GOP elites break out in severe ‘Palin-itis’ rash

Seems the Republican elites have redefined the definition of a split second…

…it’s now the amount of time it takes from the end of any Sarah Palin speech, to when the GOP elites start trash-talking her comments, vision, and ability.

A well-known journalist referred to her Iowa Freedom Summit speech as “…long, rambling, and at times barely coherent…”, then quoted others who trashed her effort as not up to the serious nature of what they believed that Summit should evoke.

But anyone viewing the C-Span video of her speech objectively will think otherwise.

Yes, she used personal anecdotes to draw attention to Left-leaning media bias.

Yes, she threw down on Hollywood and Michael Moore for vilifying our U.S. military.

And then she spoke of the need for strong conservative leadership, the need for our leadership to fiercely defend American Freedoms, and the importance of the federal government serving the people, instead of American people serving government.

‘Long’? ‘Rambling’? ‘Barely coherent’? When did conservative principles devolve?

Sarah Palin condemned the Left’s failed policies, domestic and foreign, and called for the GOP to “…go on Offense now…”to fight their demonizing, Alinskyite tactics.

“Calling Gov Palin’s remarks bizarre and disjointed would be charitable.” REALLY?

The Iowa Freedom Summit was organized “…to hear directly from conservative leaders on how we can get America back on track by focusing on our core principles of pro-growth economics, social conservatism, and a strong national defense.”

Sarah Palin spoke with personal perspective and a ‘back-at-ya’ approach that may seem ‘barely coherent’ and ‘bizarre’ to the GOP elite…but the ‘grassroots’ hear her, loud and clear – and that was the focus of the Summit: grass-root conservatives.

One would think elite GOPers would understand that goal…

…after all, it was noted quite openly on the Summit’s website Home page.

One wonders why so-called Republicans enjoy denigrating their own with such unbounded enthusiasm. It’s expected from Democrats, but why arm them?

A look at Governor Palin’s history might provide a glimpse of understanding. In her political rise, she took on corruption and incompetence in both parties.

Republican elites may be willing to do anything to protect their power…

…but objective journalists shouldn’t stoop so low to help them.

Message to the GOP et al

…when attacking politicians, please go for those with a (D) after their name!!

Message to honest Republicans: listen to Gov. Palin’s speech, decide for yourself.

For GOP, the message is more important than the messenger

Pundits are scrambling to discuss the faces in the 2016 GOP presidential field.

Too bad they’re not focusing all that energy on a 2016 message.

Reagan didn’t win in a landslide because of his charisma. His message connected.

A pretty face with a faulty message will come up empty in 2016…just ask Mitt Romney. It should be evident that the challenge is selling conservative principals effectively.

Honest Democrats and Independents are conflicted over the failure of Liberal policy. It’s time to make serious efforts to define and sell them on Republican solutions that resonate.

Hard to do that, when it seems many in the GOP are embracing Big Government as well.

Biting the hand that feeds

Only businesses can create jobs…which enable income…which builds an economy.

Some argue government creates jobs, but fail to consider that, in a free-market republic like the USA, government can only exist by taxation…on businesses or individuals.

NRO’s Kudlow has a piece on ‘Common Sense Economics’ that’s worth a scan (though we believe that his points one and two should be reversed in the order he presents).

Obama’s speech on the State of the Union focused on attacking business, in-so-far-as his higher taxation ideas take money from businesses, thus dampening the economy.

Business drives America…

Our free market capitalist system has made us the world’s economic engine. Excess tax policy overburdens that engine…politicians know it, but greed trumps that knowledge.

They fall prey to a desire for more money…or more power. And Americans lose.

Only in Obamaworld does screwing the middle class…help the middle class

Obama’s State of the Union focused on helping the middle class.

But Forbes reports that Obama’s new budget raises taxes…on the middle class.

Clear as day, his budget ‘rolls back’ tax credits for college ‘529’ accounts, used primarily by the middle class to build a college fund for their kids. FYI, Roll back = TAX HIKE.

It’s no surprise when Obama’s caught in a lie…he doesn’t care about the middle class. And the story isn’t that Democrats once again do the opposite of what they claim…

the real story is how the media continues to allow them to get away with it.

State of the Union speech nothing more than political theater…of the absurd

Bet this…Obama will use the State of the Union address to attack Republicans.

Taxing the rich…war on women…anti-Hispanic…Party of racists: you name it, he’ll pitch it as a means of supporting his agenda, when in reality the exact opposite is true.

Otherwise, over the last 6 years of Democrat policies…

Why are corporate fat-cats richer than ever?

Why is household income for blacks and Hispanics lower, and joblessness higher?

Why has unemployment and stagnant wages hit women harder?

Check it out…then you’ll see the extent of the lies that are spewed tonight.

But it doesn’t matter to Obama, so long as he can once again attack Republicans on national television, then rely on his media lapdogs to spin the efforts his way.

BCP suggested not giving Obama a platform for such antics in early December. It is the party in power in Congress that decides whether to invite a State of the Union speech.

Why the GOP allows this mockery to continue is a mystery.

Where once we sent in the Marines, now Obama sends in…James Taylor…?

Just when you thought Democrats couldn’t be seen as any more ineffectual…

…John Kerry proves otherwise.

‘You’ve Got A Friend’ James Taylor soothed the French terror fears as Kerry looked on, and we can only imagine the howls of incredulity within ISIS and al-Qaeda legions.

No wonder the world laughs when Obama talks about ‘bringing a gun to a knife fight’… ‘cuz world leaders see, when it comes to this administration fighting terrorists…

…Obama and Democrats don’t know guns from guitars.

Know this…

The French are counting their blessings that Obama wasn’t president on D-day 1945…

…because it’s a sure thing Barry Manilow would have landed on Omaha Beach.

John Kerry redefines n-u-a-n-c-e…

Never Underestimate A Numbskull’s Catastrophic Elitism.

The faulty logic in the Left’s argument for closing Guantanamo

The mantra from the Left has been “Guantanamo’s a terrorist recruitment tool!” This, they reason, is the justification for closing that terrorist detainment facility.

Problem is, it became a terrorist detainment facility after Sept 11, 2001.

Which means, of course, that radical Islamists already had terror recruitment tools.

By their logic then, preemptively, the Left should have demanded the demolition of the World Trade Center, since – judging by 9/11/2001 – extremists objected to its existence.

Thus saving thousands of lives.

Of course, that argument means we should have closed down the Pentagon and White House preemptively as well, since they were targets on Sept 11…but why stop there?

Since our very existence enrages terrorists, shouldn’t we all just self-destruct…

…after all, isn’t the fact we exist a terror recruitment tool?

Don’t forget, amnesty threatens jobs and income too

“House votes to cancel Obama amnesties”, Speaker Boehner justifying the act as “an affront to the rule of law and the Constitution itself”…but what about minorities?

Amnesty for illegals threatens the jobs and income of many struggling Americans.

That’s an affront many seem to forget about…BCP would suggest a car-wash attendant or busboy doesn’t think about the Constitution as much as they worry about their jobs.

The GOP should come out hard as champions of the poor and low-income earners…

…Anti-Amnesty, Because Millions of Jobs & Paychecks Depend On It.