Rep. Gohmert channels BlueCollar…the Mueller probe veils a UraniumOne (plus more) Democrat cover-up attempt

BlueCollar has asserted all along that this Mueller probe is all about covering the tracks of several Democrat scandals, from FISA surveille-abuse to UraniumOne,,,and more.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tx) sees the reason for the Mueller appointment the same way.

“Anything beyond Russian collusion are things that could be investigated…by the current DOJ, the current FBI, and not a special counsel that is covering his own rear and his own problems that he created in allowing U.S. uranium to be sold

(Bold emphasis added)


They never expected Trump would get elected, and had to send in the cover-up squad to deep-six evidence of Democrat chicanery. Deep-state protects deep-state…

…including Obama, Hillary, Mueller, Comey, Brennan, Clapper et al.

Democrats have been ‘ridin’ dirty’, and hopefully will get taken to the woodshed.

Faster. Please.

Why isn’t FusionGPS under indictment for coordinating w-foreign agents to meddle in U.S. elections?

Anyone else wonder why FusionGPS hasn’t been indicted for colluding with foreign agent Steele to use anonymous Russian sources in U.S. election-meddling?

After all, if this fake hysteria over Trump colluding with Russia is enough to appoint a special counsel, you’d think the least Mueller could do Is indict someone who really  DID collude with a foreign agent…who really DID use Russian sources to meddle…


Bottomline…this Businessman President outperforms their typical Political Presidents, and they don’t like it

As the Anti/Never-Trump’ers rage on, it would be neglectful not to point out how he’s accomplished in short order many objectives others before him failed to achieve.

Honest Americans will consider the results, even if they don’t like the method.

President Trump is a businessman, and uses strategy that some may find offensive or boorish, but only because those who do fail to consider how miserably predecessors performed…whether it be trade negotiations or the larger picture of respect for America.

Read this NRO article by Hendrix – it explains better than most how strategic ambiguity has been used by this President, like those past leaders who achieved big things.

Then ask yourself…

…would you rather success with business tactics, or failure with political ‘nuance’?

Is Mueller’s investigation a problem for Republicans…or Democrats…?

We know there was no legal standing for Mueller’s special counsel appointment in the first place, and it’s irritating to watch FakeNews manipulate narratives to attack Trump…

…but watching one Democrat after another go down in flames as a result…

…we can’t help but wonder – which Party is paying the higher price, politically?

When you think of it, only one Trump administration official has been snared – Flynn, while a slew of Deep-staters – Comey to McCabe to Strzok, Ohr – have been exposed as this travesty continues…not to mention Obama, Powers, Clapper, Brennan, Rice, Kerry (and his State Department appointees) now blinking in the headlights.

(It’s almost as if Mueller’s working as a deep-stater…for the GOP.)

Ironic – Trusting in a ‘Rule of Law’…that was trampled to establish a special counsel?

Asked about the possibility that President Trump might fire special counsel Mueller, the House Speaker replied that he had assurances that would not happen, because…

“We have a system based upon the rule of law in this country,” Ryan added. “We have a justice system, and no one is above that justice system.” (emphasis added)

You know – that same ‘rule of law’…

…that was ignored BY the ‘justice system’…to set up a special counsel.

Experts noted the law requires special counsel appointments when a crime exists.

Mueller was appointed ABSENT a crime existing.

Pretty ludicrous, to rely on a rule of law protecting a special counsel from being fired…

…when rule of law was violated by establishing that special counsel in the first place.

So, where there’s no crime, there’s…obstruction?

Breitbart headline: “Report: Special Counsel Robert Mueller Focusing on Trump Obstruction, Not Collusion”

How would you like to be charged with obstruction…even though there’s no crime?

And. before the inevitable Liberal climbs on a high horse and whines that the very act of obstruction has thwarted Mueller’s effort to prove crime exists, we add this reminder…

…with Deep-State efforts on full display, ANY crime would have been exposed by now.

40 House Democrats victimized by Pakistani aides refuse to press charges – even if national security’s at stake?

Daily Caller: House Democrats who hired and allowed unqualified Pakistani IT aides to run amok through (sometimes highly classified) emails refuse to press charges.

We’re talking about high level people: Debbie Wasserman Schulz, Xavier Becerra, etc.

Is a threat of blackmail by these nefarious Pakistanis behind their reluctance?

One thing’s clear – unqualified aides accessed tens of thousands of House Democrat emails, sometimes even done remotely from Pakistan…and can’t be covered up.

It’s a serious issue involving major national security breaches – congressmen refusing to address this in an age of ongoing terrorism do not deserve to be re-elected

…and should face obstruction charges…

…including then-congressman, now-Attorney General of California – Xavier Becerra.

Considering 2016 election implications, who would you rather have running the country?

The current President is being made out to be an oafish, bumbling, incompetent man ill-equipped to running these United States, but when we consider all the facts…

  • He effectively out-campaigned highly qualified GOP candidates in the primaries;
  • He effectively out-campaigned the Democrat candidate;
    • despite Democrat efforts to smear him with a dirt-dossier;
    • despite Obama’s popularity and deep-state structure pitted against him;
      • including the CIA, FBI, and NSA intelligence community;
    • despite a massive array of FakeNews media’s endless negative coverage;
    • despite Obama’s never-before encountered huge data-mined capability.

He was smart enough to beat it all, so who would you rather have running the country…

…the oafish, bumbling, incompetent Trump, who accomplished all that…

…or the idiot opposition candidate Hillary, who failed to thump such a ‘fool’?

When it comes right down to it, American voters knew enough to elect the right one…

…you know, the guy who’s fought his opposition and their media allies to a standstill.