Gently nudging the ‘Doctor of Democracy’

Rarely there comes a time when Rush Limbaugh needs to be corrected.

But, during his Friday monologue, he confused ‘nullification’…for castration.

Thursday, House Speaker Boehner had declared that immigration reform law couldn’t be done this year, because of “doubts that (Obama) can be trusted to enforce our laws”.

(As BlueCollar has been pointing out for months, that applies to ANY law at this point.)

So Friday, commenting on Speaker Boehner’s statement, Rush Limbaugh said that this means Obama’s lawless acts are “effectively nullifying the legislative branch.”

But ‘nullify’ means to render void, inoperative; the GOP serves a very real purpose for Obama and Democrats as foils, used to solicit campaign dollars…and alienate voters.

It’s not often that America’s Anchorman needs correction, but ‘nullified’ is too kind. And with the greatest respect, we humbly suggest that this is one of those moments.

By their inaction, House Republicans have allowed themselves to be castrated

…and, once a bull is castrated, it can only serve one purpose…


If the House Republicans won’t impeach a lawless president, or at least defund those government agencies the president is using to destroy the Republican Party…

…Speaker Boehner’s legacy will be a new slogan:

‘The GOP…it’s what’s for dinner’

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