Killing (kids) softly, with his song

Certain politicians (and their agencies) can’t handle the truth.

Democrats refuse to acknowledge the health threat their open-border policies create.

And Obama’s CDC refuses to acknowledge the enterovirus D-68 outbreak as being directly related to his act of relocating thousands of illegal kids across the USA.

But numbers don’t lie…over 36 years (1970-2006), 26 cases of EV-D68 were reported, which averages out to less than 0.06 cases a month (as reported on the CDC website).

Now, incredibly, since August, almost 700 are reported…700, in 2 months…

…that’s 5,815 times the 36-year monthly average!

And coincidentally, tens of thousands of illegal kids have been distributed throughout the USA this year…most of them without any effective health screening beforehand.

Less than one D-68 case per year until the illegal influx, then 700 cases in 2 months?

But Obama’s CDC sees no link?

In 2 months five kids have died needlessly…because of their deadly open-border policy.

Democrats believe ‘you never let a serious crisis go to waste’.

BlueCollar believes you never reward a Party whose policies create a serious crisis.

From Ebola to EV-D68, considering the current health crisis, Democrat open-border policy would be more aptly titled ‘No Virus Left Behind’.

Do the math…because these Democrat politicians won’t…

…then make sure to vote in November.

Crony czarism outbreak, mutating from Solyndra to Ebola

Is it any surprise that the Ebola ‘czar’ Obama’s appointed has no medical experience?

And that he was a major Democrat player in the Solyndra slush-fund disgrace?

Who better to handle an Ebola crisis than a non-medical tax-dollar money launderer?

Why should Democrats worry…they believe ‘a serious crisis should never go to waste’; this Ebola crisis is tailor-made for shifting tens of millions in tax dollars to their buddies.

Besides…Obama appointed the ‘czar’…and if anyone objects, they’re a racist…


Remember, Democrats control our Nation’s points of entry, and our healthcare system. And Obama and his cohort refuse to stop entry of travelers from Ebola-ridden nations.

It shouldn’t have gone this far…but then…if stopped in Africa, there’d be no crisis here.

And crisis is what they’ve thrived on for 6 years.

Anyone care to connect those dots?

Ebola panic is caused by demonstrated gov’t deceit, incompetence

Fox’s Shepard Smith blames uncertainty and ‘panic’ over Ebola on the media.

He says such a reaction by Americans is ‘not based on fact…and…reason ‘.

But if a people have confidence in government, uncertainty and panic can’t grow; the one thing Obama and his administration have shown is that they can’t be trusted.

‘If you like your doctor, you can keep him’…’if you like your health plan, you can keep it’… ‘shovel ready jobs weren’t that shovel ready (ha, ha)’…Obamacare’s not a tax (until you have to argue the fine points in a Supreme Court hearing, then admit it is a tax)…

…all ‘facts’ that show this government is willing to lie to you with impunity.

Now there’s a CDC Director who says you can’t catch Ebola sitting beside someone on the bus…but if you have Ebola, don’t ride the bus because you may give it to others?

Fact: when Obama and his team constantly lie and display this level of incompetence…

…it gives Americans all the ‘reason’ they need to be concerned about Ebola in the USA.

(And, by the way Shep, when you falsely state two healthcare workers died in Texas, you contribute to the hysteria that creates the ‘widespread panic’ you decry.)

How did the second Dallas healthcare worker w-Ebola symptoms get TO Cleveland?

It’s all over the news that a second Dallas healthcare worker has come down with Ebola symptoms, after taking a Frontier flight (#1143)…from Cleveland to Dallas.

FROM Cleveland to Dallas…

Everyone is concerned about why she flew from Cleveland with a low-grade fever…but shouldn’t there also be a question as to how she got TO Cleveland in the first place?

GOP House HIKED the fy2014 budget for CDC, despite Democrat claims

Democrats desperate for a November election win are blaming the GOP for Ebola.

They claim GOP-forced budget cuts hurt CDC efforts to control the situation, but that is a lie…the GOP-led House raised the CDC’s 2014 budget beyond Obama’s request.

Democrats can lie, but the truth is the CDC budget was hiked 8.2% from fy2013…they received $567mn more than fy2013, and $300mn more than Obama had asked for.

Yet, stories like that in The Hill report Democrats blaming Republicans for budget cuts to the CDC that put Americans at risk from Ebola…but fail to note the fy2014 truth…

…the CDC’s fy2014 budget was actually INCREASED by Republicans!

 The CDC may have misallocated budgeted funds, but Obama’s team runs that show.

(Don’t hold your breath waiting for the media to report that inconvenient truth.)

The truth is that “since 2000, CDC outlays have almost doubled…to $6.8 billion”.

Do you want to know what today’s real headline should be?

‘Democrats & CDC prioritize fat lesbians and sex-life of fruit-flies over Ebola.’


IWNBOF…It Will Never Be Obama’s Fault – just one more example…

The Financial Times: “The riddle of black America’s rising woes under Obama” is an article that describes how black-American household income has fallen over 6 years.

Sub-headliner…”Those who have fared worst under this president are the ones who love him the most”…(i.e., the black-American population).

It took the FT ‘journalist’ 2.5 paragraphs before trying to absolve Obama, writing “the fair answer is that he (Obama) is not to blame”…but Luce’s claim ignores the obvious.

Household income measures total income brought into a household by all its occupants.

And if any of those occupants lost jobs or had their hours cut back, that would lower the household income totals. Since the recession ‘recovery’, blacks have suffered the most.

Their jobless rate is highest compared to other demographics.

And the policies responsible?

DEMOCRAT policies…with their Obamacare law at the top of the list.

Au contraire, Mr. Luce, the fair answer is Obama and his Democrat horde are to blame.

Was the White House fence-jumping invader paid to do it?

An IBD story lashes the administration for covering up the misdeeds of an Obama campaign donor’s son on an advance team for a presidential trip to Columbia in 2012.

So, it begs the question…how far WILL they go…

…would one of Obama’s team be capable of orchestrating an apparent ‘invasion’ of the White House, in an effort to draw out the sympathy votes for Democrats in November?

Ebola his ‘top national security priority’, yet allows entry of 40,000 from virus-ridden nations?

Obama: Ebola was his ‘top national security priority…from the start of the outbreak’.

Yet his CDC director admitted Monday that 40,000 people from or traveling through  Ebola-ridden nations have been allowed to enter America over the last 6 months!

Their so-called screening process?

Verbal assertions from travelers that they weren’t in contact with Ebola victims.

This is how Obama handles ‘top national security priorities’?

Obama’s FBI Director won’t stop returning American jihadis, yet warns of strikes in USA? “FBI director…We Can’t Stop Americans Fighting With ISIS From Re-Entering on U.S. Passports” (underline emphasis added)

Yahoo News: “FBI: Militants may be working on plan to strike US” (same Director)

Got that? Obama’s FBI Director says terrorists may strike in the USA, but can’t stop the American terrorists (who fought along side ISIS in Iraq) from returning to the USA.

This is the Democrat Party’s idea of National Security…writ large.

You get the government you vote for…do the right thing Nov. 4th.

Hospitals aren’t uncertain about Ebola…they’re uncertain about Obama

For six years, a Democrat-led government has run roughshod over industries.

Now, with Ebola in America, the perfect demonstration of uncertainty created by the vagaries of a ‘government-by-whim’ doctrine is playing out for all to see.

The health industry, specifically, hospitals, have longstanding procedures in place to deal with the possibility of communicable diseases breaking out within its walls.

Hospitals deal with all manner of disease daily…it only makes sense to be prepared.

But, then, why are we seeing stories of hospitals being uncertain how to deal with a deadly virus like Ebola, when it may appear in all its lethality within their walls?

Every hospital has the procedures for that eventuality in place! It’s S-O-P.

What they are uncertain about is the mixed message being received from the CDC and (by definition) the Obama Administration. Word has it this plague is to be downplayed.

Why? Because there’s a Nov mid-term election Democrats desperately want to control.

If hospitals put their usual quarantine scenario into play (for just this type of situation), it’ll stir up the natives…and Democrats can lose more seats in the House and Senate.

That’s why the FAA won’t block incoming flights from Ebola-ridden nations. That’s why the Center for Disease Control is trying to act blasé in the face of a deadly scenario.

Scoffing at the idea the healthcare industry would fall into line with Obama? Hospitals are a highly regulated industry…and we all know who’s in charge of their regulation.

With elections just a month away, the very last ‘October surprise’ Obama/Democrats want are full-fledged quarantines and restricted flights highlighting their policy failures.

From scrapping quarantine policy to open-border immigration policy…gigantic failures.

Bottomline: they’ll downplay Ebola now, hoping it doesn’t deteriorate before elections.

Democrats are risking an epidemic…to keep their Senate control.