Does ‘collapsing’ America’s rule-of-law qualify as a ‘high Crime and Misdemeanor’?

Senator Jeff Sessions, on the floor of the Senate, has accused Obama of deliberately collapsing our law enforcement system by refusing to enforce immigration laws.

He has a point – the Attorney General and Dept. of Justice answer to Obama. Failing to instruct his minions to enforce existing law is a deliberate act. And violation of oath.

There is nothing more exceptional about America than its reverence for the law. And, before anyone points out that laws sometimes need changing, it should be noted that there is a legal system in place which can accomplish those necessary changes.

Short-circuiting that system leads to politically abusive chaos…and tyranny…

…which is where we are now.

When will the House of Representatives do its job?

Impeach this Lawbreaker-in-Chief.

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