NOTHING defines Democrats like their lost War on Poverty

$16+ trillion dollars spent on poverty and welfare programs since 1964.

Result – virtually the same percentage in poverty now as back then.

$16+ trillion dollars. To put this in a BlueCollar perspective…

In 1964, the poverty rate was 19% (36.5 million people). And, since then, 125.7 million people have been added to our U.S. population (191.9 million then, 317 million+ now).

If the U. S. government gave $98,700 to each of the 19% in poverty in 1964, and to every one of the new 125.7 million as they arrived (birth, immigration, etc.)…

…in a zero-sum world, the poverty rate in the United States would conceivably be…0%.

But today’s poverty rate in the U.S. is still over 15%.

That’s 47.6 million Americans still living in poverty.

Way to go, Democrats.

How is citizenship “earned” by breaking the law…?

Have the children of bank-robber parents ‘earned’ the right to keep stolen money?

What about if dad pulled off a fraudulent Ponzi scheme? Can his wife and little Johnny keep the money or property ‘earned’ through the illegal activities of the husband/father?

How is that any different than claiming children of illegal aliens ‘earned’ citizenship?

And just because Obama’s Homeland Security chief says that doesn’t make it right.

Jose’s mom and dad broke the law by entering America illegally. Cloaked in ill-gotten ‘garbs of citizenship’, they avail themselves of the benefits America provides citizens.

If someone stole your land and sold it, their children have no right to the money. An American Citizenship is just as much a ‘property’, and should be protected as such.

Nowhere in the Rule of Law does it say those who break the law, or those who are beneficiaries of those laws that are broken, can keep their ill-gotten gains.

Except in a Liberal’s view (especially when it means adding new voters to the Party).

If someone can prove BlueCollar wrong on this issue, we invite the debate.

Preempt the State of the Union with Articles of Impeachment

The list of unconstitutional acts Obama is guilty of keeps growing.

Now he’s using the Dept of Justice to intimidate a filmmaker for work done 2 years ago.

From the O-care ‘keep your plan’ fraud, deserting his commander-in-chief role during Benghazi, gun running to Mexican cartels, IRS/NSA scandals…his illegal acts continue.

Why? Any other president would have been impeached by now.

It’s obvious he’s not going to stop. He used the IRS to neutralize conservative groups in 2012. With 2014 elections imminent, does anyone believe he won’t do it again?

Conservative articles have been written on his upcoming State of the Union, and of those, most wistfully cover what Obama should do and say. It will never happen.

Obama’s going to double down. Why not? The GOP has given him free rein so far.

Everyone knows he’ll do what it takes to win 2014. It’s gut-check time for the GOP.

Speaker Boehner should preempt that SOTU address, with Articles of Impeachment.

The first item on the list: Obama’s “you can keep your health plan” fraudulent remarks, and the 37 Democrat Senators involved in writing O-care (who stayed silent or mouthed similar claims) should be included as co-conspirators, and aiding/abetting other acts.

This de-fangs the Democrat Senate – those being impeached cannot sit in judgment on themselves. Majority control swings to the Republicans, and Obama is neutralized.

Message to GOP: run with the Big Dogs, or stay under the porch!

Have our Benghazi fallen received their medals?

A story notes that a Delta Force commando was honored for his efforts in Benghazi.

What about Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods? Have they been honored for theirs?

Obama and his Democrat cohort should be asked that question every day.

Both former SEALs were CIA contractors, who fought off terrorists for hours before being killed when mortar rounds took them out in the early hours of Sep 12, 2012.

The House and Senate should be pushed to pass legislation to honor these men.

Obama hid behind State & Defense Dept blather in his failure to help Americans that night in Benghazi. Despite that disgusting failure, his reward was…re-election.

Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods fought valiantly to protect Americans that night.

To date, their only reward has been…death.

We all remember non-stop photo-ops of ‘Situation Room’ Obama while the bin Laden hunt went down. But, no photos of him while Americans fought in Benghazi? Why?

(Some claim he was sleeping, resting up for a next-day Vegas campaign trip.)

A Commander-in-Chief during the bin-Laden kill…but not at his post for Benghazi?

What does it say, when deserting Americans is rewarded, but protecting them isn’t?

Woods and Doherty died, fighting to protect Americans…

…shouldn’t we live, fighting for them?

They deserve to be honored with America’s highest civilian award…

…not our silence.

Taunting terrorists as ‘j-v’ wannabe’s puts every terror act on Obama now

Remember when the Left went wild over W’s “bring ’em on“…?

As the U.S. Military was mopping up terrorists in the Middle East, ankle-biters were doing everything they could to attack President Bush’s War on Terror.

Their dire predictions of terror attacks against our military prompted W’s retort, which of course sent the Left into a frenzy, predicting such bravado would cause greater harm.

But our military was in the Middle East, with the purpose of finding and killing terrorists.

If they’re hiding, they can’t be killed. Daring them to attack brought them out of hiding.

Now the Left is silent, as Obama ridicules the metastasizing al-Qaeda threat throughout those same regions and other nations, calling such groups ‘junior varsity’ wannabes.

The difference? Obama’s comments practically dare such groups to step up their terror acts against civilian populations, not against U.S. military forces trained to fight them.

Does the Left understand that, after such contempt for these al-Qaeda groups, every terror strike they make now and in the future, to prove their ‘varsity’ status…

…can be blamed on the fool who just taunted them?

(UPDATED to link IBD comment)

EVERYONE…Mr. Obama…?

Applauding 41 years and 56 million abortions, Obama says “…everyone deserves the same freedom and opportunities to fulfill their dreams.”

Except…of course…the 56 million unborn who, by his standards, weren’t deserving.

As an earlier post suggested, Democrats are willing to justify killing off the equivalent population of Italy to make sure those who made bad choices didn’t have to face them.

56 million…denied their first breath, their first dream.

620,000 died in our Civil War…defending the concept that ‘all men are created equal…’, yet over the last 41 years, 90 times that number have died…because they weren’t…?

Just sayin’…

Mud wrestling with the pigs…

Surprised by the media onslaught against Christie & McDonnell?

You ain’t seen nothing yet. Better brace for more.

Republican Governors Christie and McDonnell are/were moderates in Democrat states. They represent what the media sees as a threat to the next ‘inevitability’…Hillary 2016.

Cornered animals are especially vicious…and Democrats feel cornered now.

This can only play out one way…

…they must viciously attack their political opponents, because they can’t defend a great deal of what is currently playing out all across America…brought to us by… Democrats.

Besides, remember the old adage:

When forced to mud-wrestle a pig, both get dirty…

…but only the pig ENJOYS it.


What junior varsity team carries grenade launchers…?

In an interview recently, Obama likened resurgent al-Qaeda groups to a ‘JV team’.

He says a junior varsity player wearing Laker gear doesn’t make him Kobe Bryant.

But that j-v player is only armed with a basketball.

Somebody please remind Obama these ‘JV’ teams carry AK-47’s and rocket launchers.

And before Obama dismisses them as ‘over there’ actions that shouldn’t concern you…

…it might be wise to consider where the Boston Marathon was held.

America’s real danger?

The junior varsity player in the White House.