Gently nudging the ‘Doctor of Democracy’

Rarely there comes a time when Rush Limbaugh needs to be corrected.

But, during his Friday monologue, he confused ‘nullification’…for castration.

Thursday, House Speaker Boehner had declared that immigration reform law couldn’t be done this year, because of “doubts that (Obama) can be trusted to enforce our laws”.

(As BlueCollar has been pointing out for months, that applies to ANY law at this point.)

So Friday, commenting on Speaker Boehner’s statement, Rush Limbaugh said that this means Obama’s lawless acts are “effectively nullifying the legislative branch.”

But ‘nullify’ means to render void, inoperative; the GOP serves a very real purpose for Obama and Democrats as foils, used to solicit campaign dollars…and alienate voters.

It’s not often that America’s Anchorman needs correction, but ‘nullified’ is too kind. And with the greatest respect, we humbly suggest that this is one of those moments.

By their inaction, House Republicans have allowed themselves to be castrated

…and, once a bull is castrated, it can only serve one purpose…


If the House Republicans won’t impeach a lawless president, or at least defund those government agencies the president is using to destroy the Republican Party…

…Speaker Boehner’s legacy will be a new slogan:

‘The GOP…it’s what’s for dinner’

Powerless…Gutless…or ACCOMPLICE…?

It’s time to take the gloves off.

House GOP leadership is either powerless, gutless, or an accomplice to Democrats.

Two excellent articles lay it out: this administration is hell-bent on using the IRS, EPA, and other federal agencies to neutralize/eliminate groups fighting for American ideals.

And many articles have laid out Obama’s willingness to twist or ignore existing law.

The Wall Street Journal article focuses on illegal IRS activities against conservative groups, and the proof? It’s in this enlightening pull-quote…

“The current rules governing 501(c)(4)s have existed, unchanged, since 1959. Prior to 2010 the IRS processed and approved tax-exempt applications in fewer than three months with no apparent befuddlement.”

What changed in 2010? The midterm election beating Democrats took, powered by Tea Party groups, who fought back against the Big-Government abuse headed your way.

McCarthy’s NRO article makes a definitive case, with one simple question: “Why is the (GOP) House (of Representatives) underwriting all this suffocating government about which members of the House (GOP) incessantly complain?” (emphasis added)

He argues that – Constitutionally – the House controls funding, thus, can halt abuse.

“Under the Constitution, the House must initiate any spending the government does. All of the agencies on which President Obama must depend to push through his agenda depend on the House to underwrite their operations. If the House dramatically reduces their budgets, they lose much of their capacity not only to harass Obama’s critics but to facilitate his imperial presidency.

If so, the House Republicans and their leadership ARE.NOT.POWERLESS.

Which leaves Gutless…or ACCOMPLICE…on the table.

They continually mouth ‘destroying America’ and ‘trampling our Constitution’ platitudes…

…but, if such dire consequences are imminent, yet refuse to use their Constitutionally given ‘check-&-balance’ powers to halt such a disaster…we’re left with this:

If they’re gutless…who needs them?

And, if they’re an ACCOMPLICE…

…they don’t need you.

‘Bombshell profound’…Rush Limbaugh praises BlueCollar concept (sort of)

BlueCollar pointed out in July that Obama’s lawlessness gives the GOP an opening.

2 BCP posts in January proposed adding an O-B-A-M-A act to every potential law, that would detail his unlawful actions and require he re-instate laws he’s illegally changed.

Feb 3, we noted Obama’s lawlessness is the Kryptonite the GOP can use against him.

Today, Rush praised House Speaker Boehner for pointing out new laws are pointless if the president won’t properly execute existing law, calling it “bombshell profound”.

We thought it profound back in July, and are pleased Mr. Limbaugh has finally agreed.

They can run…because he can hide

CNN reports Obama will stay away from Democrat Senate races, to help their efforts.

The title of the CNN video at the above link refers to ‘red’ Democrats; i.e.,  Democrats who claim to be pro-Life, pro-gun, pro-small gov’t, etc, in order to get re-elected.

But, as BlueCollar has pointed out before, what good is a ‘red’ Democrat, when, after they get elected/re-elected, they immediately discard the ‘red’ cloak…

…and join in lockstep with the Democrat Party?

(Updated) Russian version of ‘no dog left behind’…

Just when you thought the Olympic event was a peaceful, benign event…

…the Russian equivalent appears to be taking on a Canine eradication theme.

It begs the question: if killing wild dogs is a necessity…

…does this mean Vladimir Putin should be looking over his shoulder…?

Updated – PETA reportedly killed 82% of its rescued animals in 2013. Maybe Russia should contract with PETA to help out before the Olympics?

(WHY kill cats? Metro areas are overrun with rats, why not send them to New York?)

How does ‘limiting choices’ keep prices down?

Insurers claim limiting doctors and hospitals ‘keeps coverage prices down’.

This flies in the face of economic doctrine, and the benefits of open competition.

It’s more likely to be a back-door effort by insurers to restrict certain types of healthcare, without admitting their REAL intentions…higher profits and a competitive advantage.

It’s a perfect tool for cronyism, sowing the seeds of ‘pay-to-play’ political games, where the deeper-pocketed insurers gain an upper hand over cash-poor smaller ones.

There’s no doubt money-grubbing Democrat politicians will be pushing this ploy…hard.