Harry Reid’s range war blows up in his face…will Democrats’ health-care war follow?

So the Bureau of Land Management has been used by Harry Reid for illl-gotten gains?

Within hours of exposing Democrat Senator Harry Reid’s connection to a Chi-com energy giant solar firm, the BLM (run by a former Reid aide) backed down from a land grab involving public land Reid & Family were trying to snag for Chi-com firm ENN.

(Reid is worth millions, yet never worked in the private sector since graduating college. This latest fiasco reveals the probable source of those millions…crony politics.)

Public records prove the links. And as soon as it’s made public, the BLM caved.

The GOP would be well-advised to expose this Democrat-led effort to push ranchers off land they’ve worked for 140 years, to benefit Chinese fat-cats and Democrat backers.

It should be part of this year’s election-ad campaigning, and parallels very nicely with another Democrat-led ‘grab’…the Obamacare travesty that is seizing our health care.

You remember….the health care plan we were promised we could keep

Land grabs, health care grabs…it’s all the same…

to a Democrat.


Need more proof Democrats are the party of The Rich…?

Another reason George Soros, Warren Buffett, and Tom Steyer love Barack Obama.

And, further proof that Democrats are the real ‘Party of The Rich’ comes from…

…U.C. Berkeley…of all places.

Obama’s economic policies have overwhelmingly favored the top 1%.

They’ve pulled in 95% of all the income gains in the U.S.

So, the next time your Liberal buddy claims otherwise, you can factually correct him.

Expose the EPA Administrator and subordinates to the same deadly pollutants

“Report: EPA tested deadly pollutants on humans to push Obama admin’s agenda”

The kicker? “…without disclosing the risks of cancer and death…” and “…people were subject to (pollutant) levels higher than what they signed on for…”

BlueCollar suggests the EPA Administrator at the time of the study, as well as those who orchestrated and implemented the study without proper disclosures…

…be subjected to the same process now.

All in the interest of science, of course.

Sliming political opponents…Democrat-style

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Reid is at it again, dishonoring his office.

Desperately trying to create a Republican boogeyman, he’s resorted to attacking private citizens. Now he’s claiming the deep-pocket GOP donor Koch brothers don’t pay taxes.

What he says isn’t true…and Reid used the same lying tactic against Romney in the ’12 presidential elections. He’ll do anything to create evil where none exists. It’s easy to do.

Here’s how: you just lay out a slimy false-premise innuendo, but based on fact.

E.g.; ‘Senator Harry Reid has never defended himself against child-molesting charges.’

(To the best of our knowledge) Senator Reid has never been charged for that act, so it’s a fact…he’s never had to defend himself against a charge that never existed. But the slimy ‘molestation’ innuendo is now out there, making him look like something he’s not.

To use elected office for such a despicable act is disgraceful, but ‘Dirty Harry’ doesn’t care, because the media will give him a pass. So, decent private citizens get slimed.

Next time a Liberal buddy drives you crazy, ask him when he stopped beating his wife. But do not try it against Democrat politicians like Harry Reid…

…typically, the media only allows its use against Republicans.