WARNING: it’s existential Friday…

Never professing to be philosophically (or theologically) acute, we can still ask…

…is it Islam, or something bigger that provokes terrorist outrages against humanity?

Linear logic suggests that, whenever religion is held in higher regard than respect for human life, then human life will suffer from that priority. Consider…

Some argue there can be no religion without the existence of the human race, so based on that premise, the human race must be on a higher priority than any religion.

Many see their God as greater than Humanity, and would exist even if Humanity didn’t.

Either way, the problem isn’t where God fits in, but where respect for human life fits in.

And sadly, more often (it seems) with Islam, non-believers are seen as unworthy of life.

And, of course, it always helps to remember more have died at the hands of atheists like Chairman Mao, and Russia’s Lenin, than have died from any one religion.

(Although some might argue that, for those atheists, their God was, simply…Power.)

Why so many oversize backpacks seen being carried at Boston Marathon…?

Is this over the top, or another ‘dot’ to add to the connect-the-dot process…?

From all the videos being shown, has anyone else wondered why so many Middle-Eastern appearing men were carrying large backpacks at the Boston Marathon?

We’ve heard of ‘trial runs’ conducted by Islamists on public transportation systems over the years since Sept 11, 2001…which, after Monday’s bombing, begs the question.

It’s odd that security personnel were observed – and imagery shows – carrying handheld radiation detectors, yet many spectators were allowed to carry large backpacks…

…without incurring the curiosity of said security personnel?

Radiation detectors imply ‘dirty bomb’. If that type of security is now standard for large events such as the Marathon, wouldn’t it follow that large bag checks are necessary?

We’re not expert in such matters, but don’t believe dirty bombs are pocket-size…

And, anyone who’s seen The Thomas Crown Affair understands the diversionary method of scores of bowler-hat men carrying look-alike briefcases…

Just asking.

Nope – not even close…

(Update to ‘Tangled Webs…and an angry weaver’ posted earlier this week)

Brandon R. defends the Bombaster-in-Chief, pointing out that the NRA may in fact have been lying about the intent of the Federal government to create a national gun registry.

He misses the point. First, discussing something that could happen isn’t lying.

That’s what government bureaucrats do…correlate data. But the larger issue here is…how can you believe a consistent liar, who then calls others a liar?

And shouldn’t our elected ‘leaders’ be working on protecting basic rights of law-abiding citizens, rather than taking away those rights? Where does the encroachment end?

Slippery-slope interference is a daily government occurrence.

Just as importantly, as Senator Grassley pointed out in Senate deliberations, no new law in the gun-control bills being discussed would have deterred the Sandy Hook killer.

The least we should require is that Congress work on effective legislation.

Boston dot-connecting outrage…has Saudi Govt invoked ‘get-out-of-USA-free’ cards for bombers?

Will this be the final straw?

Yesterday, we speculated on a curious chain of events that linked an ‘unscheduled’ visit between Obama and the Saudi Foreign Minister with the Boston terror bombing.

Seems we may have been right. And the ‘fix’ may be in.

Today, we’re hearing of a ‘sudden’ deportation of at least one Saudi living in Boston.

Who just happens to have “…the same last name as a major Saudi clan that includes scores of al-Qaida operatives.” (emphasis added)

Obama’s media lapdogs keep pushing the ‘lone wolf, domestic terrorism’ narrative, as web blogs explode with pictures of numerous Middle Eastern-appearing men carrying backpacks around the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

‘Lone’? ‘Domestic’?

It’s looking like a cover-up, folks, and this could blow the Teflon finish off Obama’s lead-from-behind strategy to make sure nothing ever sticks to him.

BlueCollar prediction…Obama and his Homeland Security flunkies will be trying to put the crap back into the cow by invoking ‘NRA-linked’ domestic terror theories, even as Saudi Nationals crowd Logan Airport with ‘Get out of America Free’ cards.

After all, the ‘it was a video’ false Benghazi narrative worked for him before…

Could such deceit now mean that even Liberal Bostonians will be outraged?

The truth will out. (Unless, of course, Obama’s lips are moving.)

Tangled webs…and an angry weaver

‘O, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive’ (Walter Scott, 1808).

Our Weaver-in-Chief is at it again. Angry that his Democrat-controlled Senate shot down legislation that wouldn’t have solved gun-violence, he lashed out at…the NRA.

But when he’s lied about his association with domestic terrorists, terrorist enablers, racial demagogues, and crooked businessmen, maybe he shouldn’t point fingers.

He’s lied about Obamacare, about not taxing the Middle Class, and about the events surrounding Benghazi…no issue has been left behind when it comes to his deception.

So please excuse the BlueCollar, if we appear…oh, shall we say skeptical…when it comes to this latest round of a Teflon Tyrant’s teapot tantrum, accusing others of lies.

Americans can’t get worked up over Congress’s failure to pass legislation that won’t do anything… especially once they know that Feds don’t prosecute existing laws.

That’s right – 80,000 people were found to have lied on their gun-purchase applications in 2010; of those… only 44 were charged with a crime. Yeah, let’s make more laws…

(44. Talk about ironic…guess who the 44th President is…? That’s right, your No-Lie-Will-Stick ‘Teflon Trickster’ himself, Barack ‘wHo-Me?’ Obama.)

Richly ironic! Makes us want to wax poetic…(with apologies to Sir Walter Scott)…

‘O, what a huge task it is to lie…when history’s deceit one can’t deny.’ (BCP, 2013)

Follower-in-Chief meets (unscheduled) w-Saudi Foreign Minister…!?!

Seems odd that the ‘leader-from-behind’ who had no time to meet with his own team during Benghazi… now meets (unscheduled) at a NSA-Saudi discussion of Syria.

The Follower-in-Chief dropped in unannounced on a Saudi Foreign Minister today.

To discuss Syria…?

Obama is famously detached from events, especially distant happenings in…Syria.

Are we looking under rocks, or is it more likely the Obama drop-in had something to do with the Marathon bombing…? Does he know something we don’t?

First today, there’s an arrest, and an FBI press conference scheduled in Boston.

Then there’s no arrest, news outlets look idiotic (okay, okay, not a hard thing to make happen), and then the FBI press conference is mysteriously canceled.

And now we hear Mr. Aloof drops in on a low-level Syria discussion?

What, all of a sudden there’s a new-found interest in 3rd world sandtraps?

Or has he learned the ID of the bomber/s he labeled as ‘terrorist’ yesterday, and needs to do a little Saudi damage-control before suspect/s are marched in front of CNN?

Curiouser and curiouser…

Forget glory – do it for Americans…

We asked the question in mid-March, and we’ll ask it again…

What are Republicans waiting for?

Our No Guts, no glory… post March 15 suggested they stop playing Defense, and get on the Offense, but what’s happening now isn’t slow motion…it’s NO motion.

Restated – ‘The best defense is a good Offense…’

How often have you wished House Republicans would employ that philosophy? It’s very potent, strategically…It keeps the opponent on Defense, and allows the GOP to effectively set the narrative.

Now, as we hear more of the Massachusetts bombings, the question screams.

Will national security failures finally convince the GOP to play hard ball?

 In the Boston Marathon bombing aftermath, we hear Obama cut domestic bombing prevention budgets 45% over the last 4+ years, to a measly $11 million annually!

HELLO…!?! He spent 200 TIMES THAT on failed Green Energy programs for his BIG DONOR CAMPAIGN CRONIES during that same time period!



Why isn’t Speaker Boehner going on Offense?

A column (ran Mar. 15) on how House GOP’ers can “Keep the Pressure on Democrats”.

E.G.; bring up a bill that defunds Obama’s weekend golf junkets, and restores funding for White House tours. Dems must choose – Obama’s playtime, or Girl Scout visits.

Bring up a bill that repeals forcing union ‘prevailing wages’ that gooses the cost of fed-funded projects 22%; use half of savings for debt reduction, the other half for programs that assist disabled children living below the poverty level. Unions vs disabled kids…

Bring up a bill that defunds Obama’s multi-billion $ green-jobs fraud. (As Murdock says, “…at $575,000 per green job created…Platinum jobs is more like it”) Use half of the savings for debt reduction, the other half for Low Income Home Energy Assistance.

Force Democrats to choose between green-money payoffs for their biggest campaign donors…or heating for Grandpa’s apartment in the middle of winter.

Best of all, these aren’t ‘gimmick’ bills – they solve real problems: debt, waste, poverty.

Republican Speaker Boehner has had two years to implement such a strategy. We all know Democrats never hesitate to attack, so what’s Boehner waiting for…?


They aren’t gimmick bills, and now add saving American lives to the solutions. This is no longer about saving or gaining House seats, it’s about keeping us safer.

This is a HUGE opportunity! That bill defunding Green Energy billion$ for Democrat big-donor cronies? Pledge part of the savings for enhanced domestic security.

Force Democrats to choose between green-money payoffs for their biggest campaign donors…or preventing bombings in Times Square, and the Newport Jazz Festival.

Question restated Speaker Boehner…what will it take…?

How do you ‘keep’ pressure on an opponent you never pressure in the first place?

Mr. Speaker…? Americans are dying to hear your answer…

Follower-in-Chief disgraces America

Leading from behind, Obama disrespected one of America’s strongest allies by failing to attend, or even send a senior minion, to Margaret Thatcher’s funeral.

She served as Britain’s Prime Minister for 11 years, and deserved better from America.

We hope some strong conservative figures had the courage to attend.

R.I.P. Iron Lady, you served Freedom well.