Are AG Sessions & the President accomplices…gaming anti-Trump’ers?

Hoopla over the President’s tweets regarding his attorney general’s weak handling of a hyper-sensitive issue like re-opening the Hillary Clinton investigation gives one pause…

…are these two ‘combatants’ gaming the gullible?

When you think about it, there’s so much hysteria vented over treatment of his Attorney General…it’s sucked the oxygen out of any media rage over re-opening Hillary’s case.

The President has actually strengthened his AG’s position with Democrats…the very same usual suspects who just a while back vilified and demonized Jeff Sessions.

It goes without saying the anti-Trump GOP crowd are standing tall with Sessions now.

Begs the question…

…are the POTUS tweets meant to bully Sessions, or build him up as his own man?

Just wonderin’.

One thought on “Are AG Sessions & the President accomplices…gaming anti-Trump’ers?

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