Crony czarism outbreak, mutating from Solyndra to Ebola

Is it any surprise that the Ebola ‘czar’ Obama’s appointed has no medical experience?

And that he was a major Democrat player in the Solyndra slush-fund disgrace?

Who better to handle an Ebola crisis than a non-medical tax-dollar money launderer?

Why should Democrats worry…they believe ‘a serious crisis should never go to waste’; this Ebola crisis is tailor-made for shifting tens of millions in tax dollars to their buddies.

Besides…Obama appointed the ‘czar’…and if anyone objects, they’re a racist…


Remember, Democrats control our Nation’s points of entry, and our healthcare system. And Obama and his cohort refuse to stop entry of travelers from Ebola-ridden nations.

It shouldn’t have gone this far…but then…if stopped in Africa, there’d be no crisis here.

And crisis is what they’ve thrived on for 6 years.

Anyone care to connect those dots?

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