Mueller’s ‘biased’ investigators aren’t the problem…CROOKED ones are…

All the talk about biased lawyers on Mueller’s team amounts to so much hot air…

…of course they’re biased…everyone has a bias.

Whether they can do an honest job with their bias held in check is the question, along with another one…were some of his lawyers cooking up a FusionGPS strategy?

Discussing a possible ‘insurance plan’ gives rise to conjecture that one of Mueller’s FBI lawyers – along with the guys’ mistress…another Mueller lawyer – were discussing just that IN THE OFFICE of Andrew McCabe…a top FBI director…before the election.

In terms of trust, there once was a standard that honest Dept of Justice appointees lived by…avoiding even an ‘appearance’ of impropriety…which it appears is now roadkill, a victim of the anti-Trump rage that runs over anything and everything in its path.

Yes, the FBI agent involved was dismissed from the Mueller team…

…but reasons for his dismissal were kept secret from Congress for months, and with it now appearing that the agent may have been involved in the Democrat dirty-dossier hit job, bias becomes irrelevant as outright corruption and a cover-up rears its ugly head.

Talk about an ‘APPEARANCE OF IMPROPRIETY’ – if this isn’t it, what is?

What did Mueller know, when did he know it, and why was he stonewalling Congress? And as Mueller’s boss, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein should be held accountable…

…NOW. The President should fire him, and Sessions should assign a replacement.

As for Mueller, if he was of unquestionable integrity, he would’ve done the right thing.

As it is now, his attempted cover-up of the Strzok-Page ‘insurance policy’ disqualifies him from an ‘unquestioned’ status, and exposes him as a partisan Democrat hack.

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