With every new story about UraniumOne deal, the more it seems likely destroying evidence is a high priority for Democrats

With every new story about a crooked UraniumOne deal, it becomes increasingly clear that a main objective for Democrats is ensuring evidence goes down the memory hole.

We know many are convinced Mueller’s special counsel probe is all about impeaching or otherwise delegitimizing President Trump, but the scope of UraniumOne is huge…

…and a great many Democrats are potentially at risk.

The special counsel Russia probe keeps Mueller in a position where access to that data is possible, and as FBI director he was a principle in the investigations at that time.

That’s why we’ve been saying for a long time now that, in our opinion, this is also about dumping evidence…’cuz key Democrat leadership was in peril with Trump’s election.

Primary players in the FBI – Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, and McCabe – as well as AG Holder and Lynch, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama were all at risk. Had Hillary been elected, no doubt hard evidence would’ve gone down the memory hole, but now…?

Who’s watching the watchers?

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