Subsidies made simple, courtesy of Democrat tax-cheat Charlie Rangel

A GOP amendment to O’care forced Congress and top aides into health exchanges.

Seemed only fair…the GOP point being that, if Congress passed a law that forced Americans into exchanges, then Congress should share the same pain.

In the Obamacare health exchanges, if you make over $36k you don’t get a subsidy.

Congress screamed, because it would cost them out of pocket.

Obama’s OPM team changed laws so Congress gets subsidized with tax dollars.

Private citizens making over $36k/yr – forced into exchanges – get NO subsidy…

…but Congressmen in exchanges – making $174k/yrget subsidized with tax $$.

Democrats are trying to pass this off as no big deal, saying private sector employees get their healthcare paid for by their employers, so their subsidies are similar to that.

But it’s not the same thing…

…private sector employees with employer-paid health plans aren’t in the exchanges.

Democrats can try that argument all day long, and get a pass from the national media, but as usual they’re lying – the comparison is not accurate and obscures reality.

The reality is the GOP-forced amendment in Obamacare law pushed Congress into exchanges to feel what Americans who were forced into exchanges would feel…

…but Democrats demand and received subsidies that regular Americans can’t get.

Clearly, they just don’t feel they should be subject to the laws they pass.

HHS Sebelius reveals the liberal mindset…

Yesterday, Sebelius was asked if she was going to resign because of O’care failures.

Her response “I don’t work for the people who want me to resign” reveals the liberal mindset…she’s paid by taxpayer dollars, but doesn’t work for the taxpayer.

She works for Obama.

The liberal mindset is that taxpayers serve the government. Therein lies the problem.

What the heck is a ‘monkey court’…?

A NJ Democrat congressman called a House hearing on the O’care website failure a ‘monkey court’, refusing to yield when asked, because he was mocking the hearing.

We’ve heard of a ‘kangaroo court’, never heard of a ‘monkey court’…

Imagine the uproar if a Republican called a hearing over Obamacare a monkey court.

Of course, since it was a Democrat, crickets are chirping…

Obama’s bad-faith negotiating and disregard for law aren’t ‘failings’…they’re tactics

July 11th, BCP said Obama’s disregard for law would negate any Democrat promises.

Now Senator Rubio voices that sentiment, noting that Obama’s bad faith during recent gov’t debt-&-funding negotiations creates distrust that probably is insurmountable.

Rubio knows any Republican willing to support immigration reform would only do so if strong enforcement is a part of it, but none of the GOP trust the Executive will enforce it.

So, through bad faith during negotiations, and a demonstration of total disregard for the law on quite a few issues, Obama has created an aura of distrust that negates efforts.

This is a deliberate tactic to freeze Republicans in their tracks.

Obama’s got nothing to lose…he’s not on the ballot. He wants control of Congress.

GOP lawmakers will justifiably dig in their heels…earning mainstream media’s wrath.

Watch this get put into play throughout the next year, with every voter bloc: Women (birth control), Hispanics (immigration), Blacks (voter ID), Youth (pick the issue).

Republicans (rightly) won’t trust negotiations, will be portrayed as obstructive, and – if they fail to properly strategize rebuttals now – will lose those voter blocs next November.

Better than rebuttal – go on offense now, with each of these voter blocs, by using the House to pass resonating pro-bloc legislation that negates Democrat objectives.

T’were best done quickly.

BlueCollar predicted Democrat Senators would be running scared…

We knew Senate Democrats up for re-election would start dodging Obamacare.

CNN’s Dana Bash tweets every Democrat Senator up for re-election in 2014 will back a delay of the individual mandate in O’care (she refers to it as the ‘enrollment deadline’).

On August 12th BlueCollar predicted they’d be running from O’care before elections.

Democrats & Obama chose the shutdown when the GOP sent out appropriation bills crafted to delay the individual mandate (and demanding Congress not exempt themselves from Obamacare). Looks like Democrats forced that pain for nothing.

Judging by Bash’s choice of verbiage, expect the national media to avoid an ‘individual mandate’ label (which would validate what the Republicans were demanding all along).

They’ll use ‘enrollment deadline’ or less invasive labeling that shies from an ominous ‘mandate’ tone. But whatever they call it, it’s the individual mandate they’re disavowing.

Every GOP lawmaker should be stepping to the microphones to capitalize on this bit of news, reminding the American voter that this was the Republican policy Democrats fought against, refused to negotiate over, and thus chose to shut down the government.

They should press every Democrat to disavow their exemption from this hated law, and demand an answer why Democrats put Americans through this shutdown travesty.

Strike while the iron is hot.

Looks like the White House needs Joe the Plumber….

“White House stonewalls questions about Obamacare repair”

Paid Liar Spokesman Jay Carney won’t say who’s being hired to fix the O’care website.

Considering the line of sewage that was flowing during Obama’s ‘oh-my-gosh, who-can-we-blame’ speech about Obamacare on Monday, we’re suggesting… Joe the Plumber.

Joe may not be a streaming-data expert…

…but he knows how to deal with gushing excrement.

Don’t run from this shutdown blame-game…BRAG about it!!

The Good News? Republicans continue to get blamed for the government shutdown.

The Bad News? They don’t know how to snatch victory from the jaws of dooms-dayers.

Talk about ‘feeling the pain’. During the shutdown…the market went up (2.4%), gov’t workers got a two-week paid vacation, and interest rates went down (1/2%).

Democrats revealed they’ll do anything to force Americans to accept a healthcare law they hate, just as long as they don’t have to share in the pain the rest of us will feel.

Market up…paid vacations…interest rates down…Democrats won’t protect you.

Yeah – real tough message for Republicans to articulate.

We desperately need a network media outlet.

Anybody know the Koch Brothers phone number?

Drinking the ‘sour polling’ milk, one defund-delay negotiation at a time…

In today’s political climate, dealing with National polling is like dealing with sour milk.

Republicans in Congress should remember the 1st Rule For Sour Milk…

stop drinking – there’s no need to drink the whole glass, once confirmed it’s sour.

Push-polling was used to force gov’t-shutdown blame on Republicans, who drank that sour-milk polling and decided ‘enough’, even though BlueCollar showed them the way.

The Washington Examiner verified our analysis of the bogus NBC-WSJ poll here and here. We exposed its Democrat-weighted bias, and the underlying rot in their policies.

(And, we thank the Examiner’s Mark Tapscott for acknowledging our efforts to do so.)

Sunday we exposed the failure linkage that puts the lie to that push-poll intent, which was to shackle the fault of a gov’t shutdown around throats of House Republicans.

Government needs money to operate. Our Constitution requires money drawn from the Treasury to be done by appropriations. The House GOP passed appropriation bills.

The Democrat-controlled Senate refused to give those bills an up-or-down vote…thus shutting down the Federal government they took an oath to serve. It bears repeating…

Democrats, trampling the Constitutional process, shut down the Federal government.

Yet, the NBC-WSJ poll ignores any Congressional Democrat role, only asking those polled if Obama or ‘the Republicans in Congress’ were to blame for the shutdown.

What honest poll does that? More important (in light of upcoming negotiations), can the Congressional Republicans articulate this very basic argument next time?

In a few months, gov’t funding and the debt-ceiling will be back in the spotlight.

Plan A:

The House GOP should make sure the Senate quickly receives similar defund-delay appropriations bills as went through earlier this month, with a clear message…

No Senate bill will be considered until they first give the House bills an up-or-down vote.

Then push the message that the appropriations process is being held up by Democrats, because they won’t accept O’care themselves, and won’t give individuals a break like they gave the unions, the Congress, the insurance companies, and businesses.

And when the push-polling starts (and you can bet that it will), ask the American people why a Democrat-controlled Senate is afraid to vote on legitimate House bills.

After all, if GOP appropriations are so bad for America, shouldn’t Senate Democrats be just itching to vote them down, so they can proudly brag about it after?

Besides, the House GOP isn’t afraid to reciprocate and vote on Senate legislation.

Or, Plan B:

House Republicans can keep drinking sour ‘polling milk’…and cave once again.