…if Sessions opens ‘leaking’ investigation, will he start w-Mueller team leaks?

Reports indicate attorney general Jeff Sessions will begin a leaks investigation.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if he started with special counsel Mueller’s team leaks?

Especially, right after Democrats have lined up behind him in support…!!!

Our previous post speculates the President and his AG may be playing anti-Trump’ers, and may have been just waiting for the right timing to start springing the traps.

Can’t wait to see the outrage on reports Sessions will re-open the Hillary-email probe!

Are AG Sessions & the President accomplices…gaming anti-Trump’ers?

Hoopla over the President’s tweets regarding his attorney general’s weak handling of a hyper-sensitive issue like re-opening the Hillary Clinton investigation gives one pause…

…are these two ‘combatants’ gaming the gullible?

When you think about it, there’s so much hysteria vented over treatment of his Attorney General…it’s sucked the oxygen out of any media rage over re-opening Hillary’s case.

The President has actually strengthened his AG’s position with Democrats…the very same usual suspects who just a while back vilified and demonized Jeff Sessions.

It goes without saying the anti-Trump GOP crowd are standing tall with Sessions now.

Begs the question…

…are the POTUS tweets meant to bully Sessions, or build him up as his own man?

Just wonderin’.

All this ‘Trump-stole-election’ screed is a head-fake to veil Democrat mendacity

From deep-staters to back-benchers to also-ran candidates and DNC operatives, the fix is in to keep blowing smoke so real political corruption and chicanery can be obscured.

We know Democrats were working with Ukrainians to rig the election, we know the DNC used political tricks to rig Hillary’s primary win, and we know Obama spied on Trump…

…all this Trump-Russia collusion hype is a smokescreen while they bury the bones.

Address the nation, demand special-counsel parameters…and a leak-free probe

President Trump should address the Nation regarding the special-counsel investigation and demand reasonable parameters be set…and those conducting it act responsibly.

He should note that after a year of investigation NO evidence of GOP wrongdoing has been found, but there’s documented proof Democrats colluded with foreign agents.

Finally, he must call for a deadline to the Russia-Trump collusion idiocy, and re-tasking the probe to include Democrat acts of collusion, including the DNC and their allies.

After all, Democrats themselves have been making a case for ‘protecting our election process’…so ALL collusion with foreign agents should be aggressively investigated.

The Nation’s being ill-served, time and tax-dollars are being unnecessarily wasted, and there’s no evidence of a GOP wrongdoing – necessary to justify this investigation.

Trump should indicate that if these reasonable demands aren’t met, he’ll shut it down as a partisan witch-hunt, then direct his Attorney General to open a new probe accordingly.

(Where a provable Democrat-Ukraine collusion has been acknowledged.)

Because, as Democrats agree, our election process is a sacred thing.

Kurt Schlichter has written a very helpful letter (to Mueller) for the President to use as a guideline; while it doesn’t address Democrat collusion, it would be a great starting point.

When bad law is hidden by media lies, a different approach is required

As timid Senate Republicans hide under the rug, Obamacare continues to implode.

Premiums are skyrocketing, insurers are vanishing from exchanges, and out-of-pocket costs (deductibles, co-pays, etc) are ravaging the groups O’care was supposed to help.

Despite the obvious, Republicans run scared, intimidated by lying Democrats and their sham-stream media masters who flood the airwaves with scaremongering and deceit.

If there’s any truth at all, it’s that the Obamacare lies and deceit will continue.

But, for the politicians scampering from media hammering, the first truth and priority is that they…first and foremost…fix their sights every day on one task – getting re-elected.

So, what to do?

Republicans are too afraid of optics to outright repeal a bad Obamacare law. In that regard, it’s time to accept reality, explain that Democrats impede a 60-vote necessity…

…and fall back on President Trump’s “let-it-die” concept.

The President, with his cabinet secretaries, can de-fang the mandates, stop funneling billions to the insurance companies, and modify the idiotic essential health benefits.

The Republican Congress can open up free-market concepts such as health savings accounts, catastrophic coverage and nation-wide competition to buy health plans.

Face facts – Democrats and their media bosses will never stop lying.

Neuter the restrictive aspects of Obamacare, and let it die.

Mueller probe just opened door to add Democrats, but leaks justify dismissing probe

Reuters: “Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team is examining Manafort’s financial and real estate records in New York as well as his involvement in Ukrainian politics…”

We bold-faced ‘Ukrainian’ because there’s proof Hillary’s DNC campaign allies colluded with Ukrainians, as reported by the Politico in a January 2017 article.

If Mueller opened a door to a Ukrainian factor, Democrats just got included in the probe.

Maybe our call to fire Mueller was a little…hasty…no evidence of actual collusion on the part of the GOP, but evidence exists Democrats colluded. This could get interesting.

(Still doesn’t rise to the level of criminal behavior for anyone…but we can’t wait to see how Democrats and their media masters try to downplay this little turn of events.)

In any event, since the special counsel team is leaking details of their investigation, that news should give the President the ammo he needs to dismiss Mueller, if he chooses.

And our tongue-in-cheek comment of a call to fire Mueller being too hasty was a tease.

There’s no crime, no justification for special counsel, and that probe is leaking already

…SHUT-IT-DOWN, Mr. President.

‘Pardon’ talk is just more fake news…who pardons a non-crime?

Fake News continues, trying to paint the President as thinking of pardoning himself.

No evidence has been revealed; no crime’s been committed; no pardon is necessary.

This is just the latest attempt to keep President Trump on defense, and to keep painting him as illegitimate so he won’t – or can’t – go after the only REAL criminals to date…

…Hillary, Lynch, Powers, Rice, Comey, and Obama…’cuz if and when that can of worms gets opened…the ‘pardon’ aspect will take on a whole new perspective.