Who in their right mind would give our Internet Control to other nations?

Only a Liberal Democrat would give away America’s internet control to other nations.

And BlueCollar can suggest the reason…

Once internet control is ceded to a community of nations, taxing powers will follow, and in our opinion, Liberal Democrats are licking their chops over feeding from that trough.

(And, considering nations that violate human rights regularly, tight controls will be a split second behind. What better way to control and/or eliminate a free exchange of ideas?)

Just one more reason to show up on election day.

For Whom The Poll Tolls…

A March 12 article talks about a worrying poll for Democrats, based on 3 responses.

Obama’s low ‘approval’ number, a rising trend seeing ‘national issues’ as important in congressional election, and a growing number of votes-as-opposition (to Obama).

But even more ominous (for Democrats), is that ‘Strong/Not-Very’ Democrats polled versus (same type) Republicans polled was 32% versus 22% – a 10-point advantage…

…yet the bad news from this polling is growing for Democrats?

And despite that advantage, a majority polled prefer the GOP control Congress?

A worrying poll?

When polling gives you a 10-point Party advantage, and bad news still gets worse, it’s time to put aside your ‘worrying’ cap…

…and go into full-blown panic.

Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Charity, thy name is…Evil…?

David Koch just donated $100 million dollars to a New York hospital.

Democrats hate him for it.

Because he and his brother Charles also donate to political advocacy groups, and to the absolute fury of Liberals, some of those groups just happen to be Republican.

Which explains how nurses’ unions, the SEIU, and NAACP can justify protesting against a man because he very generously donated $100 million dollars…to a hospital.

Seems reasonable to think Democrats could REALLY teach Republicans a lesson by having their wealthy supporters out-donate the Koch brothers philanthropically.

A multi-billionaire (and huge Liberal) like George Soros could start a Dueling Donations cause, and recipients of such largesse, in hospitals across America, would benefit.

But, Democrats are only charitable when it comes to spending other people’s money.

So they take the cheap way out…

…attacking the generosity of which they’re incapable.

So…if you like the Democrat who lied to you…you can keep the Democrat who lied to you…?

Rest easy, Democrats, you can keep your illegal health care plan a little longer.

Your Lawbreaker-in-Chief just broke the Obamacare law again…

…at least until after the November mid-term elections.

So, the message is…

…if you like the Democrat politicians who lied to you about…

  • keeping your health care plan
  • keeping your doctor
  • saving you thousands per year

…you can keep those Obamacare liars…by re-electing them.

Evidently your Democrat politicians think you’re stupid enough to fall for it.

(After all, you did in 2012.)