Disgusting, Disgraceful, and Deceitful… they own the border crisis they create

It’s disgusting that people would willingly put their (and other) children in harm’s way, by using them as human shields in order to attempt illegal entry into the United States.

It’s disgraceful that FakeNews refuses to mention that Border Patrol used tear-gas on the adults attacking them and our border, and those adults then dragged kids into it.

(And doubly disgraceful that the Left is willing to brand our Border Patrol as thugs.)

And, it’s deceitful that a Democrat/Left open-border contingent whose rhetoric entices efforts of illegal migration, puts kids in harms way…but then blames Republican policy.

The way to stop this ongoing human crisis is to end the enticement which encourages them to leave their own country, endangering themselves and their kids in the process.

Until they do, this ‘human crisis’ is OWNED solely by those who create it…

…open-border activists.



As for the continuing DISGRACE of left-wing media…

Deliberate misreporting which portrays our U.S. Border Patrol as inhumane is a clear reason why FakeNews is, has been, and continues to be, an enemy of the people.

Forget Khashoggi…where was the Liberal outrage over American deaths in Benghazi?

Odd, watching Liberal heads explode over a foreigner’s supposed death in Turkey, when there was a media-wide disinterest over Americans slaughtered in Benghazi.

President Trump had no idea the Khashoggi incident occurred until weeks after, but the Benghazi attack lasted over 12 hours, Obama knew about it at the start, and did…

…NOTHING (unless you consider a decision to go to bed doing something).

But, where was the condemnation then? An American president knew Americans were under attack, CHOSE to do nothing militarily to aid them, and just…went to sleep.

And a so-called speaking-truth-to-power’ press slept right along with him. (Arguably Obama would have lost his re-election bid if news outlets had held him as accountable for Benghazi then, as they deceitfully try to hold President Trump accountable now.)

What does one call a media choosing silence on Benghazi, but rage on Khashoggi?

President Trump has it exactly right – Enemy of the people.

More specifically…the AMERICAN people.

Sorry, libs…America doesn’t own your created migrant ‘crisis’

The situation at America’s southern border is not a crisis.

Creating conditions to encourage illegal entry, then calling it a crisis, is deceit.

We don’t need MORE law…we already have immigration laws. The problem isn’t a lack of law, the problem is there’s been no Congressional will to enforce the existing laws.

Until now, with this President. Fine – enforce the law. And if they insist on invading…

…declare a state of national emergency, and use that budget to build a wall.

A couple of great pro-gun ownership arguments…

The Gateway Pundit: “FBI Data Shows Armed Citizens Have 94% Success Rate Stopping Would-Be Mass Shooters” Think ‘94% success’ is a good argument?

Then there’s an even more impactful argument we found that supports the law-abiding argument, i.e., ‘if guns are taken from the law-abiding, only criminals will have them’

Gun-control BUDDY: If you give up your guns, future gun violence will be reduced.

YOU: Cut off your penis, and future rape violence will be reduced.

Gun-control BUDDY: Don’t be ridiculous, I don’t plan on raping anyone.

YOU: (sigh) E-X-A-C-T-L-Y.

…but, sure, keep voting (D)…& we’ll just avoid the big cities

The Homeless Crisis Is Getting Worse in America’s Richest Cities

But, guess which Party runs those cities?

5-year-old sister of Taylor Hayes shot in west Baltimore, mother confirms

(Taylor Hayes, 7, was shot & killed while sitting in a car in July.) Guess what Party runs Baltimore? Guess what political Party just got re-elected to run Baltimore, Maryland?

Anarchy in Portland…and Philadelphia.

Unhhh…which Party runs Portland and Philadelphia, and just got re-elected?


The real CIA wouldn’t go public on findings, re, Khashoggi

Sorry, but this Khashoggi business doesn’t add up. As much as FakeNews would like to assign CIA ‘findings’ that make the President look bad, the reality is VERY different.

First, as noted before, Khashoggi wasn’t a ‘journalist’…he was a terrorist sympathizer. (FakeNews can pound the ‘journalist’ drum, but it doesn’t mean that makes him one.)

Second, seems all the information about his demise comes from a Turkish government that is profoundly anti-Saudi royal family, and aren’t happy with our President either.

Third, the Turkish government aligns with Middle East foreign actors in direct and covert opposition to American interests which the existing Saudi government supports. 

Fourth, political hacks trying to shape policy in the CIA are the ones making noise. (It isn’t the CIA’s job to keep media informed – their job is to keep our President informed.)

Put bluntly, the CIA works for the Executive branch – any information that leaks which makes their boss look bad places the leakers squarely in the anti-Trump column, which means they’re a) hyper-partisan, and b) politically undermining the Executive branch.

Let’s review: we have 1) TURKISH video footage of Khashoggi entering, 2) TURKISH recordings of the so-called incident, 3) TURKISH findings of Saudi malfeasance, and 4) FakeNews carrying that TURKISH water as long as possible to hurt the President.

Turkey, as noted already, is openly and rabidly anti-Saudi royal family. Nothing would make the Turkish gov’t happier than effectively undermining Crown Prince Salman.

So, sure – Color BlueCollar…SKEPTICAL. 


…it’s decidedly odd that the same CIA vilified by media for confirming Iraq had WMDs is now considered omniscient – by media – when it comes to the Khashoggi matter.

(All this doesn’t mean the Saudi rulers are squeaky clean. But you can Google historic acts of even more factual violations during the Obama era, that went unreported.)

Their human rights violations are a matter of record…but this is a manufactured crisis, and it’s sickening that any American would go to such an extent to keep it alive.

Faux angst about bin-Laden remarks ignore the truth

The ‘panties-in-a-bunch’ crowd wailing over Pres Trump’s comments about how long it took to nail Osama bin Laden ignore the real problem with the entire final scenario…

…Obama should never have revealed the mission, or it’s results.

Anyone with a room-temp IQ knew the al-Qaeda leader was being hidden in Pakistan.

We’re betting our intelligence agencies knew, and were exploiting that knowledge to wrap up those in contact with him, while foiling al-Qaeda’s global terror attempts.

Taking bin-Laden down wasn’t a problem…letting the world know of his death was.

Narcissist-in-chief Obama couldn’t wait to get out the news, but doing so enabled a world-wide terror scramble to fill the bin-Laden void…and ruined exploitable ops.

Think about it…is it more preferable to have one bin-Laden to deal with, or a global glut of mini-bin-Ladens all vying to create extreme terror acts in a bid to replace him?

In the interest of America’s national security, his death should’ve remained secret.

Yes, bin Laden should’ve been taken out sooner. Yes, we knew Pakistan was probably protecting him. Yes, we gave billions to Pakistan while they hid him. That’s all fact.

And it’s also fact Obama’s quest for glory jeopardized America’s national security.

That’s the sad truth FakeNews will never report.

Prediction: White House turkey will NOT be pardoned (UPDATE – turkey swap negates prediction)

Sources advise the Thanksgiving turkey for the traditional White House meal will not be pardoned, as it’s been exposed as a key player in the Democrat Russia-collusion hoax.

The turkey, code-named Ivan, was not available for comment.

Time to cook that turkey, along with the collusion hoax.

UPDATE: Last minute changes result in Ivan going to Siberia for the winter, replaced by stand-in turkey named Peas, who allegedly had nothing to do with collusion-hoax. The President was thus able to extend long-honored WH turkey-pardon tradition.

(We can’t confirm or deny if Ninth Circuit is trying to overturn the presidential pardon)

Judges don’t have the authority to control our national security

The Washington Times reports… Judge blocks Trump asylum changes: Caravan can demand protections even after illegal entry

The executive branch (President) is responsible for national security, not the judiciary…

…when you consider that uncontrolled access to borders can be exploited by anyone, including drug cartels, terrorists, and other criminal types, that fact is immutable.

Not sure how this judge thinks differently.