Fighting back against North Korea’s cyber-terror strike against Sony Pictures (Updated)

A Hollywood film studio has produced a movie which angers North Korea’s dictator. His cyber-terrorists threatened terror acts if it’s released, so major theatre chains canceled.

If a third-world nation like North Korea can be allowed to cyber-terrorize America with impunity, imagine what major nations like Russia and China will do in the future.

American ingenuity can – and should – fight back strongly against such acts.

BlueCollar suggests we should fight fire with fire…

We already have a fire-walled intelligence infrastructure in place, that deals with cyber-attacks daily. Have that agency set up a gov’t version of Netflix, and distribute the viewing of such cyber-attacked movies to every home in the world…On Demand.

Set-up would be nominal; pay-per-view structures are already established.

The revenues received can be used to offset costs of setting up the operation, and the motion picture studio can be reimbursed up to a declared percentage over costs.

American households should be charged the going theatre rate for their pay-per-view. (Update: For that matter, with little overhead, the standard On-Demand rate applies.)

Nations bordering North Korea can be offered a free per-household viewing rate.

Hey Sony; it’s not ‘Lead, Follow, or Cower‘…It’s ‘Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way’.

Surely one of your Hollywood execs have a direct line with Obama? Pick up the phone.

And let the games begin.

Random questions on the passing scene…

BUDGET – If Republicans dug in their heels now on budget issues, what damage could lame-duck Democrats have done before they leave office at the end of December?

POWER BALANCE Is it more important for Republicans to have control of Congress, which makes law…rather than a White House, which enforces those laws?

RACE-BAITING – How does a race-baiting, cop-hating demagogue like Sharpton get White House invitations 61 times since 2009, and how does Obama get away with it?

Evil incarnate forces the question

If one is judged by the enemy one fights, this headline says it all about the Taliban:

“Taliban attack on Pakistan school kills 126, mostly children”

Reports are a teacher was doused with gas, torched, and children were forced to watch. It’s also being reported children’s bodies are being brought into hospitals…headless.

And Democrats worry about rough interrogation techniques on terrorists?

Senator Feinstein – If your husband was the teacher…if your grand-child was in that school… would you justify the use of tough interrogation, to prevent such an atrocity?

Why change – if the ‘nuclear option’ was okay with Democrats?

The Democrat Senate used a ‘nuclear option’ to facilitate Obama’s judicial nominees.

This has given Obama’s agenda a huge advantage, especially in the D.C. Circuit Court.

And you can bet, once the power of the Senate swings GOP in January, Democrats will be screaming for the nuclear option to be reversed, since they’ll be at a disadvantage.

Articles are already speculating whether the Republicans will reinstate the old rules, out of some misguided sense of ‘fairness’. But why change – Democrats chose the path!

By their actions, they deemed a ‘nuclear option’ preferable.

As for the Obama administration’s so-called judicial advantage, that can be undone by invoking the U.S. Constitution, Article 1, section 8, subsection 9:

“The Congress shall have Power…to constitute tribunals inferior to the supreme Court”

A Republican-led Congress has the power to control how inferior courts are composed. Democrats in control added D.C. Appeals Court seats…just subtract them in January. 

Of course, that depends on Republicans actually remembering we have a Constitution.

‘Drill-Baby-Drill’ proves the Democrat lie in ‘we can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices’

Filled your gas tank lately?

Democrats have claimed for years that ‘drill, baby, drill’ was a cheap rhetorical device with no chance of success in driving down unreasonably high oil prices. Even Obama (the great and powerful) chimed in… “we can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices”.

Remember? Sarah Palin was skewered unmercifully by the Left for her suggestions.

But it turns out to be true. No thanks to Obama, who effectively restricted federal land oil and gas expansion, the free-market sector has used technology to increase our production and expand the available natural resources, driving global prices down.

Free-market fracking on private land has greatly increased America’s energy resources, and is one reason the price of oil has dropped over 40% – its lowest point in 5 years.

Naturally, we’re happy when we fuel up at the pump…but ramification of lower oil prices goes much deeper: every product we use in our daily lives costs less to produce also.

And, more importantly, terror-states that sit on oil reserves take a huge hit economically.

Do the math – Iran was selling a barrel of oil for $100…now it’s under $60/barrel. That means they’ve lost $40 PER BARREL to buy rockets and bombs for their jihadists.

At 1.1 million barrels exported per day, they’re losing $44 million revenue EVERY DAY.

Ironic, isn’t it? The free-market system Obama and his Democrats incessantly despise and attack is doing more to combat terror-nations than any feeble policy of theirs has.

Energy drives a global economy…control it, you control everything. Democrats want  more controls on energy…Republicans want free-market capitalism to work its magic.

It’s simple – more control drives energy prices up

…a free-market system drives energy prices down.

Next time they gas up, America’s families can thank a free-market system for helping them keep more hard-earned dollars in their wallet…and sleeping safer every night.

Who loves ya, baby?

Free-Market Capitalism, that’s who.

‘Torture’ is letting Democrats attack intel efforts to take focus off Obamacare…and themselves

Democrat Senators released a rehash of mistruths and flatout lies Tuesday, attacking America’s intelligence service as having violated accepted interrogation protocol…

…yet never interviewed any intel senior leaders involved in the so-called violations.

But it seems those same Democrat Senators had themselves been under scrutiny, and their anger at being investigated for security leaks probably motivated this retaliation.

(Unhhh, shouldn’t security leaks by U.S. Senators normally be considered ‘news’?)

Timing of the report release is key, done on the same day Obamacare architect Gruber was grilled by the House of Representatives, thus receiving little media attention.

The report itself can ONLY stoke up already hot Middle East tempers, placing American diplomats and servicemen overseas in even more jeopardy than they already faced.

Partisan Democrats write an obvious hatchet job, using it to divert attention from their own transgressions, and mute real news of Obamacare dishonesty…again – choosing to insulate themselves and their lies at the cost of endangering Americans overseas.

(But, hey, it served the Democrats’ purpose, so no big deal from their point of view.)

Real torture is watching the GOP let Democrats get away with this, time after time.

Don’t let Democrat Senate’s torture report obscure Obamacare’s failure

That Senate Democrat torture report could have come out anytime…it’s old news.

The only reason they released it today is to suck all the media air out of Obamacare architect Gruber’s remarks about how Democrats pulled a fast one to get it passed.

Congressional Republicans who are asked to comment on Feinstein’s ‘throw America under the bus’ highly partisan intelligence report should wave it off as political dirt…

…and turn the conversation to the House grilling of Gruber today.