Trump honors ‘rule of law’ stopping Obamacare payoffs to insurers…wailing ensues

President Trump ended the Obama-era unlawful billion-dollar payouts to insurers, and all hell breaks loose with the usual suspects (Democrats) screaming and yowling.

Obama pulled his authority to appropriate funds out of thin air to funnel billions to the fat-cat cronies running insurance companies, in clear violation of our Constitution. Now Democrats are threatening to sue, so they can keep the crony-cash flowing.

One can’t help but admire the President’s ability to put himself clearly on the side of the American public, and shine a bright light on this Democrat scheme to enrich insurers.

How Democrats can endear themselves to the public, by suing to keep billions flowing to insurance fat-cat buddies is a mystery, especially since premiums and out-of-pocket costs to consumers skyrocketed every year…yes, AFTER the big cash started flowing.

But we’re sure the Democrat-Left will work out some kind of misdirection.

Won’t hurt the President’s feelings though – he enjoys scrapping with LIARS.

California’s attorney general is hiding from a ‘substantial national security threat’

Open Message to Xavier Becerra: stop stone-walling the congressional investigation into what has been described as a substantial (national) security threat.

In January, Democrat congressman Becerra left DC to become California’s attorney general, and it’s been learned that while he was in Congress, his IT aide illegally down-loaded massive amounts of data during some 5400 illegal logins on Becerra’s server.

(Reports suggest some of those logins occurred while the aide was in Pakistan.) 

Noted legal experts have maintained that the Pakistani IT aides involved could never have received the security clearances needed for the level of information they accessed so the question remains…why did Becerra and 40+ other Democrats allow that access?

It seems odd that Becerra is stone-walling the feds, when among a state att’y general’s responsibilities are included assisting …federal…criminal justice agencies in the administration of justice… and (manages) programs and special projects to detect and crack down on fraudulent…illegal activities that…threaten public safety.”

Democrat congresswoman (and former DNC chair) Debbie Wasserman Schulz is in the lead of the 45 Democrats hiding a massive security breach, with Becerra close behind.

Tuesday, “Rep. Scott Perry announced a “substantial security threat” from “massive” data breaches by…Democrats’ favorite IT man” – we can’t help asking why Becerra (whose server was a huge entry point for the breaches) doesn’t want damage control?

What did Democrats know, when did they know it? Why isn’t Xavier Becerra coming clean to help assess damage to our nat’l security?  “What, exactly, was on that secret server that House Democratic Caucus boss Xavier Becerra wanted to wipe clean?”

Just as importantly, in light of this obstruction of justice and national security…

…how is Becerra STILL qualified to be California’s attorney general?

Democrat-Left enabled & funded Black-Lives-Matter, and black crime deaths sky-rockets

More than any other demographic group, black men are paying the price with their lives with a surging violent crime rate over the past two years, including a 20 percent jump in the overall homicide rate, even as the number of blacks killed by police declines.

Why did we emphasize ‘past two years’ in that Washington Times article?

That’s when the Obama and his Left-wing cohort fired up BlackLivesMatter.

Notice the last 5 words in that excerpt? ‘…blacks killed by police declines’.

Got that? Since the Obama diatribes against the police began, and the Left fired up their Black-Lives-Matter thuggery, rioting, and assorted violence, black deaths rose as a result of higher crime violence…not because of any phony police-v-black enforcement.

Thug politics enabled Thug behavior, resulting in more Thug DEATHS.  (Unfortunately, there are many innocent victims included, caught in the crossfire, but…oh well.)

Democrats must be so proud.

We’ve posted several blogs encouraging Atty General Sessions to start indicting all the funding groups (Soros, W.K. Kellogg/Tide/Ford Foundations, NFL, etc) of this domestic terrorism, and the sooner the better, judging by these latest black homicide stats…

if, after all…Black Lives DO Matter.

The ENTIRE Left who shielded Weinstein lose their right to lecture anyone

A blog on National Review Online makes the case that, with the exposure of Harvey Weinstein’s serial abuses being shielded, Hollywood loses the right to lecture us.

But that’s too narrow a focus.

Plenty of big-time Democrat politicians like Bill and Hillary Clinton, maybe even Barack Obama, knew as well…they lose that right to lecture, along with the Hollywood crowd.

And let’s not forget the Leftwing media moguls, journalists, and pundits in on the secret, plus God knows how many fatcat Wall Street, banker, hotelier, and corporate tycoons.

When it comes to morality, none of them can escape from a net of despicable behavior rampant among their cohort…disgustingly, the Emperor-Left has no clothes.

Of course, for sexual predators like Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein…

…they never really needed them.

(Remember that Access Hollywood audio, used pre-election to vilify Trump? Wouldn’t it  be richly ironic if the ‘celebrity’ free to grope women he talked about…was Harvey?)

A moot point now…the Left can’t demonize someone who just talks about it…

…when they’re covering up for someone who’s actually DOING it.

Maxine Waters is a blight on Congress…a disgraceful demagogue…and a LIAR

Harassing HUD Secretary Ben Carson today, Maxine Waters accused the President of saying that ‘Puerto Rico needs to be abandoned and shamed for their financial plight’.

Of course, that’s not what the President said, but truthful facts like that won’t stop a race-baiting, Trump-hating, demagogue like Maxine Waters from spewing vicious bile.

What he actually tweeted was 1) “Puerto Rico survived the Hurricanes, now a financial crisis looms largely of their own making.” says Sharyl Attkisson. A total lack of…..

2) …accountability say the Governor. Electric and all infrastructure was disaster before hurricanes. Congress to decide how much to spend….

3) …We cannot keep FEMA, the Military & the First Responders, who have been amazing (under the most difficult circumstances) in P.R. forever!”

Puerto Rico got the (Democrat) government it voted for, which played fast-&-loose with tax-payer money (surprise, surprise), allowed infrastructure to crumble while doing so, and drove the island into a massive debt crisis…that’s all he was saying.

It IS the responsibility of Congress to legislate appropriations, not President Trump.

Democrats, once again, create a crisis…then condemn Republicans when it’s time to clean up the mess. Maxine Waters personifies this disgraceful Party. Shame on her.

Any news organization that enables her to get away with this is disgraceful as well.

Prosecute Soros & Leftist foundations funding domestic violence

We called it…now others finally noted organized rioting is unlawful & RICO-indictable.

Aug 21, we posted that violent Black-Lives-Matter/Antifa rioting and unrest was an organized Left effort, and that federal authorities should indict under RICO statutes.

Now, it seems others have arrived at the same conclusion. Better late than never.

So – when will Atty General Sessions drop the well-deserved hammer on these corrupt acts of domestic terrorizing, America-hating, rabble-rousing Lefties?

The faulty narrative of race-shamers, in 6 words

We have 6 words for race-shamers who falsely claim American oppression, history of slavery, and excessive police violence destroyed today’s black-American opportunities:

Clarence Thomas – Condoleezza Rice – Ben Carson

  • Clarence Thomas
    • Born 1948, Pin Point, Georgia; into severe poverty, living in a dirt-floor shack, product of a broken home
  • Condoleezza Rice
    • Born 1954, Birmingham, Alabama; in a segregated South, surrounded by racism
  • Ben Carson
    • Born 1951, Detroit, Michigan; from the poorest inner-city of Detroit, raised by a single mom who had only a 3rd-grade education

These 3 great Americans started with little in their favor, overcame, and succeeded.

In the shadow of great people who have achieved, for today’s black-American youth to claim their lot in life is hopeless because of white privilege…puts the lie to their claim.

Democrat House IT scandal is HUGE… why isn’t the GOP doing anything?

This Daily Caller op-ed headline says it all…

Where Are Republicans On The House IT Scandal?

Their silence has been deafening. This is a ‘hat-trick’ potential, where national security, the inept Democrat House, and the Trump-Russia collusion meme can be dealt with…

…and Republicans are sitting on their hands.

Democrats in the House of Representatives hired a Pakistani family-and-friend cohort to handle their information technology; suddenly all but two melted away to Pakistan, and the remaining two are indicted on some ridiculous real estate loan scam fraud when we know this group downloaded thousands of sensitive congressional emails.

They “…had access to all of the electronic data for a score of Democrats, including members of the House Intelligence and Homeland Security Committees. Imran Awan is even alleged to have the password to Wasserman-Schultz’ iPad. Maybe the Wasserman-Schultz emails didn’t come from the Russians as Wikileaks has always maintained, or if they did, perhaps they were first stolen by someone else.”

So, why aren’t Republicans all over this?

Is it because GOP members have compromising info that got swept up by the Awans? Has the House Republican branch “…ceased to function as a real political force”?

Or is it because delving deeper reveals the real culprits behind captured DNC-emails are none other than this Pakistani group, which kills the Trump-Russia construct, and even the Republicans invested in controlling this President don’t want him off the hook?

We think it may be a little more involved than that – especially considering the President hasn’t taken the opportunity to Tweet vulnerable Democrats to death over the extremely lousy security lapses they’ve committed…which he would do – in most circumstances.

This smells like an enormous security breach: the only possible reason we can think of to keep such a lid on by all interested parties would be that it might compromise our intelligence agencies’ ability to control it…or exploit it to America’s advantage.

This may not be the time to insist on transparency.

The President has chosen to be discreet…BlueCollar will respect that choice.

(UPDATED – Pakistani IT aides downloaded massive data remotely – from Pakistan!)


The price for Faux Outrage…kneel, take your pink slip, and find real work

Open message to NFL players: Football is your JOB. A high-paying job, at that.

So, if your boss (for those who skipped their real college courses, the ‘owner’) tells you that part of your job description is to respect the flag that his customers love, do it.

But you do have a choice…take a knee, and then pick up your pink slip on the way out.

What the heck, right, it’s just a job. There must be other jobs out there for all you under-educated fools that didn’t take Business101 (or slept through the crucial lecture)…

…you know – the one that tells you alienating the boss’s customer is not a smart play.

Show us your resolve…by all means, stand by your principles by taking a knee (to protest the unfair oppression of a country that provides you a job opportunity paying millions per year to violently knock down and blind-side other like millionaires).

Yeah, channel that inner Rosa Parks…protest your idea of the wholesale police brutality that killed – let’s see – a total of 16 unarmed blacks last year, many resisting arrest.

As with any REAL job, though, just be prepared to take the consequences.

And good luck finding the next job paying $3.2 million per year, for 16 days work.

Or, better yet – for those who actually do have reasoned thought still percolating – try this idea on for size…how about taking a knee during half-time for REAL tragedy…

…like the wholesale inner-city slaughter playing out on a monthly basis in Chicago.

Just spit-ballin’ here, in case you want to show some outrage over a real crisis.

Weinstein serial abuses prove the LIE that is the Left

The Democrat-Left went crazy when a recording of then-candidate Trump was blasted over the airwaves, mentioning how a celebrity can get away with sexual groping.

Note the word ‘mentioning’.

Even now, as President, the Left still hammers him about ‘mentioning’ sexual groping.

Harvey Weinstein personified ACTUAL sexual groping, serial abuse, and misconduct for 30 years, and the Left – celebrities, media, and politicians – knew, and did nothing.

So, the obvious conclusion is, if you’re Left-wing, as for sex-abuse, the sky’s the limit,  but if you’re Republican, even just talking about sex-abuse is worthy of condemnation?

There is no moral high-ground anymore, for the Democrat-Left.