Is the Democrat aide scandal tied to Obama’s ‘let-them-deal-drugs’ Hezbollah policy?

Politico reports that Obama wanted his Iran deal so strongly he ordered a stand-down policy with the DEA, that had built up a strong case against Hezbollah drug-trafficking.

Got that? A terrorist organization was given carte-blanche to run cocaine into the U.S. by an American president who was hell-bent on giving Iran a nuclear capability.

Who would ever imagine such a scenario?

Now, we’re learning this Iran-backed terror group, Hezbollah, was laundering the money from their drug-smuggling “…by, among other things, buying American used cars and shipping them to Africa.” Used-car schemes…where have we heard that one before?

Oh, right, the House Democrat aide scandal involving Pakistani IT shenanigans. One of those men ran an ‘auto retail business’…the aides worked for House Democrats who were on House Intelligence and Foreign Affairs committees…and those Democrats’ emails were breached thousands of times by the aides during their employment.

You think maybe all this is tied in somehow?

2 thoughts on “Is the Democrat aide scandal tied to Obama’s ‘let-them-deal-drugs’ Hezbollah policy?

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