Jail the email-evasive officials and staff until emails are produced

Either federal law includes public officials and staff, or Americans are screwed.

The evasive manner of Obama administration cadre continues to grow, without any sign of slowing down. This massive email stonewalling must be dealt with, now.

Hillary Clinton is just the latest example. As IBD noted several times in the past, federal law forbids private email accounts “…unless they are appropriately stored and can be tracked.” Wiping her server clean is a clear example of evasion.

As columnist John Fund noted “…failure to preserve e-mails can lead to a court ruling of ‘spoliation of evidence’ …a judge or jury is then instructed to treat deletions as if they were deliberate destruction of incriminating evidence.”

The cure for this evasiveness is a liberal dose (pun intended) of Cellblock APF-100.

Consisting of equal parts jail time and hard labor, it’s the most effective cure for the public officials and their aides guilty of evading federally mandated responsibilities.

Either federal law includes public officials and staff, or Americans are screwed.

Or are we okay with being devolved into Animal Farm’s post-revisioned Rule 7?

Those who scoff at such a claim should consider this…

…try claiming zero taxes owed on Apr 15…

…then refuse to turn your support data over to the IRS.

If it won’t work…break it more?

As the Deceiver-in-Chief pushes his ‘Obamacare is Wondrous’ fantasy, it serves a real purpose to ask three questions the mainstream media seems to avoid…

…if it’s so Wondrous

  1. Why is it so necessary to break the law to try and make it work?
  2. Why are Medicaid enrollees hidden in the signup totals?
  3.  Why has every major poll shown the law to be unpopular?

Their answer? Because Obama thinks it’s Wondrous…

One can only wonder how such a monstrous drain on the national economy in spiraling costs and lost jobs can continue when Republicans hold Congress.

The real answer – repeal. Americans don’t want it, don’t support it. The GOP has Congress – pass legislation, and let Obama veto it at the Democrats’ 2016 peril.

If Republicans don’t have the guts to repeal it, call it what it really is…


Lies only a media can love

After you’ve learned it wasn’t a video that caused Benghazi…

…the IRS was a quantum leap beyond a ‘smidgeon’ of corruption…

…and you can’t keep your health plan…

…is it any wonder the Liar-in-Chief has deceived Americans once again?

Accusing Israel’s PM Netanyahu of voter suppression by implying that a call to his base for vote-turnout support to counter left-wing groups at the polls is just that…

…DECEPTION. Lies, by implication.

It’s bad enough when lying in a speech, but when by accusation Obama lies to the PM directly while congratulating him on an election victory, that’s beyond the pale.

So now, in order to get his deal with Iran, he lies about Israel’s stance in the region, lies about the 2-state solution…and simply removes Iran from the Terror List.

If Obama didn’t have a culpable media, he would never get away with this.

The definition of a split second…

The definition of a split second…that amount of time it takes a Liberal to scream ‘wrong’ about the previous blog on their filibuster of an anti- sex-trafficking bill.

They claim it’s really about the bill’s language refusing to federally fund abortion.

But the bill was co-sponsored by Democrats, and passed out of committee with overwhelming Democrat support…so, many believe their abortion logic is false.

Ms. Lynch’s confirmation, delayed by Republicans, gives Democrats the opportunity to push their ‘GOP is racist’ (she’s black) and ‘War on women’ rhetoric.

Their ‘abortion’ effort is merely to pander to a pro-choice base, and solicit donations.

Spock would not be pleased with Senate Democrats (UPDATED)

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few…or the one.”

Leonard Nimoy’s Spock uttered those words in ‘The Wrath Of Khan’, having made the decision to sacrifice his own life for the good of the crew of Starship Enterprise.

Spock would be disgusted with today’s Senate Democrats, who have chosen to filibuster a bill to help thousands of sex-trafficking victims (98% girls and women)

…the Many

…so as to force Republicans to confirm Obama’s nominee for Attorney General…

…the One.

Welcome to a Democrat world where helping tens of thousands of girls victimized by sex-trafficking, is less important than one woman’s up-or-down vote for office.

In Spock’s world, that nominee would show grace and compassion, demanding the Democrats stop such a nakedly despicable display of crass political theater…

…but then…we are talking about Democrats.

As for the girls and women victims of sex-trafficking? They are, and always will be…

…just another Democrat hostage. 

Democrat Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid would have made Khan proud.


Respondents who claim the filibuster is over abortion language in the bill conflate donation-soliciting opportunities with attack strategies, as some Senators noted.

Democrats co-sponsored and overwhelmingly passed the bill out of committee.

Their plan all along was to block any bills until they forced Lynch’s confirmation.

Proven links to terror groups no longer hamper Iran-White House talks?

If this doesn’t concern Americans about nuclear agreements with Iran, nothing will.

Stephen Hayes notes Iran’s proven and continued links to al-Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah are no longer part of the issue in Obama’s talks with Iranian leadership.

He’s so anxious for a deal, he’s willing to overlook the most serious reason NOT to allow the Iranians to acquire a nuclear capability? You can’t make this stuff up.

At the risk of being branded racist, Blue Collar asserts there’s no logic that supports Obama’s blind obsession to trust the world’s most active global terror sponsor.

Learning history, and spurning history

As Obama’s team continues their anti-Netanyahu/pro-Iran diatribe, it’s striking to see the contrast of those who learn from history…and those who spurn its lessons.

70 years after the Holocaust, is it any wonder that an Israeli people are cautious?

It begs the question: why is it so hard for Obama to understand? Would he, after 50 years, urge his black-American community to go back to a pre-Civil Rights era? No.

Yet, those ’60’s black Americans were suffering segregation…not being slaughtered on a scale of millions per year like the Jews in Nazi-controlled Europe.

Liberal outrage over an Israeli Prime Minister staunchly defending his country from another Holocaust rings hollow, and suggests anti-Semitism drives their argument…

…not diplomacy.

What other motive could there be for those who shrug off such historic atrocity?

Obama would have the world trust a nation that has proven itself unworthy time and again, while distrusting a nation built on the sorrows of a global blind eye to evil.

It begs another question…

On issue after issue, on foreign policy he’s chosen a ‘lead-from-behind’ strategy.

Why has he, now, chosen enabling a nuclear Iran as a lead-from-the-front issue?