Short argument on which party’s to blame for Israeli-Palestinian stalemate

One party refuses to acknowledge the other party’s right to exist.

Guess which party…

For all Obama and Kerry bluster about Israel’s intransigence, does anyone (besides them) believe it’s possible to negotiate with those who only want them annihilated?

Bottom line…if Obama’s acts invite attacks against Israel, it’s on his head.

Just when you thought John Kerry couldn’t be more idiotic…

…he gives a farewell speech stating Israel can’t be Jewish AND democratic.

Earth to Kerry…

Israel is, and has been for decades, the ONLY middle-east democracy.

Citizens of Israel regardless of religious affiliation can vote, and worship freely.

Nowhere else in the Middle East is this possible.

Palestinians want the total annihilation of Israel…

…even an idiot like Kerry should see the futility of negotiating that issue.

If survival is a ‘right-wing agenda’…so be it.

Who didn’t see this coming before his exit…?

So, as ultimate treachery Obama has his UN finale, allowing that body to condemn Israel for settlement activities, and much much more, according to Andy McCarthy.

But for those tired of the usual back-n-forth about Israel and Middle East enmity, maybe BCP can help sum things up in a one-liner that puts things in perspective…

Israel as a nation has a right to exist, and Judaism precedes Islam by 2500+ years, so until Muslims acknowledge that history, they’re aggressors without cause.

As for Muslim claims of ‘holy land’ in Jerusalem, that’s akin to your new neighbor planting his shrine in your front lawn, declaring it now his sentimental holy ground.

Oh…and you owned that land for decades before they moved into town.

Anyone saying it’s more complicated wants it to be more complicated. We repeat: Islam as a religion started up in the 7th century, Judaism 2500+ years before that.

Hope that cleared things up for everyone.

This column will not go down the path many others venture, questioning Obama’s deeply held religious affiliations…but when it comes to his sympathies…

…it’s pretty obvious where they are.

Now we hear GOP offered help to fight Russian covert interference, but the White House rebuffed offer

Left-leaning Politico reports Republicans in Congress offered to work with the White House to fight Russia’s attempts at covert interference, but the offer was rejected.

In light of the constant ‘it was Russians’ mantra wailing post-election, the offer made earlier this year should have gone a long way to shut down that Democrat whining.

Wonder how long Politico sat on this information, before making it public?

(Updated) Missing the most damning legacy of ’44’…

Breitbart: “Legacy: 10 Ways Barack Obama Broke The American System”

The list: 1-Stimulus, 2-Fast-&-Furious, 3-Betraying allies, 4-Obamacare, 5-Debt ceiling, 6-Benghazi, 7-IRS scandal, 8-AP scandal, 9-Iran deal, 10-Immigration

But there’s an even worse act Obama committed during his 8 years…

We would argue the most damning legacy Obama left the American people will be his casual flaunting of the Rule of Law…the bedrock of our form of government.

Brought into sharp relief by his Dept of ‘Justice’ stonewalling investigations of Hillary Clinton (and his) actions over this last year, such elitism left the electorate angry.

Witness the November election results.

We don’t know why Breitbart’s list inexplicably overlooked that lawlessness…

…but are very grateful the American electorate didn’t.

(UPDATE) Within that same context, encouraging the ill-founded Black-Lives-Matter crowd to extremes, Obama has contributed to increased violence in major cities.

But, what would you expect for someone with just a community agitator resume?

The faulty logic of Dream-Act/Anchor-Baby apologists

After yet another heart-tugging article on how Trump should deal with Obama’s Dream Act children, we feel it necessary to point out the flaw in their logic…

…and the same argument applies to anchor-babies some claim are citizens.

Nowhere in settled law does it say stolen goods may be legally kept.

Receivers of stolen goods have no right to ownership of those goods.

Lest we forget, American citizenship is a valuable commodity.

If parents stole an art collection, then gave it to their children, not knowing it was stolen doesn’t give the kids ownership privileges of that illegally acquired collection.

And, little sympathy is spared for the (often) long and expensive legal hassles to clear their name, so they themselves don’t go to jail as receivers of stolen property.

How is it any different from taking back stolen citizenship? Emotional as it may be, ‘Dreamers’ and ‘Anchor-Babies’ are receivers of stolen goods; i.e. citizenship.

How to deal with them is a separate issue, but they are not American citizens. The fallback method should be deportation with the illegal parents or family members.

In a situation where their circumstance precludes deportation, it might be possible to issue a humane ‘territorial-citizenship’ status similar to resident Puerto Ricans.

Puerto Ricans living in the U.S. who maintain island residence status can’t vote in general elections. A designated ‘territory-at-large’ status would be very similar.

Bottom-line…our American citizenship status should not be cheaply treated.

(And the hidden benefit of a territory-at-large citizenship concept? If they can’t vote in general elections, Democrats will stop using them as a wedge issue.)