Mr. President, it’s time to tell us what many already know…

That’s right, we said it…

…it’s time to tell America this Wuhan Flu panic was media created, using over-inflated death counts and under-counted real contagion numbers to falsely inflate death-rates.

Studies are confirming the flu’s been around a while, and many more had it than were counted. When the new numbers based on studies are counted, death-rates DROP…

…by a factor 40 to 60 times.

Which, when calculated, makes its death rate at, or less than, seasonal flu.

It’s time to point this out, Mr. President.

And WAY PAST TIME to hold the fear-mongering FakeNews media accountable.

Get ahead of it, sir,before the FakeNews crowd tries to put it on your shoulders.

FakeNewsTerrorism works so well…who needs real bioterrorism?

“This Wasn’t Bioterrorism . . . But the Next Virus Could Be Deliberate”

Jim Geraghty at NROonline posted this article: – which begged our headline question.

The world’s leading economy has been brought to its knees based on the largest HOAX FakeNews media has ever perpetrated…that the Wuhan Flu is a Super-Killer flu.

The death-counts (and their subsequent reporting) are being over-inflated, by applying the CDC’s bizarre standards of attributing any death to WuFlu, even without testing.

(See, there’s a huge difference between dying with it…and dying from it.)

Medical providers are given higher fees for WuFlu-related cases…is anyone, then, at all surprised that hospitals and doctors are attributing any symptoms to the Wuhan Flu?

Add that to (still) unknown actual contagion in our population resulting in under-counts, and that means the Wuhan Flu deaths-vs-cases percentage rate is abnormally high.

And, voila…cue the fear-mongering HIGH MORTALITY RATE news that results.

Those who scoff at these facts ignore the reality of a media willing to accept computer modeling predictions despite fail after fail, but totally ignore studies showing that actual case counts (which include those who had little-to-no symptoms) are much higher

…which means actual death rates are proportionately LOWER. More studies continue to reveal that fact – actual contagion counts show WuFlu is no worse than seasonal flu.

Honest reporting would include that fact: FakeNewsTerrorism reporting won’t; they’re too busy pushing the Left’s ‘Big Gov’t, total control’ agenda…and attacking Pres Trump.

Who Needs Bioterrorism…with this kind of reporting available?

China’s not the only gov’t hiding WuFlu info…looks like Big Trouble in little NY

Looks like NY state leadership followed China’s lead:“NY withheld nursing home COVID-19 details for weeks. Thousands died. Here’s how secrecy impacted lives”

Based on just-released data, over 25% of NY WuFlu fatalities were in nursing homes.

And, yet, even knowing that factor of nursing home fatalities, it’s just been reported that “Governor Cuomo orders nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients.”


At Gateway Pundit: THIS EXPLAINS THE NEW YORK NUMBERS: Governor’s Policies Required Infected Coronavirus Patients Be Sent Back to Nursing Home”

Now, it’s just been reported by Gov Cuomo that studies show 13.9% likely had WuFlu.

That’s about 2.7 million New Yorkers…which reduces WuFlu death rate dramatically.

But, that doesn’t justify why NY state policy forced nursing homes…the most prevalent, recurring hot-spots for this WuFlu…to take in infected which threatened more seniors.

Effectively, looks like Cuomo’s NY has reinstated the death sentence.

How can ballot-harvesting be legal in National election cycles?

Ballot harvesting: “…a third party is allowed to deliver or submit a ballot on another’s behalf. California is the only state where it is legal.” Legal, in National elections?

States can do pretty much anything they want in off-season elections that involve the state and local government process (and you better believe they take advantage of it).

But, where National elections are involved, a federal umbrella of laws exist. How is it possible, then, that ballot-harvesting…affecting national elections…can be legal?

Just askin’…

(UPDATED) Key Data Points don’t justify ‘sky-is-falling’ WuFlu panic-mongering

Even normally reliable conservative sources are buying the panic-mongering.

As reported in the NRO ‘Science-&-Tech’ section under Coronavirus: “Coronavirus Kills More Americans in One Month Than the Flu Kills in One Year”

Really? Because, what…they believe every WuFlu death reported is legitimate?

Has the estimable staff of National Review not considered the impact of the CDC ruling that any death presumed to be WuFlu-related can be listed as such…without testing?

Have they forgotten the financial incentives given the medical industry for WuFlu-related cases, incentives that pay hospitals/doctors more if WuFlu is listed as the treated case?

Hey, NRO – think those factors could inflate WuFlu cases and WuFlu death counts?

People, how many times does this need to be said? Accurate death rate calculations require accurate death counts, and an ACCURATE count of TOTAL infected cases.

So far, WuFlu death counts are highly suspect, and no-one knows the total infected count. In other words, we have NO reliable data that supports lethality narratives.

Now, there’s this…

(Update: Gov. Cuomo of NY advises a study shows likely 2.7mn citizens had WuFlu)

…and this…

(Update: “The data is in — stop the panic and end the total isolation”)

Once again, for clarity: THE.NUMBERS.DON’T.ADD.UP.

(One would think National Review contributors should know this.)

Prediction…before the November election…

  • Fear-mongers will drive WuFlu death numbers as close to 100k as they can;
  • Non-WuFlu-related case loads will drop, proportionate to a WuFlu case rise;
  • Non-WuFlu death counts from other causes will drop, proportionate to the rise of WuFlu death counts.

(CDC reports that mirror these predictions have already started to surface.)

We regret the possibility of NRO going down the rabbit-hole with this panic crowd.

Object to the ‘rabbit-hole’ reference? Then show us any current legitimate reports from all over the United States, showing that hospitalizations are sky-rocketing.

There aren’t anyJust one more data point that doesn’t justify this panic mentality.

That’s right, we said it…RABBIT HOLE.

We’re not saying Wuhan Flu isn’t nasty. We’re not saying sanitary habits aren’t needed.

We’re simply saying the sky ISN’T FALLING.

Why not send those stranded pigs to 3rd-world countries in lieu of foreign aid?

Pork processing plants are shutting down due to Wu-Flu?

Now, small farmers supplying those plants with hogs may have to slaughter and bury those animals – but not if they follow a suggestion from BlueCollarPerspective…

Let the federal gov’t buy those hogs (saving farmers from catastrophic losses), provide them as in-kind foreign aid to 3rd-world countries, and contract with shipping lines…

…to deliver them to suffering nations (Venezuela comes to mind).

Farmers are saved; transportation industries are helped; and the starving are fed.

Failing that, buy slaughtered hogs and freeze them…then use ’em to bomb ISIS targets.

(They’d be a lot cheaper than Hellfire missiles, and there’d be less collateral damage.)

Best of all, use the money from what we owe in Chinese debt to pay for everything.

Or, here’s a thought…

…NATIONALIZE the Chinese owned food plants, and re-open them.

Wu-Flu ‘probables’ paradox: any death counts…but uncounted cases DON’T

Why is it probable (read, ‘untested’) deaths are immediately attributed to Wu-Flu, but probable (see, Stanford, USC, Harvard links) unreported asymptomatic cases aren’t?

Who can explain why all ‘probable’ data that enables widespread panic and acceptance of loss on individual liberty is okay to cite…but not any data that reduces hysteria?

Until someone comes up with a logical answer, it’s strictly politics…of control.

How is it that Americans have become so easy to stampede?

Allowing flimsy, deceptive reporting to push a fear-mongering effort that panics Americans into a cowering attitude, causing them to give up crucial liberties and their life-savings, is the height of idiocy…and a breath-taking commentary on the loss of common sense and logic. When did Americans become so easy to stampede?

Yesterday’s post discussed the studies that were surfacing, which indicate a vital part of the Wuhan Flu reporting missed (ignored?) seriously relevant data about its lethality.

Immediately, the Left attacked such reporting as not worthy of  serious discussion until more complete, up-to-date factors were available, which begs a series of questions…

…not least of which is why THAT factor required in-depth analysis…but their fear-mongering reports – based on incomplete data – did not require in-depth study?

Beyond that, real questions at this point include:

  • Where are the REAL scientists and medical experts, who should be pointing out what the relevant datapoints should be?
  • Where is that reporting on missing factual, relevant information?
  • Did the media obscure those factors needing to be emphasized?
  • Why is the American public so willing to, yet again, allow such FakeNews to stampede them into destroying what was a booming economy, and
  • Why the HELL isn’t the Republican Party demanding, from the hilltops, ALL relevant data necessary to make decisions so seriously affecting our lives?

Knowing how many have been infected, compared to how many died, is crucial to any decision-making process in responding to what many were quick to label a pandemic.

The same experts rushing to over-inflate the WuFlu death-rate seemed indifferent to the accuracy of very necessary data vital to make any such calculation…how can that be?

And, when that crucial factor is brought up effectively reducing their dire warnings, they attack the messenger (study) instead of considering any possibility they were wrong?

Why? Wouldn’t such information, that WuFlu’s not so lethal, be welcome? Why would any fantastic news of that nature be met with such rigid, anti-science scorn?

We’re left with one conclusion: the WuFlu’s over-hyped lethality must be a ploy to bring down Trump (and millions who support him)…and push their Big Gov’t agenda.

One would think voters who support their transparent efforts to take him down would realize THEY HAVE SKIN IN THE GAME when it comes to wiping out an economy…

…lost businesses, pension plans, 401k’s, etc (affected by the Wall St collapse).

And don’t even get us started over loss of individual liberties.

Shouldn’t even Trump-haters be disgusted, angry over what’s being done to them, too?

Or…are they that willing to take USEFUL IDIOTS to a whole new level?

Told you…now Harvard, USC, & Stanford confirm…WuFlu’s JUST a flu

Fox News article today confirms what BlueCollar has said for weeks: “Coronavirus with no symptoms? Reports suggest many have unknowingly had virus”

“…with asymptomatic cases possibly being higher than first thought, “we have just been off the mark by huge, huge numbers” for estimating total infections, Dr. Michael Mina of Harvard’s School of Public Health told the Associated Press. Based on known cases, health officials have said the virus usually causes mild or moderate flu-like illness. Now evidence is growing that a substantial number of people may have no symptoms at all.” (bold emphasis added) (‘asymptomatic’ – infected, without showing symptoms)

Combine the Harvard findings with USC and Stanford studies, and facts are piling up.

California went through Wuhan Flu months before it started getting tracked.

Continued antibody testing will confirm this, and drive death-rate percentages down.

Time for a ‘panic, stand-down’ order.