Wait…a Democrat presidential hopeful condemns abortion?

CNS News headliner: “Kamala Harris: ‘Our American Values Are Under Attack. Babies Are Being Ripped From Their Parents’” but, wait…it’s not about abortion?

It’s about illegal immigration…you know…where sex traffickers, drug smugglers, and vile gangs are using other people’s kids as shields to get in over our southern border.

‘Our American Values’ approve of such heinous activity, Kamala?


Want your Internet activities curtailed? Choose Socialism

The lure of Socialism seems to be based on envy and hopelessness.

Trying to teach the PROVEN evils of such a system to millennials falls on deaf ears.

Okay, hit them where they live…social media, smart-phones, and the like.

Those who’ve lived through it know Socialism means restrictive policies that will control the use of smart-phones, and curb the widespread reach of an all-knowing Internet.

As noted above, such is the restrictive nature enacted by Socialism.




Tell them millions died, they don’t listen…but tell them they’ll lose Internet access…

…and all Hell’s gonna break loose.

The abject deceit of ‘gee, your tax refund’s gonna be smaller’ mendacity

File this under ‘Democrat Deceit – WRIT LARGE.

Detractors of the GOP tax-cut plan, trying to diminish economic benefits of that plan, are ‘bemoaning’ the fact taxpayers will see unexpectedly smaller refunds this year…

…but (of course) ‘forgetting’ to note take-home pay this year has INCREASED.

What reasonable taxpayer doesn’t understand that last year, they got a larger refund because the tax-cut plan affected the previous year…when they paid MORE taxes?

(You know, because of the Obama reign, when tax-cuts were…unthinkable. Or, is the Republican Party supposed to apologize for needing the time to get their plan passed?)

What reasonable taxpayer doesn’t understand that, if they paid less in as a result of the tax-cut plan (while the cut DID raise their take-home pay last year), they get less back?

When such DECEIT is needed to make a point…what’s the Democrats’ point?

If Congress won’t do their job, it FORCES an executive action

To his credit (unless you ask an anti/never-Trump’er) the President made every effort to get Congress off the dime and do their job, rather than exercising an executive action.

The scant amount of money sought for border wall security is, as Rush Limbaugh calls it, ‘a rounding error’…compared to our annual multi-trillion dollar budget.

Allowing America’s national security to be used as a political football is despicable, and the Congress AS A WHOLE should be ashamed of themselves for such a disgrace.

  • We know huge amounts of drugs are coming across our southern border;
  • We know Middle East bad actors are coming across our southern border;
  • We know sex traffickers are coming across our southern border;
  • We know vicious gangs like MS-13 are coming across our southern border;
  • We know serious, contagious diseases are coming across our southern border.

Congress knows this too, yet refuse to fund the small change it would take to stop it.

Trump tried to get them to do their job; he made the case on it’s urgency…

…if they won’t do THEIR job, he must do it for them

…and for America.

One HUGE problem with the immigration ‘compromise’ in Congress…

Sitting down to work out a compromise deal in Congress is all well and good, but when a ‘deal’ fails to address the core critical nature of the issue, it isn’t a good compromise.

President Trump has made crystal clear the huge threat to America that the exposed border areas are in terms of national security; his demand for a minimal set amount of cash to build a needed border barrier is foundational, and not subject to reduction.

Compromising on a little national security is like compromising on late-term abortion…

…the baby still DIES.



Republicans are growing spine…?

PJ Media: “Dems Squirm as Graham Calls for a Vote on the Green New Deal”

About time…make them own their stupidity.

Yeah, yeah…let’s get rid of all meat from our diet. Cow farts are destroying the planet.

Besides, what’s so hard about retrofitting 39,179 buildings/housing units every day for 10 years straight? (That’s ONLY 1,632 buildings an hour…piece of cake.)

Who REALLY needs airplane travel anyway…it’ll save a ton on political junkets…

…and everyone knows with the amount of Botox injections Pelosi’s had, she can keep her eyes open on cross-country driving between Washington DC and San Francisco.

At the estimated cost, it only means raising EVERYONE’S tax rate 300%.

Insanity? Sure. But when you have a media covering for them…

So, make them own their new-born infanticide policies and, hey, why not ‘blackface racism’…that’s sure to endear them with moderate Democrats and Independents.

C’mon, Republicans…man up, then keep that spine stiff.

Interesting: could anti-wall Democrats be indicted based on conspiracy law?

Andrew McCarthy wrote an interesting article Saturday, advising the President might be better served to watch out for the SDNY investigation, rather than the Mueller probe.

Interesting in its own right, McCarthy brought up an aspect of conspiracy law that could be problematic for Democrats who oppose stronger border security, with a border wall.

He refers to it as a “black-letter doctrine of criminal law” and ramifications are huge.

“Once a conspiracy is established, only a slight connection to the conspiracy is necessary to support conviction. That is, to prove a conspirator is guilty, prosecutors need not show that he participated from the start, was acquainted with all the other conspirators, knew all the details, or was involved in all the misconduct.” (u/l added)

Reports claim Democrats and/or their lawyer buddies have received payoffs from Mexican cartels…if such payments are provable, it’s more than a slight connection.


If anyone should be facing orange jumpsuit status, it’s Sack-a-ja-Warren

Elizabeth Warren speculates that Donald Trump may be in jail by 2020.

Shouldn’t she be looking over her shoulder, considering the fraudulent claims made (re, native American ancestry) in order to achieve coveted college and legal status?

Some call her ‘Faux-cahontas’ but, considering her stolen-ancestry baggage over multiple decades…BlueCollar will stay with ‘Sack-a-ja-Warren’…as more fitting.

But, orange-jumpsuit-ready? Not that likely, unfortunately. ‘Cuz, lest we forget…

Lying-while-Democrat is never a criminal act.

Abrams, O’Rourke – Why are Dems sending their losers to respond against Trump?

Begs the question: Democrats sent losing gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams out to give the Democrat rebuttal to the President’s state-of-the-union address…

…now they’ve sent losing senatorial candidate Robert O’Rourke to Texas to rebut the President’s visit to the Texas border to make his case for building a border wall.

It’s almost as if actual elected Democrats have no solid footing on these issues.