Who in their right mind thinks anything Trump does will win over media?

Those with angst over the President’s current approval ratings need to take a reality pill because there’s nothing President Trump does that will stop the negative coverage.

Several election cycles ago, a prominent media figure noted they are responsible for at least 12%-15% of the negative approval ratings for then-President George W. Bush.

If that’s the case, and the media is pushing 90% negative news on Trump, guess what?

Nothing the Trumpster does will change their effort.

Look at the positives:

Record low jobless numbers for black and Hispanic segments of the population, stock market record highs virtually daily, tax-cuts…and he still gets bad coverage.

With an honest media, Donald Trump would be polling +50%, consistently.

It’s not the President who has to change his attitude, people.

We’ve a sneaking suspicion the public is a little more aware of this than the Left thinks.

2018 should be a very interesting year.

So much for Democrat lies that GOP tax-reform hurts Americans…

2:11pm Pacific Savings time…just hours after Congress passed the GOP tax-cuts…

TRUMP EFFECT: Fifth Third Bancorp Raises Minimum Hourly Wage, Issues Bonuses To Employees Due To GOP Tax Reform

TRUMP EFFECT: Boeing Announces $300 Million Investment Initiative Thanks To GOP Tax Reform

TRUMP EFFECT: AT&T Announces it Will Pay 200,000 US Employees ‘Special $1,000 Bonus’ Due to GOP Tax Reform Bill

Those evil corporations sure are trying to make Democrats look bad…

Our favorite Gateway Pundit headline of the day…

POTUS Trump Touts Historic GOP Tax Bill – Blasts Loser Democrat Complainers


NAILED IT! House Democrat IT aides may have been Hezbollah enablers

Daily Caller headline: House IT Aides Ran Car Dealership With Markings Of A Nefarious Money Laundering Operation

We learned several days ago that Obama killed an FBI investigation of the terror group Hezbollah running drugs into the USA, and laundering money through used car sales.

BCP remembered that the House Democrat IT aides from Pakistan who are now under investigation were involved in a used car scenario, and we queried the possible link.

Looks like Democrats have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do…

The endless sky in Democrat ‘sky is falling’ rhetoric

If it weren’t for Nature’s saving grace, Democrats would have no politics at all.

From immigration to tax-reform, their ‘sky-is-falling’ rhetoric never wavers, and the only question we’re left with is how so many of their constituents ignore that sky never fell.

Oblivion must be a very blissful place, for those willing to dwell there, 24/7/365.

When it comes to ENABLING gun-crime, Democrats win…overwhelmingly

Of the Top20 American cities where gun-crime fatalities run wild, the top 19 are Democrat run, and most have been Democrat strongholds for a while.

Of the Top20 American cities where gun-crime non-fatalities run wild, the top 19 are Democrat run, and most have been Democrat strongholds for a while.

And, in the FBI listing of the Top10 most violent cities in America, EVERY ONE OF THEM IS DEMOCRAT-CONTROLLED. How many news sources have reported this?

Read the American Thinker article by Rich Logis – it’s a damning piece.

If nothing else, read this pull quote: “The actual issue, though, rooted in facts and reality – arch-enemies of Democrats – is that decades of one-party policies have contributed to family breakdowns, career criminals, problems with the police, failing schools, and inter-generational familial poverty.” (bold and underline emphasis added)

What more proof is needed of lousy Democrat policies?

And…what does that say about the voters who perpetuate this travesty?