Because all scandal-trails lead to the White House…

Many low-information types are asking why poor Barack is under attack.

But motive-and-opportunity clearly reveal all scandal trails lead to the White House…

IRS intimidation and voter suppression efforts against conservatives? The IRS is part of the Treasury Dept, under White House control…and pre-election efforts helped Obama.

Justice Dept accessing media phone records, monitoring conversations? DoJ answers to the White House, and illegally gathering that information helped…you guessed it.

State Dept removing all intel references to al-Qaeda in Benghazi talking points? Both the State Dept and intel agencies answer to…yep, the Anointed One…who happened to be campaigning on an “I killed Osama, and al-Qaeda’s on it’s heels” foreign policy.

All these illegal/shady/deceptive practices were for Obama’s benefit…and were carried out by Obama’s Team…for the benefit of Barack ‘Who-Me?’ Obama.

This is a clear example of Affirmative-Action liberal leadership, without a clue of how to run a campaign on solid issues, or how to run a country based on the U.S. Constitution.

If ‘Obama didn’t know’, he’s incompetent…if he did know, he’s malevolent.

Either way, he should be thrown out of the White House.

Willful incompetence justifies impeachment…

Much has been made by Panetta and Clinton about what wasn’t known during the Benghazi attacks on Sept 11th of last year…and how not knowing froze them in place.

Not knowing the duration, intensity, or lethality of that situation should have spurred a leader to commit military assets – including Spec-Ops forces – to help fight off attackers.

Failure to send help wasn’t just incompetent…it was WILLFUL Incompetence.

If you see a child struggling after falling through ice on the lake, do you not do anything because you don’t know how long they’ve struggled, or how much longer they can?

Do you stay on shore and watch, unsure if the ice will hold your weight?

What if you had told the child to go ice skating in the first place?

The right thing would be to do whatever can be done to help, not just sit and watch.

What Obama, Panetta, and Clinton did is the equivalent of telling a child to go out and play on the ice; then, when hearing screams of distress and (from a window) seeing the child struggle, rather than help…chose to turn the lights out…and go back to sleep.

Their job was to protect Americans they put in harm’s way…and they did NOTHING.

(Actually, they did worse, if stand-down orders count as an ‘act’!)

How can any sane person defend such lethal incompetence?

If liars were impeachable, D.C. would be a ghost-town…so focus

Remember when Mom used to warn you, “nobody likes a liar..”?

Sadly, elections continue to prove otherwise.

‘Benghazi-Lying’ hasn’t stopped Democrats, or shamed a media that helps them.

But many seem to focus on the wrong issues, and the wrong lies.

Here are the 3 major issues to address, regarding Benghazi failures…


1) What kind of incompetent State Dept. leader would allow funding for non-essential low-priority projects in benign locations (elec car-charging stations in Vienna!), rather than critically essential security for high-priority terror hotspots like Benghazi?

Followup question: what fool would ever again vote for such an incompetent person?


2) Who is responsible for authorizing U.S. military intervention in other nations, when American lives are threatened by attacking terrorists and host nations won’t/can’t help?

Followup question: if it’s the sole authority of Obama, was he a-w-o-l, or ignored; if ignored, why hasn’t his (now, former) Secretary of Defense Panetta been charged; if a-w-o-l, is Dereliction of Duty a ‘high crime and misdemeanor’, which is impeachable?


3) How does Obama justify removing the CIA’s various al-Qaeda references for Benghazi talking points, and inexplicably ADD a never-referenced video as the cause?

Followup question: if the deceitful ‘video smokescreen’ gave cover to al-Qaeda, isn’t that defined as giving ‘aid & comfort’ to America’s enemies…a Treason offense?


And remember, what Clinton failed to do in order to ensure the security of her embassy people ‘Before’, is separate from the ‘During’ and ‘After’ failures of Barack Obama.

Remind us again…where does ‘the buck stop’…?

Latest news from Libya shows ‘why Benghazi hearings matter’…

Democrats circling the wagons around Obama and Clinton, say ‘what’s past is past’. (We wonder if they have any family members in Tripoli, because it’s getting ugly!)

Word today out of Libya puts the lie to that sentiment. In a ‘deteriorating security situation, the British are pulling their embassy people, and US military is on standby.

We’re willing to bet the American embassy personnel in Tripoli are hoping that Obama and Clinton won’t abandon them if attacks occur, as they abandoned Benghazi.

What other ‘military assets’…?

Our 6th Fleet, consisting of approximately 40 ships, 175 aircraft and 21,000 people, is stationed in the Mediterranean, at Naples, Italy…a 50 minute flight to Benghazi.

Task Force 62 (a 6th Fleet unit):
Task Force 62 is the combat-ready ground force composed of a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) of approximately 1,800 Marines. Transported in Task Force 61 ships, the MEU is equipped with armor, artillery, and transport helicopters that enable it to conduct operations ashore, or evacuate civilians from troubled areas.

For those unfamiliar to the military, ‘combat-ready’ means…LEAVING NOW!!!

Combat-Ready Marines know the feeling of sleeping with combat gear on…

…giving new meaning to the phrase ‘Reach Out and Touch Someone’…fast!


Any career flag officer claiming help couldn’t get to Benghazi in time is lying.

Avoiding a ‘Mission Accomplished’ moment…in an impeachable way

Shanaya B sees Benghazi hearings as ‘making a mountain out of a molehill, old news’.

(Fred Thompson tweets a 1-liner, something about how the Left sees Benghazi as ‘old news’, but is still okay with bringing up a 40-year old Watergate to bash the GOP.)

Question for Shanaya: If Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, or Chris Stevens had been your son, husband, or brother, would you rush to give these politicians cover?

‘Commander-in-Chief’ isn’t a catch-phrase…it’s an obligation.

Obama was campaigning for re-election as a strong foreign policy leader, bragging about killing bin Laden and that al-Qaeda was on the run. Benghazi put the lie to that.

Would you want your son’s death swept under a rug, simply because a cheap politician wanted to avoid a ‘Mission Accomplished’ moment at a critical time in his campaign?

Military assets were available, unarmed drones can be armed in minutes. Obama had his ‘3am call’, and he slept through it (then went campaigning the very next day).

As C-in-C, only he could have ordered military assistance. He’s not worthy of the title.

He REFUSED to provide military help that could have saved American lives.

Proof? The House should call Rear Admiral Gaouette and Army General Ham to testify.

And Clinton wasn’t worthy of her title. As her State Department denied security requests in a Benghazi terror hotspot, it was funding electric car-charging stations in Vienna.

Proof? The House can call the GAO to detail non-security State Dept. 2012 spending.

Nixon covered up a bungled 3rd-rate burglary. Obama and Clinton are covering up their role in allowing Americans to die! They wouldn’t even okay a low-run jet fighter fly-by!

Mountains out of molehills? Americans died! These were failures of epic proportion.

Try telling the Doherty, Woods, Smith, and Stevens families they were ‘molehills’…

…impeachment proceedings should be the order of the day.

Putting the lie to ‘no time for military assets’ bullcrap…

Sorry Congressman Cummings, you were lied to by your Secretary of Defense.

America has an air base in Aviano, Italy.

Commercial flight time between Aviano, Italy to Benghazi, Libya…2hrs, 6mins.

An FA-18E/F (max speed 1,181mph) could have been over Benghazi in 1 hour…

Doherty and Woods were killed 7 hours after Washington was notified of an attack.

Please don’t try to tell the American public it would take an American fighter pilot 6 hours to finish his coffee, gear up, and take off in his $66.9million aircraft.

(And, fyi, those ‘unarmed’ surveillance craft don’t take 6 hours to arm, either!)

State Dept-appointed Benghazi review board is a crude whitewash

The Accountability Review Board’s 39 page unclassified report is a joke.

A bad joke.

No specific mention of who was interviewed, merely (pg 29) ‘…the Board interviewed over 100 individuals…’ (Janitors? Food handlers? No names, no positions noted.)

No specific mention of the role a military presence could have played, merely (pg 37) ‘…not enough time for armed military assets to have made a difference…’

Really? The attack lasted 8 hours. Intel sources told Fox News there were military assets available, including F-18’s, AC-130’s, and armed drones. None deployed.

Not enough time? The report says (pg 27/28) on the next day, the evac C-17 took 3-1/4 hrs flight time to get survivors from Libya to Germany!

We have bases and ships in and around North Africa, we can fly to Germany in 3 hours, but ‘not enough time’ to get military assets in and around Libya…to Benghazi, Libya?

This ARB report is worse than a joke…it’s an insult.

Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty deserve better.

Nixon was driven from office because of a 3rd rate burglary.

The magnitude of this Obama-Clinton-Benghazi travesty screams for a reckoning.



Sorry, ‘not violating airspace’ is a bogus excuse…

Reader Carlos G. protests that Obama’s hands were tied by international protocol, that violating a sovereign nation’s airspace was not a viable option.

Really? Deploying killer drones over other sovereign nations is no big deal…?

So Obama violating Pakistan’s airspace to kill Osama bin Laden is okay, but violating Libyan airspace to protect Americans being attacked is wrong?


For those so desperate to protect Clinton and Obama, could you AT LEAST bring out 1 legitimate argument in their defense?

Spec-Ops personnel dropped in right next to a Pakistani military training center, in order to double-tap bin Laden (and everyone else in his compound, come to that).

Dozens (if not hundreds) of arguably innocent civilians are collateral damage every day a suspected terrorist driving by them in a BMW is drone-killed with Hellfire missiles.

And some would have us believe ‘honoring airspace’ justified letting Americans die…?