Killing (kids) softly, with his song

Certain politicians (and their agencies) can’t handle the truth.

Democrats refuse to acknowledge the health threat their open-border policies create.

And Obama’s CDC refuses to acknowledge the enterovirus D-68 outbreak as being directly related to his act of relocating thousands of illegal kids across the USA.

But numbers don’t lie…over 36 years (1970-2006), 26 cases of EV-D68 were reported, which averages out to less than 0.06 cases a month (as reported on the CDC website).

Now, incredibly, since August, almost 700 are reported…700, in 2 months…

…that’s 5,815 times the 36-year monthly average!

And coincidentally, tens of thousands of illegal kids have been distributed throughout the USA this year…most of them without any effective health screening beforehand.

Less than one D-68 case per year until the illegal influx, then 700 cases in 2 months?

But Obama’s CDC sees no link?

In 2 months five kids have died needlessly…because of their deadly open-border policy.

Democrats believe ‘you never let a serious crisis go to waste’.

BlueCollar believes you never reward a Party whose policies create a serious crisis.

From Ebola to EV-D68, considering the current health crisis, Democrat open-border policy would be more aptly titled ‘No Virus Left Behind’.

Do the math…because these Democrat politicians won’t…

…then make sure to vote in November.

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