Why don’t they use the NSA data-gathering to find illegal immigrants…?

Lost in the kerfuffle over NSA meta-data gathering is a GREAT question…

…why not use the full force of that intel mining to find illegals in the country?

It’s not unconstitutional – they’re not American citizens!

(And it would be a great training opportunity for the 4.9 million employed in the intel community, to hone their email/cell-call analyzing skills.)

What the heck…they might even find a terrorist or two in the process…!!

Congressional breast-beaters wail over the illegal aliens ‘lost in the shadows’…

…use the NSA to find them, you idiots!

Focusing on the core issue of ‘privacy’ doesn’t mean passing new laws…

As the NSA data-gathering hype continues, it would be well-advised to focus on the core issue of protecting our Constitutionally-mandated individual civil liberties.

And, as for suggestions that ‘new communication technologies require new laws to protect them’, it would be a good idea to remember what we’re talking about…

Speech (communication) needs protecting. Just because there’s new methods (email, cell phones, etc) doesn’t mean a new law is needed…it’s still just ‘communication’.

Our U.S. Constitution is brilliant because it addressed core principles that don’t change simply because we evolve culturally or technologically.

Methods may change, but core principles of privacy, communication, & assembly don’t. How does using email or a cell phone change the definition of communication?

The Bill of Rights is in place to protect us from government intrusion.

The real issue is who we allow to interpret that founding document.

They have ‘ghost-writers’, why not ghost-donors…?

The IRS has some conservative donors large and small running scared.

If there’s no illegalities involved, BlueCollar can take the heat for you.

If legal, BlueCollar is happy to offer ghost-donor services, for a 1% service fee.

Simply send your check or money-order, with directions on what group gets the cash.

BlueCollar will make the donation for you, and suffer the IRS WRATH!

Ghost writer, ghost-donor…what’s the difference?

(Besides… with our fee, it gives the Left a shot at another 1-percenter.)

Right tackle blamed for NFL team’s losing season…

Yeah, yeah, we know.

Blaming the Kansas City Chiefs losing 2-14 season on its right tackle is crazy. It’s the coach who picks his players, assigns their responsibilities, and designs team strategy.

A tackle is responsible for missing a block. A coach is responsible for losing a season.

The most partisan Chiefs fan knows this. Even a low-information voter knows this.

So, how, in the Land of Scandal, does this non-stick president remain…blameless…?

A Gallup poll shows swing voters believe the Obama team knew of the IRS targeting.

Got that? 2 whitewashes in 1 phrase, as reported by the Daily Caller (6th para).

So, (according to Gallup polling) it was the ‘team’ involved…not their boss.

And the ‘team’ (not Obama?) only ‘knew’…they didn’t really cause the problem.

The ‘team’ knew…but somehow their leader didn’t?


IRS targeting conservatives? Must have been the right tackle’s fault…

Ask Maslow why ‘winning in the arena of ideas’ has yielded poor results…

For decades, the Republican Party fought to win voter hearts-&-minds with solid ideas.

Rush Limbaugh makes the ‘arena of ideas’ his centerpoint in battles with Liberalism.

Considering the Nov 2012 elections, and the state of current polling regarding Obama’s non-stick image when it comes to recent scandals, concept recalibration is in order.

1st rule of debates: you can’t win in the ‘ideas arena’ if you’re in the wrong arena.

Case in point – Republicans claim higher taxes suppress an economy; Liberals deny it, even while pushing for higher taxes on cigarettes and alcohol to reduce their sales!

Got that? Liberals use taxes to reduce economic activity…

…while at the same time denying taxes do just that.

This means they’re either lying or (economically) dumb…but they still get elected.


Because they’re not in the same ‘arena of ideas’ arguing with Republicans about the suppressive effect of taxation on the American economy as a whole…

…they’re in a micro-issue ‘fever swamp’ arena, playing to emotions of fear-and-envy…completely ignoring and obscuring their illogical stance on the bigger issue.

Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ theory addresses how humans are motivated, with the most Physiological needs first being met before achieving the last…Self-actualization.

Republicans debate using the last need in the pyramid. Democrats appeal to the first 4.

As any student of human nature will tell you, if a voter’s lower-four needs are in danger, there’s no way a Self-actualization argument will succeed in influencing voter behavior.

The saying goes that ‘you can mud-wrestle with a pig, but only the pig will enjoy it’.

Nevertheless, Republicans must fight fire with fire, study Maslow’s theory…

…recalibrate their arguments using effective influencing Physiological arguments…

…and start mud-wrestling with the Liberals…in their fever-swamp arena.

(Sorry Rush, only fever-swamp logic will defeat fever-swamp deception.)

Cave-dwellers & Low-info voters aside…

Haven’t the IRS and Justice Dept targeted intimidation tactics taught people anything?

Cave-dwellers and Low-info voters aside, who among you doesn’t believe government is capable of targeted wrong-doing, based on one’s political leanings or alliances?

Those who think Obamacare is immune forget the IRS and Justice Dept is involved…

…as the enforcement mechanism of the program.

And recent scandals in both government departments reveal their insidious nature!

So please, no more emails claiming Obamacare implementation will be different.

Save that for your Liberal echo chambers.

Intro to Death Panels, 101….

A 10-year old Pennsylvania girl in desperate need of a lung transplant throws open the window to your future with Obamacare…and its Death Panel bureaucrat mentality.

Doctors should be decisionmakers when it comes to near-death patients, but this week we saw HHS Director Sebelius shrug off pleas to save the child, citing arbitrary rules.

Rules, we might add, carried out by political appointees…not doctors.

And in real-time, Sebelius demonstrated that HUGE problem with Obamacare.

Had 10-year old Sarah been a Teamster or IBEW union official’s daughter, we suggest an official HHS waiver of that Obamacare rule would have been immediately issued.

(After all, unions have already been issued waivers to avoid other parts of the law.)

We’ve all seen the “Live Better, Work Union” bumper stickers…

…with Obamacare, that changes to “Live Longer, Work Union”!

If you don’t like that future, you only have 2 choices:

1) Contact your congressman or senator and demand repeal of Obamacare; or,

2) Join the Teamsters.

Your life, or the lives of your family members, may depend on it.

Untying the EPA’s ‘Windsor knot’…

How much more insidious can a federal government get…?

Obama’s former EPA Director Lisa Jackson, under investigation for using an alias email address, may be in more hot water than anyone lets on. Her alter-ego ‘Richard Windsor’ email address appears to have been set up to avoid the transparency laws federal agencies are required to follow, by failing to link her name into the alter-ego address.

Now we learn ‘Richard Windsor’ was honored 3 years in a row for ethical behavior!

And ‘Mr. Windsor’ took on-line classes, certifying in technology training!

Why, you might ask, would a fake person need certification training…?

BlueCollar can’t help but wonder if there was a regular paycheck for ‘Mr. Windsor’…

…and, if the address on ‘Richard’s’ paycheck matches that on Lisa Jackson’s…?

Wouldn’t it be funny if passing every training certification earned ‘Windsor’ a raise…?

If a paycheck was involved, that’s fraud.

Then the question is, who goes to jail: Lisa Jackson…or ‘Richard Windsor’…?

Decisions, decisions…