Why our Constitution does NOT say babies of illegals are citizens

Ownership cannot be legally claimed for that which is ILLEGALLY acquired.

Babies born in the USA to illegal aliens cannot qualify as citizens because such a ‘birthright citizenship’ was achieved illegally.

Think – nowhere in the Constitution does it say children can keep what their parents have come by illegally. If your parents stole an art collection that then came into your possession, as their child you have no constitutional right to keep what was stolen…no matter how innocent you may be about the theft.

Nor do baby illegals born here. The parents stole that ‘right’, by entering illegally.

Just because disingenuous politicians want to overlook that glaring fact doesn’t make them right.

And it doesn’t take a constitutional scholar to see such a claim as nonsense.

Enough with tear-jerking and heart-string pulling ‘tearing families apart’ baloney…

…when the illegal parents are deported, the kids go with them.

Election day a-b-c’s…..A-nyone B-ut C-linton

Remember who abandoned Americans to their deadly fate in Benghazi…

Remember who laughed at getting a child-rapist off the hook…

Remember who devastated and demeaned the women victimized by her husband…

Remember who violated federal national security laws, then illegally destroyed emails to hide her wrong-doing…

Remember who led the rush to funnel billions of dollars to terrorism-enabler Iran…

Remember who proudly wears the crown of the Queen of Cronyism…

On Nov 8th, remember your election a-b-c’s…

A.nyone B.ut C.linton.



You can expect the lies about Trump to continue right up to Nov 8

The Clinton campaign and their henchmen media will continue lying about Trump to gain traction with key demographics – women, minority, poor voters.

Lies about Trump involving women supposedly happening decades ago are easy to spot, and easy to knock down with ‘wait, why didn’t this all come up back then‘?

You know similar types of lies involving minorities (especially Blacks and Hispanics) and the low-income voters will mushroom, as they try to demonize him.

But despite their best efforts to destroy Trump, they can’t avoid the last 8 years.

Only one argument is needed to encourage an anti-Democrat voter backlash…

…does anyone really want to keep giving hundreds of billions to terrorists?

Democrat attacks reveal their weaknesses

Listen to Clinton and Kaine, and they’ll reveal the soft underbelly of their own Democrat campaign.

The tax/disrespect veterans meme? Democrats fear the scrutiny of Clinton Foundation pay-to-play cronyism and Obama’s DEADLY VA failures.

The ‘Miss Piggy/anti-woman’ meme? Who could be more anti-woman than someone who not only condones a philanderer and rapist husband, she orchestrates the attacks to destroy his female victims?

The ‘GOP tax-breaks caused 2008 crash’ MEME. No way do Democrats want their faulty home-market meddling and regulating re-exposed as the cause of a sub-prime crisis wiping out millions.

The ‘eliminated Iran’s nuke program’ meme? How, by Obama and Hillary sending hundreds of billions of dollars to a terror-state Obama redesignates annually? Or, by allowing the USA to be banned from sending inspectors to check their nuclear sites?

However crass, what would you call a porn star? And if Trump was denigrating such a lifestyle choice, how does that become an attack on all women? Isn’t such a Democrat claim worse, since it implies all women are porn stars?

Listen to these Democrat attacks…they’ll tell you where they themselves are vulnerable.

Know any Democrats who refused a legal tax break?

Who in their right mind doesn’t take legal tax breaks?

The perfect debate comeback when it’s mentioned.

Democrats hate profitable business people, and evidently they hate those who took losses also. Private enterprise just can’t get a break from Democrats.

Guess their idea of perfection is the Clinton Foundation?

But wait…doesn’t it take tax exemptions too?

Next time Trump’s taxes are brought up, here’s another comeback.

Trump should remind us how much taxes were paid THAT SAME YEAR by the tens of thousands he employed, while risking his money.

(And every year since.)

Win, lose, or draw, impeachment should be first business after elections

It seems pretty likely Republicans will keep Congress in this election cycle.

So, the day after, impeachment should be first business of the day.

Impeach Obama, for aiding and abetting the leading terror nation – Iran – with billions of dollars, despite annually re-designating that nation’s terror status.

Impeach Hillary Clinton, for her felonious acts while Secretary of State.

They have seriously violated the pubic trust.

Our Constitution says impeached persons are subject to “…disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust or profit under the United States…” (Art1, s3, p7)

If for no other reason, impeach…

…to stop them from holding (and profiting from) public office ever again.