‘Hiding in the shadows’…until Pew does a poll…?

The Pew Research Center reveals a poll that shows, if illegal Latinos could vote, they would favor Democrats 8-to-1 vs Republicans. (There’s a shocker.)

This begs a question:

How come Pew Research can find illegal Latinos (to conduct a poll), but our federal INS agents can’t find them (to deport)?

BlueCollar suggests INS agents follow Pew researchers on their next polling trip.

Defilers of the Martin Luther King philosophy

In a disgusting attempt to fan the flames of black-American anger over the Zimmerman trial verdict, the Demagogue-in-Chief declared “…Trayvon…could have been me…”

AG Eric Holder is openly soliciting ideas on how to (federally) persecute Zimmerman.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are trying to organize national anger and protests.

Ironic, in matters racial, that self-described black leaders foment anger and resentment, where Martin Luther King would have stressed his Six Principles of Nonviolence.

Dr. King would have condemned their failure to work against the Triple Evils, and the very fact that many black ‘leaders’ are actually urging the use of Evils to retaliate.

By his life choices and his violent confrontation of Zimmerman, today’s ‘leaders’ ignore that Trayvon Martin violated all of Dr. King’s nonviolent principles, and tragedy ensued.

And, Obama et al fail to consider that, as well as a very pivotal fact…

Zimmerman pulled his gun at the end of the event, NOT AT THE BEGINNING!

Evidenced by how reluctantly that gun was finally used in self-defense…

…if young Trayvon hadn’t thrown a ‘sucker punch’ or followed up with a vicious physical assault, arguably, no tragic end to a life would have occurred! No violence, no tragedy.

(Or, sadly, as Fate would prove…know violence, know tragedy…)

Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, and the Media would better serve America – and all Americans – by following Dr. King’s teachings and philosophy…

…rather than DEFILING them.

Immigration law isn’t broke…what’s broke is the resolve to enforce it…

As predictions gain strength for an August ‘immigration reform’ onslaught during the Senate recess, it will be wise to contact the House Speaker and demand a reprieve…

…since, by Constitutional law (Art. 1, Sect. 5), the House has to OK a Senate recess.

Fight the media immigration-reform blitz…insist that he keep the Senate in session.

And, remind Speaker Boehner the immigration system isn’t broke.

What’s broke is Washington’s resolve to ENFORCE existing law.

And law enforcement is the responsibility of the Executive Branch (Art. 2, Sect. 3).

By not taking “…Care that the Laws be faithfully executed”, it’s abundantly clear that it’s Obama’s Executive Branch that’s broke.

If House Speaker Boehner finds that hard to articulate, he’s not worthy of his title.

According to Holder, the only ‘white Hispanics’ with guns should be Mexican drug cartels

U.S. Attorney General Holder doesn’t want Zimmerman to get his gun back…

…but, as we’ve seen with Holder’s deadly Fast-n-Furious program…

…if George had ties to a Mexican drug cartel, that would be a different story.

Besides – knowing Eric Holder – Zimmerman’s gun is probably in Nogales already…

Ironic…through Fast-&-Furious, AG Holder and his DoJ are clearly guilty of aiding and abetting the murder of American border agents and hundreds of Mexicans…

…and HE’S confiscating an innocent man’s gun!??!


Make no mistake…they FAILED him…

Marian G takes exception to the notion that Trayvon Martin was failed by family and community leaders, but in doing so she misses a key point.

Anyone who thinks the first step in confrontation is to sucker punch the other guy has not been taught the most effective NON-VIOLENT way to communicate with others.

And, despite the media’s best efforts, a story of Gangsta Rap, drug use, and petty criminal behavior has emerged in the young, tragically short life of Trayvon.

Face it, Marian…if he had calmly told Zimmerman he was staying with friends and was just out for candy and a soft drink, conceivably, no drama would have occurred.

Straddling a guy’s chest and slamming their head into pavement wasn’t the way to go.

‘Ground-n-pound’ and ‘whoop-ass’ aren’t non-violent communication concepts.

Isn’t it right to expect family, friends, and community leaders to teach that?

The next Ground-Zero for hate-baiters is probably North Carolina…

Many are asking ‘why the race-baiting, if black America votes solidly Democrat’?

It’s called G-O-T-V…’get out the vote’…

Politics is about POWER. Those in office have it, those running for office want it.

There was no case for 2nd-degree murder against George Zimmerman. The only people who don’t understand that are the low-info crowd, spoon-fed media distortions.

Florida’s recent circus trial wasn’t as much about a black teenager’s tragic death as it is about a Democrat Party’s continued political life… in 2014 and beyond…

…because, lest we forget, Obama carried Florida by a slim 0.9% margin in 2012.

Over recent elections, Florida has emerged as a major influence in presidential races.

The bad news for North Carolina? Their 2012 margin for Republicans was a slim 2%.

AND, there’s a Democrat Senate seat up for bid there in the 2014 election.

Don’t be surprised if the next big race-baiting, anti-immigrant, or war-on-women story comes out of the Tar Heel state, courtesy of Al Sharpton and the lame-stream media.

Next? We suggest you watch for such types of national news out of Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Iowa – all states where the margin of victory for ‘Obama’crats ranged from 3% (Ohio) to 5.8% (Iowa).

Michigan, Minnesota, and New Mexico have Democrat Senate seats up in 2014 as well; those states were carried by 7% to 10% by Obama. ‘Hate’ opportunities are needed.

G-O-T-V means stirring up those Democrat minorities, moms, and youth. Why?

Remember: A dispirited electorate stays home.

Politicians don’t get elected if their base doesn’t show up on election day.

For Democrats, an avalanche of bad news – unemployment, Obamacare, IRS-NSA, Benghazi, the Middle East, Fast-&-Furious, etc – has many of their followers dispirited.

Failed liberal states and policies reveal Democrats can’t win in a ‘War of Ideas’.

Solution? Energize the base. G-O-T-V. Fire up the minorities, youth, and single moms.

When there is no story…MAKE ONE!

Family, community leaders, and social influences betrayed Trayvon Martin when he was alive. Shameless demagogues and manipulating politicians exploit his death.

And, sadly, so long as election results show it works, that trend will continue.

Think we’re wrong? Prove it. Google the number of times Trayvon’s name comes up the last few months before the November-2014 election.

Can’t wait to hear your results.