Harry Reid’s range war blows up in his face…will Democrats’ health-care war follow?

So the Bureau of Land Management has been used by Harry Reid for illl-gotten gains?

Within hours of exposing Democrat Senator Harry Reid’s connection to a Chi-com energy giant solar firm, the BLM (run by a former Reid aide) backed down from a land grab involving public land Reid & Family were trying to snag for Chi-com firm ENN.

(Reid is worth millions, yet never worked in the private sector since graduating college. This latest fiasco reveals the probable source of those millions…crony politics.)

Public records prove the links. And as soon as it’s made public, the BLM caved.

The GOP would be well-advised to expose this Democrat-led effort to push ranchers off land they’ve worked for 140 years, to benefit Chinese fat-cats and Democrat backers.

It should be part of this year’s election-ad campaigning, and parallels very nicely with another Democrat-led ‘grab’…the Obamacare travesty that is seizing our health care.

You remember….the health care plan we were promised we could keep

Land grabs, health care grabs…it’s all the same…

to a Democrat.


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