A BlueCollar cure for IRS lost-email-itis: ‘Cellblock APF100’, applied evenly

House committee members are being told IRS’s Lois Lerner emails have disappeared. Politico headline: “Sources: Lois Lerner’s emails likely gone forever”

But federal law (for years) has mandated that all emails be printed out and archived. Merely asserting lost emails that prove IRS abuses against private citizens won’t work.

Rest easy…your reliable Dr. BlueCollar has the cure. We prescribe Cellblock APF100.

Put Lerner in jail until she produces archived emails she was – by law – required to file.

Need a reason? John Fund explains it: “…failure to preserve e-mails can lead to a court ruling of “spoliation of evidence.” That means a judge or jury is then instructed to treat deletions as if they were deliberate destruction of incriminating evidence.”

She, and others (apparently) violated a duty to preserve relevant information. They, and the IT crew at the IRS trying to stonewall Congress, need a hard lesson in Civics101.

Think about it: harddrive emails…gone. Server backup…gone. Printed emails…gone?

Jail has a wonderful way of sharpening the memory banks. Put ’em away, at hard labor, and don’t let them out ’til they find the (lawfully required) preserved files.

And let the headline read:

‘IRS Abusers Likely Jailed Forever’

Enjoy our catchy name for the cure. Think about it: Sunblock spf100 protects our skin from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. Thus, for government interference, apply…

…’Cellblock apf100′protects our private citizens from damaging government abuse.


(BCP note: Those who linked to ‘spf’ above, learned it stands for sun protection factor. It follows then, that ‘apf’, would of course stand for Abuse Protection Factor.)

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