Unhh, Rep Omar…your Somali bros called – they need more hammers

At the Townhall.com site: “So, Can You Guess Why There’s Media Silence Over This Gang Assault In Minnesota?”

And, it looks like media ‘forgot’ to report it, according to the article: “There’s media silence in Minneapolis over an attack executed by a group of Somali teens that reportedly attacked bystanders East Bank Light Rail station last Friday. It looks like it was racially motivated. According to reports, anyone who was white or looked like they had money was targeted. The teens used hammers and bars as weapons.”

Evidently, gratitude they’re in America includes enhanced gang targeting opportunities.

Better change Statue of Liberty wording to ‘Give us your young, armed w-hammers.’

What honest American sees meritless harassing of a President as a good thing?

We get it – Democrats are unhappy with the 2016 election results.

We get it – Democrats are unhappy with the two-year exhaustive Mueller results.


But, know what?

American citizens are even less happy with Democrats…and their media masters who perpetuate, even (sadly) exacerbate, this unhelpful harassment of the Nation’s leader.

If anyone meddled with the 2016 elections, it was Democrats.

Dossier, anyone? Weaponized federal agencies, anyone? Leaks, anyone? Unethical (likely illegal) FISA apps, anyone? Human asset (lures), anyone? FakeNews, anyone?

If anyone could’ve tried harder to nail this President, they couldn’t hire a more biased team than that which Robert Mueller assembled as his legal aides in this witch-hunt.

Yeah – Democrats are unhappy – but, is it because they don’t like Trump…

…or because they don’t like where Justice Dept investigations are now heading?


Let’s face it – if they had anything – ANYTHING – to impeach with, they’d have done it.

So, they’re left with smear/innuendo/implied allegations that are meant to hamstring the leader of this great Nation, in order to delegitimize him…his efforts…and his authority.

Wild dogs, coyotes, jackals…they at least make their kill, and devour the result.

Democrats, on the other hand, can’t seem to get it done…

…despite CNN/NBC/CBS/ABC/WP/NYT and all the rest of FakeNews media efforts.

Toothless, they’re left gumming the President’s ankles. Were it not for media carrying their polluted water, their effort would be seen for the pathetic nature it truly is…

…but, other nations are affected as well – which changes ‘pathetic’ to TREASONOUS.

Snared by a federal regulation violation? Turn it back on ’em…ask ‘Who Wrote It’?

The next time anyone is held to account for violating a federal regulation, it would serve them well to remember this article from the new editorial group Issues & Insights

“Deep State Exposed: Investigation Finds Thousands of Regulations Issued By Career Bureaucrats In Violation of the Constitution”

In a nutshell…it seems very possible most of the federal regulations could actually be written by those not allowed to perform such duties by our U.S. Constitution.

A study prompted by a controversial 2018 FDA regulation started it: “…a team of lawyers and researchers investigated the inner workings of one federal department to find out who is really in charge…Looking at all rules issued by HHS from 2001 to 2017, we found that 71 percent of the 2,952 rules we reviewed were unconstitutional. The worst offender within HHS is FDA, where 98 percent of rules are unconstitutional.”

But, as the lawyer group behind the study notes (emphasis added, all areas):

“That’s a problem because that bureaucrat did not have the Constitutional authority to issue regulations. The Constitution’s Appointments Clause requires that rules binding Americans must be issued by “officers of the United States” — i.e., government officials appointed by the president and confirmed by the U.S. Senate, or hired by cabinet secretaries under congressional authorization. Such officials are subject to political accountability, which allows them to wield political power such as issuing binding rules. That description does not apply to career bureaucrats, who are government employees hired through the merit system, which is intended to be free from political influence in hiring and firing practices.”

Let this sink in: 71% of 2,952 HHS rules written in 16 years were unconstitutional.

Within the FDA over that same period, 98% of regulations…unconstitutional.

Yes, they only studied one Department, and only included 16 years of regulations…

…but who believes this isn’t WIDESPREAD?

Anyone hounded by federal regulators should be asking…

“Who Wrote/Signed the Reg”?

**Important Note**

Issues & Insights has a ‘tip jar’ where any donation from $1.00 on up helps them defray their costs. Vast research for valuable information like this takes time, and anyone who might find themselves helped by such info is asked to ‘tip those tipsters’. Just look for while reading the article linked, click on it to PayPal. (Thx I&I, BCP)

It would be more like ‘Atlas Yawned’ if enough Democrats used basic logic skills on socialism

An article at PJMedia.com makes for interesting reading: “Democrats Embrace Socialism: Are We Headed Towards ‘Atlas Shrugged’?”

History has revealed that not one success can be identified among those nations that try socialism on for size, although many proponents claim ‘evidence’ to the contrary.

Problem is, the examples they use fit the bill…if the whole story is kept revealed.

Socialism promises to lift lower-income classes to prosperity and freedom, yet its history is replete with examples of how neither freedom nor prosperity are resulting benefits.

Lift the veil on any drive behind socialism, and you’ll find high-income one-percenters.

The ugly truth is socialism doesn’t lift the low-income masses up, it drops the middle-income masses down…and the much-hated one-percenters become sole beneficiaries.

Dumpster-diners in Venezuela are just the latest example of Socialism.

The only question remaining is, can’t Democrats read the writing on a dumpster wall?

Based on the Gallup poll linked in the above article…

…Evidently NOT.

1st amendment protecting extremist speech doesn’t include, or justify, extremist violence

At The Hill.com: “The slippery slope of trying to curb ‘extremist’ speech”

“…the concept of “extremism” is highly subjective and malleable. Policies attempting to ban “extreme” speech will almost always lead to censorship. Even if it stems from good intentions, any effort to ban speech will be infected with bias.” B-I-N-G-O.

Who gets to decide…what if their bias isn’t your bias? Good questions, no easy answer.

BlueCollar suggests the real problem is the premise that ‘free speech’ is somehow a causal link to INEVITABLE violence…free speech is never justification for violence.

The underlying problem is that, to silence opposition, many make such claims…and those inflicting violence, to avoid responsibility, rush to hide behind such rationales.

Arguers will always feed off the violence to shut their opposition down; it’s a vicious cycle that – at the least, is convenient – and at worst, in some instances…intentional.

When the extremists stop justifying violence in such a manner, violence has no veil.

(But don’t expect them to stop feeding off this vicious cycle any time soon.)

…it’s more like THEY’RE raping your brain…

As reported at Newsweek.com: “Democrat Steve Cohen Accused Trump of ‘Raping the Country’ in Heated Impeachment Meeting With Nancy Pelosi”

Unpacking this, it’s hard to believe the man who’s deregulating business, thus creating jobs and business start-ups for millions of Americans, can be doing it against their wish.

After all, loosely defined ‘rape’ is an act against another without their consent…and yet, last time we checked Donald Trump is a fairly elected (i.e., by consent) President…

…but, hey, Democrats and media won’t let that get in the way of a good lie.

If words matter…what this President is doing defines ‘consensual’.


Over 20 years, but still pushing their ‘impeached over sex’ lie…?

Gotta hand it to Democrats…they are the epitome of a ‘tell a lie long enough and it will become the truth’ maxim that became the staple of Nazi propagandist Goebbels.

At Breitbart.com: “Steve Cohen: Clinton Nearly Impeached ‘Over Sex’ While Trump Is ‘Raping the Country’” Clinton was actually impeached for lying to a grand jury.

Obstruction reared it’s ugly head…but don’t get between Democrats and a popular lie. After all, obstruction and lying under oath is only illegal if you’re a Republican.

Even liberal Wikipedia notes Clinton was impeached for perjury & obstruction of justice.

Yet, incredibly, here we are after over 20 years, and they’re still pushing the ‘sex’ lie.

Begs the question: don’t they have any NEWER lies they can use against Trump?

After all, a hatred as big as theirs should be capable of greater creativity.