The mainstream media’s ‘gift that keeps on giving’ desperation

A Democrat operative ‘journalist’ asked Trump if he would database Muslims.

Trump responded that there should be a lot of systems, beyond databases, cited a need for a border wall; the ‘journalist’ used follow-up questions to conflate answers.

Then wrote Trump wanted a Muslim database…when that wasn’t what was said.

This operative misunderstands…Trump’s supporters would probably love to see the NSA used for something other than tracking grandma’s perfect biscuit recipe.

Plus, after recent Paris attacks, more Americans want tougher security measures.

So the stories that will mushroom about the Democrat superPAC media trying to get lies out about Trump will play in his favor…and further sour Americans on media.

Keep it up guys…your lies are the gift that keeps on giving, for Republicans.

Anyone thought to ask if it’s really a religion…or a type of government?

As arguments swirl about the ‘religion of peace’, it seems strange that no one questions if it’s really a religion…or just another form of government like communism, etc.

After all, a system of laws that puts itself above all other things and forces compliance is normally considered a government, right?

In that respect, Islam self-defines, by its governing nature, doesn’t it?


Is he frightfully ignorant, or deliberately corrosive to the American way of life?

Obama’s acidic remarks against those wary of refugees denigrates Americans.

Most troubling, as president he should be aware of this Nation’s history and stance toward immigration and refugees…what it has done over previous decades.

We experienced terrorism before, and we closed down immigration when needed.

To say otherwise means he’s dangerously ignorant…or curiously mean-spirited. After all, the ‘smartest man in the room’ shouldn’t deliberately tear Americans down.

At the end of the day, know this…

…big-wig politicians are insulated from the society they create for us. As for Barack Hussein Obama, for all he talks down to refugee-wary everyday Americans…

…he’s protected by lifetime Secret Service efforts…

…that you pay for.

Never forget: the enemy of their enemy is their friend

Middle East refugee comments abound, but always remember, those fleeing violence in their countries may just as easily belong to one side as the other.

E.G., Syrian refugees could as easily be fleeing Assad as they are ISIS.

And America is at war with ISIS, but also assists anti-Assad forces.

That doesn’t make for a very ‘America-friendly’ crowd of refugees…


So, this White House foreign policy is all about the oil…

Yesterday we noted Syria is buying ISIS oil, even as they claim to be fighting ISIS; a huge admission…made public by Obama’s spokesman for the State Dept.

He admitted an obstacle working with Russia is to make Syria stop buying ISIS oil.

Syria is an Iran proxy state. Russia, Syria, and Iran are intent on NOT bombing ISIS oil fields, and don’t want (enemy) Sunni moderates to recapture those lands either.

One of the first rules of battle is to cut off an enemy’s revenue sources. An enemy thus impoverished is an enemy with few resources to fund war (or terror) efforts.

So, why isn’t Obama cutting off ISIS revenue sources…oil fields?


…we haven’t heard liberal media claim Obama’s policy is all about the oil…

…have you?

Unrest within blacks and college youth is a stealth Democrat get-out-the-vote effort

Make no mistake, 2016 doesn’t look good for Obama-&-company. Their failed policies leave them nothing to brag about, from the economy to foreign policy.

So that means just one thing…time for some good old-fashioned class warfare.

Blacks and young people vote heavily Democrat…so who’s surprised that unrest is occurring within those demographics? They’ll just stoke the fires until Nov. 2016.

The only surprise at this point is that they haven’t got women worked up yet.

(But don’t be startled to see it ramp up soon.)