Google CEO reveals full extent of Russia ad buys pre- & post-election, 2016


Google CEO Pichai, responding to congressional questioning: “…we undertook a very thorough investigation, and, in 2016, we now know that there were two main ad accounts linked to Russia which advertised on Google for about $4,700 in advertising.”

For a buck95 more, they could’ve got a small coffee at Starbucks as well.

Was a flawed Hillary candidacy actually a self-preservation tactic for Democrats?

Seriously – considering how criminally flawed Hillary was as a public official, how was it possible to think of her as a serious presidential candidate for a political Party?

EmailGate, UraniumOne, the Clinton Foundation’s glaring pay-for-play all add up to her nomination being more than just a miscalculation, or tone-deaf-to-electorate strategy.

But, when one stops to think of all the elitist angst over any thought of the unheard of action of an opposition Party revisiting criminal activity, suspicion rears its ugly head.

We’re told that only banana republic, 3rd world countries exact political retribution post-elections…as if that’s reason enough to allow known felonious behavior to be forgiven.

Time will tell if that tactic works, given the obvious laws that were broken, and given the stature of those involved – up to and including then-occupants of the White House.

It’s hard to believe that long-time political strategists and rock-ribbed political leaders would be dumb enough to think such a flawed person could win an election, but then, it seems huge demographic groups have been successfully duped for many decades.

Either way, she’d get elected and they would be safe…

…or she loses, and banana-republic hysterics would make sure they’d be safe.

After all – no one wants their Nation seen as a 3rd world country, right?

Campaign finance law means the FBI & Democrats ACTUALLY broke the law

When we clear away smoke from failed fires the anti-Trump crowd are trying to set over his hush-money payments through Cohen, it’s possible real wrong-doers are nervous.

Why? Because, despite all the faux hysteria, campaign finance law does not cover any expenditures that may have multiple factor expediencies, but restrict to only those items that would only incur expenditure because of, and unique to an election campaign.

As explained in a Byron York op-ed today “Not everything that is subjectively intended to influence an election is a campaign expenditure. For example, if Trump (or any other businessman running for office) settled lawsuits against the business in order to get them off the table, so that they wouldn’t become campaign issues, those settlements would not be campaign expenses, but would remain personal expenses, payable by Trump or the company sued. That is true even if the suits were deemed totally meritless by Trump’s lawyers and paid solely as nuisance settlements to prevent bad campaign press. The standard “for the purpose of influencing a campaign” must be read in pari materia with the prohibition in the statute on personal use of campaign funds. That section and its regulations define things that are not campaign expenditures, and personal use includes any obligations that would exist irrespective of the campaign.”

(underline emphasis added)

Citizen Trump’s personal business existed ‘irrespective of the campaign’ and for various reasons, would’ve been justifiably dealt with had there been no campaign.

BUT…consider the payments the Democrats (Hillary’s campaign team and the DNC) paid to 1) a lawyer cutout firm who hired FusionGPS (then by extension, Steele) and 2) the FBI paid to Steele, for the opposition research document (Steele ‘dossier’)…

…being used against then-candidate, and now President, Donald Trump.

We’re certain those millions in payments by the Democrats, and tens of thousands paid by the FBI – specific/unique to an election – WEREN’T reported as required by law.

President Trump may not be in legal jeopardy…

but FBI heavyweights and Democrats could well be.

Once more, Mueller’s overreach may end up torpedoing people they’re trying to hide.

(CORRECTED to show FBI paid Steele directly)

We agree – Ret’d General Flynn should be offered the WH Chief of Staff job

Talk about making the anti-Trump crowd heads explode…

…Sebastian Gorka, former aide to the President, suggests that, based on latest reports that Michael Flynn was sandbagged by the FBI, he should get a Presidential pardon…

…and that Presisent Trump should hire him as his Chief of Staff.

Flynn, slated to be the Nat’l Security advisor in Trump’s administration, was fired when it was learned he’d lied to the FBI. But many reports indicate the FBI didn’t think he lied.

And now, learning Flynn had been advised by the FBI before the meeting not to have a lawyer, the judge in the case is demanding Mueller provide full, immediate disclosure of all documents, including communications, etc for judicial review of possible wrongdoing.

Flynn was driven close to bankruptcy, fighting the unfair FBI efforts against him.

A pardon and appointment to the White House would go a long way toward exonerating his name, and potentially his financial future…in addition to driving opposition crazy.

We fully endorse Mr. Gorka’s suggestion.

Buckle up.

And, then there’s this… political article: “Pentagon Says DOD Could Fund Border Projects, After Trump Suggests Military Could Build the Wall”

According to a Pentagon spokesman “Congress has provided options under Title 10 U.S. Code that could permit the Department of Defense to fund border barrier projects, such as in support of counter drug operations or national emergencies…” (u/l added)

Any guesses who just noted it’s become a ‘national emergency’ this morning?

(Hint: initials are DJT.)

Open-borders policy is provably IMMORAL…and demonstrably RACIST

We repeat, for clarity: Open-borders policy is immoral…and racist.

In the most overt, and covert way.

Uncontrolled borders allows an influx of illegal immigration that 1) takes jobs away, and 2) drives wages down, from the most vulnerable Americans…minorities and the poor.

(Let’s face it – there are ZERO rocket scientists and PhD’s among the horde.)

Uncontrolled borders allows an influx of illegal immigration that 3) strains our welfare system, and 4) takes services away from the most vulnerable…minorities and the poor.

(Ditto – there are ZERO middle-to-high income, well-off immigrants climbing the walls.)

Uncontrolled borders allows an influx of illegal immigration that 5) threatens the health and well being, and 6) overloads the medical system, affecting our most vulnerable…

…you guessed it – minorities and the poor.

(Who believes the healthcare system they left behind was keeping them healthy?)

Using the poor and desperate in Central/South America as pawns is despicable.

Championing open-border policies that hurt minorities is racist.

Championing open-border policies that hurt the poor is immoral.



The 1st priority of a Nation’s leaders is the safety and security of its citizens

Walls work – ask Israel.

That said, a bill for the southern border wall was passed BY DEMOCRATS 10 years ago…problem is, they refuse to fund building the wall necessary to secure the border.

President Trump, as the leader of this Nation whose top priority is the safety and security of its citizens, is right to demand the funding be part of a spending bill.

Unfortunately, the top Democrat leadership in Congress don’t agree, but there is a very uncomfortable reality they will live with by digging in and refusing wall funding priority…

…they were happy to join with Obama to send $150 billion (or more) to Iran.

And the President was happy to point that out in a tweet today. Democrats will try to put lipstick on that pig by saying it was JUST their money frozen by sanctions – but those sanctions were in place because Iran’s a global funder of terrorism…and STILL IS.

Which means, they were given MORE money to fund terrorism.

Bottom line…

…Democrats are okay with funding Iran’s terror programs…

…but not okay funding America’s border security.

Chuck, Nancy…how good do you feel about that?

(Oh, and…well played, Mr. President.)

‘Finding truth and confronting it fearlessly’ is the last thing they’ll do

NeverTrump’ers, true to form, all have one thing in common: their derangement as a group interferes with any ability to see facts, symbolized by this David French column.

His article sub-heading “Let’s find the truth and confront it fearlessly” is ironic, as his first few paragraphs attempt to set up an argument built on a false premise…that is, the proven abuse of FISA warrant applications is somehow a ‘fatally flawed’ theory.

It’s an established, settled law that FISA applications are to be based on verified data.

As a lawyer, you’d think Mr. French could understand that concept, but his disdain for anything Trump, as with his NeverTrump cohort, blinds him to such proven realities.

Which begs the question – is there an HONEST NeverTrump’er out there?

  • FACT – The FISA applications were not based on (required) verified data;
  • FACT – The infamous Steele dirt-dossier has never been corroborated;
  • FACT – The Russian ‘hack’ of DNC emails was never verified by American law enforcement…because they’ve never had access to the server, or the scene;
  • FACT – Meeting with others to discuss available opposition info is not illegal;
  • FACT – Absence of a collusion crime means this has all been a HOAX.

Is it possible for you to CONFRONT that truth fearlessly, Mr. French?