction’ that’s an additional $121,819,101 that will be realized in returned stimulus checks, due to elderly deaths. Total – $284,244,570)


It goes back into the stimulus relief fund, to be handed out to God knows who…

…God…and (you guessed it) some shifty politicians.

Still think it’s just coincidental…

…that the single largest age group with the highest daily death rate is the group whose stimulus payments are delayed…for LESS THAN CREDIBLE REASON?

Of course, for greedy politicians and their buddies, there are 284 million reasons.

Just sayin…

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