So, a GOP-controlled Congress can’t pass an immigration law, but…

Media Fail — Trump’s Approval Rating with Hispanics Jumps 10 Points

Someone, please explain how a GOP-controlled House can’t get an immigration law passed, when it’s obvious to everyone that enforcement of immigration law is needed.

Hispanic support of Trump is rising, in part because of immigration enforcement. They know when open borders let in illegal workers, wages are depressed and jobs are lost.

Black support is on the rise for similar reason.

And then, there’s this…Ex-Clinton aide: 84 percent of Americans support turning undocumented immigrants over to authoritiesand this…

“Americans Do Not Support Sanctuary Cities: 84% of Voters Want Illegal Aliens Turned Over to Authorities”

And yet…?

Vote flop puts stake in heart of GOP immigration deal

Hypocrisy’s poster-child knows from whence he speaks…or something like that…

Senator Hypocrisy…errr…Schumer (d-NY), the guy who aided and abetted in passing the Obamacare disaster before a newly-elected GOP Senator got sworn in…

…now says that to have the Senate confirm a new Supreme Court Justice pre-election would deny millions of voters their say, and thus “…the absolute height of hypocrisy.”

Funny – he was ok with not giving ELECTED Senator Scott Brown (r-MA) his say, when that Senator ran, and won, on a promise NOT to support the passage of Obamacare.

How come those 1,168,107 Massachusetts voters didn’t matter…hunhh Chuck?

Ted Kennedy died during the run-up to Obamacare, the American public polled firmly against a government takeover of healthcare, Scott Brown won the special election…

…because of public opinion

…(you know, public opinion…that thing Schumer now says deserves to be heard)…

…but Senate Democrats forced Obamacare through before Brown was seated.


When it comes to the HEIGHT of hypocrisy…Schumer sits firmly atop that Everest.

They need violence and disruption because they have no SOLUTIONS

There’s a reason for the Left’s tactics of violence and unrest – they have no solutions or ideas that mainstream Americans will accept; fomenting anger is their only recourse.

Whether it’s the economy, foreign policy, or protecting borders, the American public as a whole have seen what Democrats and the Left have to offer…and don’t want it.

The problem now is controlling the unhinged activities that move ever closer to outright hostility. If that’s not done firmly – and soon – violence will escalate…it’s all they have.

Supreme Court rulings cause Left heads to explode

In Vindicating Trump’s Travel Ban, the Supreme Court Upheld the Law

The President, constitutionally, has a duty to protect our national security.

Supreme Court rules law requiring pro-life centers to promote abortion is illegal

Defending those trying to protect the unborn…what a concept.

Supreme Court delivers major blow to government unions

Forcing non-union public employees to fund union activities violates free speech rights.

There it is – the Supreme Court sided with national security, protecting the unborn, and honoring free-speech. And if that’s not bad enough, Justice Kennedy’s retiring.

That sound you hear ain’t watermelons hitting the road…

…it’s Leftie heads exploding.


Unhhh…why didn’t Democrats fix immigration laws during Obama era?

Maybe all this kerfuffle over enforcing immigration laws has retarded the thinking of the Democrats who are now so stridently denouncing said laws as cruel and inhumane…

…otherwise, why would they ‘forget’ those laws were in place when THEY had control?

But then, if the best and the brightest are who get sent to Congress, they know that.

Which means…it’s not a ‘problem’ to be solved

…it’s a political footballto exploit.

Crazy-aunt Maxine calls for segregating, Bull Connor tactics vs conservatives

“Maxine Waters Calls For Public Harassment Against Trump Officials”

“If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere” (emphasis added)

Echoes of Obama’s ‘bring a gun to the fight’ comment…anyone?

Crazy Maxine (Democrat, California) defends her comments, claiming ‘it’s about the (illegal alien) children’ but if it’s really about the kids, you’d think she’d understand that encouraging bad behavior by illegal immigrants endangers the kids in the first place…

…and then, there’s this

“With Democrats now banging on Trump for wanting to detain families together, they represent the minority view. The public wants migrants to be treated humanely, but it doesn’t them to walk into the country. Of the various options that the CBS News poll gave people for dealing with migrants, the one that had the most support by far — 48 percent — was returning families home together.” (emphasis added)

True Irony: Crazy-aunt Maxine, a serial race-baiter…

…calls for segregation and harassment of others.

Who knew the next KKK-led uprising would have a black Democrat lady as its leader?

Misreading…or misleading? Depends on the target, evidently

When judging reporting of journalists and comments of politicians, it’s easy for the line between misreading and misleading to get blurred…except, if it involves this President.

When he’s the target, trust your instincts…it’s ALL misleading – deliberately so.

Anti-Trump forces will try anything to shred the confidence of his supporters, and one of the ways it’s done is by questioning or belittling his judgment, on issues trivial and huge.

To avoid accusations of bias, their observations are couched in ‘muddled’ or ‘wrong-headed’ phrases that make them appear benign, while prompting negative judgments.

Take the current border enforcement and family separation issues, for example.

Anti-Trump/NeverTrump forces would have you believe President Trump blundered into the policy without forethought, floundered helplessly during the ‘outcry’, and was forced into the writing of an executive order which made it appear he was backing down.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

His choice to enforce immigration law 100%, which required separating children from adults during the process, told everyday Americans 1) they had a President willing to abide by laws; 2) those laws were in place before he was elected; 3) the huge outcry from opposition Party forces revealed their contempt for protecting our borders.

After establishing those precepts, the President signed an executive order that showed 1) to ‘the extent allowed by law’ he was willing to keep families together; 2) he’s willing to work within the system to get established law modified; 3) the opposition Party isn’t happy with anything less than a ‘catch-&-release’ policy, jeopardizing national security.

FakeNews and Trump-haters don’t misread a ‘bumbling’ effort…they mislead by acting that way, all the while planting seeds of doubt, but, in the process, revealing their bias.

Democrats and the far-Left FakeNews media have been exposed as contemptuous of ‘rule-of-law’, incompetent in legislating immigration law, and strident for open borders.


…polling shows the majority favors strong borders, and frowns on catch-&-release.

And the President just keeps on tweeting.

Who knew watching Democrat bumbling could be so…well…entertaining?

President Donald Trump OWNS these guys…and that’s what scares them.