(UPDATED) Based on Stanford study, there’s no reason California…or the Nation…had to shut down

Stanford’s considered one of the premier medical universities in the Nation.

A study by Stanford University indicates, when extrapolated, that the Wuhan Flu is even more widespread than believed…by a factor of anywhere between 50 and 85 times. 

(Update) Now, we learn a study by USC confirms the same thing…the contagion rate (it was a study done in LA County) could be as much as 55X higher than cases reported.

That means California could’ve had almost 2.1mn cases, not the 32,000 reported; and, it means the California death count of 1185, compared to possible cases, is 0.057%.

0.057%…that’s HALF of what the normal flu cycle results average, annually.

And, remember all the predictive models that gave us false, over-inflated death rates?

Isn’t it FUNNY those models N-E-V-E-R predicted higher contagion rates with mildly symptomatic cases…that predictably never needed doctor/hospital care requirements?

The more information that comes out, the more we see that the numbers.don’t.add.up.




Which means fear-mongering being fed us in daily doses by FakeNews, that destroyed our economy, was based on lies and selectively deceptive false modeling…that played heavily on the negative, disastrous, worst-case scenarios, for no good reason.

Lost 40% of your 401k? Lost your job? Lost your business?

You know who to thank for that, right?

(Hint…who created and pushed the continually wrong predictions?)

19 thoughts on “(UPDATED) Based on Stanford study, there’s no reason California…or the Nation…had to shut down

  1. BlueCollar is NOT relying on just one study. Stanford, USC, and now Harvard (http://bluecollarperspective.net/?p=28463) are all stepping up with data showing infection rates are HUGELY understated. WHY? Accurate infection rates are CRUCIAL to establishing death-rates on a potentially lethal virus, yet, now on a daily basis we’re seeing reports that indicate…where every other factor is being OVER-INFLATED…the actual contagion infection rate is being UNDER-REPORTED. At the very least, there should be a caveat noting this factor as ‘unknown’ or ‘not-yet-determined’ but we never see this in the reporting. This should be a concern to everyone, especially given the HYSTERIA all the fear-mongering has caused. REAL SCIENCE relies on all contributing factual data being noted…not just deceptive, selective data.

  2. They just conducted a random voluntary antibody test of people walking the streets of a major American city and found that out of 200 people who had recently experienced even one of the major symptoms (ie: a fever, or a cough), 66 were positive! If in fact 33% of the population either has already had or presently has the virus, more ‘sacrificial’ efforts to contain it will probably be futile. We should now all be concentrating on reopening the country and protecting those who are most vulnerable — our elderly relatives in old age homes!

  3. Well said Charlie,, John thinks he knoews,,,but the data is incomplete, the models are rediculous,,,,and the POLITICS is rampant.

    And the results are tragic. But getting off shut down is necessary, and imminent.

    We The People are, are have lost patience with the dolts who are in charge of Fed Gov health departments. Pr. Trump is pushing hard,,,and positioning the political landscape to end run the opposition. Get your popcorn.

  4. John, the fellow on fhe video is oone of those who like to hear his own voice.
    The vid is 32 minutes long, but then he likes to hear his own voic (HLTHHOV).
    Further, his analysis is irrelevant, as more complete dara will make it so, as it will make the Models irrelevant. As well, the Shut Downs will be irrelevant within two weeks as they will be over. Pr. Trump will then return the American political system back on its rightful path, and the elitists Bullionaires will join with the CCP Corupt Bullioinaires and try to take over the world. But will fail, as the people, especially in China will rise up and withdraw the power to rule from them.

  5. Highly possible. Where are the f-ing TESTS? We do t know jack if we can’t aggressively test.
    That being said, why are there so many fatalities in NY, Italy, and other places? Agreed, we don’t know the baseline infection rate, but even without, the death toll is crazy high in certain areas.

  6. Study or no study, it doesn’t matter. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows the numbers for infection are far worse than reported. They believe the virus got out in China in Oct. The travel ban started end of Jan. That’s 4 months. How many Chinese travelers came to the U.S. in that 4 months? I personally know several different people that now believe they were ill with the virus in Nov, Dec, & Jan.

  7. Duh. This was all just common sense. Minus the fake reporting dictated by the CDC and minus the Chinese propaganda coming from the WHO Covid 19 isn’t really much worse than the annual flu. At all.

  8. We should re-name this flu and call it the Media Pandemic Flu, everyone will certainly know who to attribute the shutdown to and act accordingly.

  9. The same group that owns the banks also own the media and the hospitals. they also own social media companies that are censoring truth. This group is responsible for so much that is wrong and pretending that the flu is extra dangerous this year is only their latest crime.

    The fact most of you know exactly which group I am referring to proves I am correct.

  10. Apparently, the idiot that referenced the Stanford study DIDN’T read the study itself. I’m getting mighty tired of the stupid connedspiracy CRAP that the ‘alternate’ media idiots keep shoveling out. Does the author know the difference between “could” and “does” (as in actual, factual numbers)? Apparently NOT. Don’t fall for this b.s. being shoveled here, the Standford Study was just 1 of MANY, and can NOT be taken as the “tell all” on what needed to be done. So much for “logic” and “common sense”, from what I’ve seen here, an idiot writes the blog and doesn’t understand logic or common sense. Morons Unite! would a better title for this blog.

  11. If this was so bad, one of the first groups to be affected would be the homeless, as they have poor health, poor hygiene and there a very sociable group. So why aren’t they dyeing like flies?

  12. READ the words, Jonathan. 1) Reporting that ‘a STUDY means shut-downs weren’t necessary’ isn’t the same thing as reporting the shut-down wasn’t necessary. 2) We indicated that the STUDY means California ‘COULD’VE’ had some 2 million cases. 3) We updated with news of a STUDY from USC showing that contagion rate in LA Cty ‘COULD BE’ 55 times greater than believed. 4) We noted that it was odd that predictive models NEVER noted or speculated on a very important factor in ‘death-rates’ i.e., the Contagion Rate which, when compared to a death count, would’ve brought it’s LETHALITY indicator percentage down dramatically had the very REAL possibility of greater contagion numbers been predicted. 5) We indicated, given such predictive failures, the ‘Numbers Don’t Add Up’ which is 100% factual. 6) We concluded, based on Predictive Modeling that ALWAYS seems to push doom-&-gloom hysterics, that LOGIC & COMMON SENSE tells us using LIES & SELECTIVE DECEPTION to push a narrative means the narrative is faulty. We suggest, if you’re that closed off in your reasoning capabilities, that you turn your attention to other areas…clearly Logic and Common Sense are not your strong points.

  13. If you add in the increased number of cases implied by the Stanford Study (questionable) the USC Study (supposedly more reliable) and the data from MA; then you take into account that a huge number of the deaths are from nursing homes, then factor in those with compromised immune systems, you end up with situation where the average healthy person does not need to practice social distancing or lock down behavior. Fauci is already back pedaling on the number of deaths.

  14. How can a COVID 19 anti-body test be created when there is no
    COVID 19 virus isolated?
    Why has no COVID 19 virus test been created as with
    influenza virus A and B?
    Why rely on a PCR test to diagnose a virus?

  15. Minnesota is rolling out a capability to conduct 20,000 tests daily. This will enable a much better set of statistics about covid19. It is a collaboration between Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota Medical School.

  16. Stanford and Harvard are new to the game. Here is a site that cuts through the propaganda with data.
    It’s long, and primarily European, but there are many virology and epidemiology experts debunking the narrative. You can trace the updates back for a couple of months.

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