Should Egypt destroy the pyramids that were built by Hebrew slaves?

The slippery slope of activism surrounding the slavery movement can be wide in scope, and ramifications of wiping out symbols of slavery can become all-encompassing.

All of the ‘Wonders of the World’ were built by slave labor. The Taj Mahal was built by slave labor, as were pyramids in Egypt and South America, and China’s Great Wall.

Tearing down historical reminders of slavery is all-inclusive, and a permanent solution to eradicate reminders of previous wrongs does little to add to a national discussion.

(We won’t even suggest the fiasco of dismembering surnames Jefferson, Jackson, etc.)

A better solution would be to add monuments celebrating the end of slavery…

…unless, of course, your purpose is really to inflict guilt on a Nation.

Unhhh…doesn’t Trump’s election show ‘people’ have an interest in Hillary’s emails?

In response to a denied request for information in FBI files about Hillary’s emails:

“It is incumbent upon the requester to provide documentation regarding the public’s interest in the operations and activities of the government before records can be processed pursuant to the FOIA.” (bold emphasis added)

Forget for the moment the 12.5k signatures on White House petitions at present…

…wouldn’t you think the fact Hillary was DEFEATED in November was ‘documentation’ that there’s a public interest in the Server-gate/Email-gate she inflicted on the Nation?

Why is Obama’s deep-state still running the FBI?

Too soon, too late…WHATEVER he does won’t be acceptable

Media Trump-haters complain he’s in Texas too soon in the hurricane’s aftermath.

Let’s face it, he could’ve gone anytime, and there would be media faulting the President on timing…because where Mr. Trump is concerned, any action isn’t acceptable to them.

Like some comedian said…he could walk on water, media would report he can’t swim.

It’s a transformational spectacle, watching this media eagerly marginalize itself.

Give 85-yr old Sheriff Arpaio a break

As Sheriff, Arpaio served Maricopa County, Arizona faithfully, for 23 years.

He’s 85, and a pardon AFTER his death would have been anti-climactic.

Given the state of lawlessness on our streets, we’d prefer tough-minded and aggressive law enforcement to the weak-kneed variety espoused by Democrat and Liberal whiners.

To a Liberal judge that found him guilty, that’s the crime…aggressive enforcement. His trial was more of a political statement than anything, but that’s ignored by detractors.

Hey, the former Sheriff is 85, and Life is whimsical. Give him a break, before it’s too late.

Strange, that the Left, who called for Obama to pardon Hillary after an investigation into her illegal activities was inexplicably curtailed, should be given any credence now.

Thank you, President Trump.

Useful Idiots in a Schadenfreude tragedy: the angry disillusioned riot, for a Party that failed them

It can’t get any more ironic than this – the angry, disillusioned victim-hood’s who riot and destroy in reckless abandon are a product of the very Democrat Party that failed them.

So, to continue this Theater of the Absurd…all Democrat politicians need do is…

…continue to FAIL them…and let chaos reign.

(Of course, it’s good news for Democrat politicians – whose policies fail with regularity.)

Creating a disillusioned victim is right up their alley.

If America’s past can’t be forgiven, the Democrat past can’t be forgiven

America began under a cloud of slavery, and the Democrat Party has racist roots.

Americans actually waged a war to end slavery 90 years later…but Democrats kept up their racism for another 100 years, founding the KKK, passing Jim Crow laws, etc.

Dying to end slavery doesn’t count, yet neither does living to perpetuate racism.

If America can’t be forgiven her history…Democrats can’t be forgiven its racist history.

How can any serious movement condemn an America that fought to end the Democrat institution of slavery…but exonerate the very Party that practiced slavery; fought to keep slavery; created the intimidating, racist KKK; passed racist Jim Crow segregation laws; employed racist Bull Connor tactics; and fought against the ’60’s Civil Rights act?

Few dare say it, but we declare it loudly:

Antifa-BlackLivesMatter isn’t serious about racism, but simply use it for thuggery. And that fact will remain until they acknowledge the America which fought to end slavery…

…and totally disown the Party responsible for slavery and racism…the Democrat Party.

Antifa-BLM is just the Democrats’ new KKK…and REAL reporting would find they’re funding both groups

(Reliable sources whisper, where there’s smoke…there’s always a Democrat.)

Antifa-BlackLivesMatter is thuggery masked as anti-thuggery.

The Democrats who formed the KKK wore hoods and masks to intimidate.

Antifa-BlackLivesMatter does the same thing…just using a different color.

As they fire-bomb stores and cars, assault the innocent, and club their way to clarity it remains a matter of time before those on the sidelines see their acts for what they are.

Democrats have created the Perfect Storm of anger, taking over the white supremacist movement while falsely claiming to be ‘alt-right’, then pitting Antifa-BLM against them.

They can try to pretty it up all they want, but the KKK and Antifa-BLM share common Party ancestry, common Party ideology…and common Party FUNDING – by the Left.

(This many reliable sources can’t all be wrong.)

If media ‘journalists’ did their job, we’d learn that truth…

…before everything goes up in smoke.

Any statues of SUCCESSFUL black Americans will be of Republicans

Let’s give the Left what they want…reverence for successful black doctors…

…oohhh, wait, that would be Ben Carson.

Okay, let’s go with Supreme Court Justices…

…oohhh, wait, that would be Clarence Thomas.

Generals? Nope, Colin Powell.

Secretaries of State? Nope, Condoleezza Rice and Powell (again).

Emancipators of the slaves? Uhhh…Abraham Lincoln probably won’t be acceptable.

Civil rights icon? But, but…Dr. Martin Luther King was (gasp) Republican.

Damn, the only one left we can think of is a guy who added more to national debt than all before him combined, lost millions of jobs, re-defined ‘new-normal’ unemployment, funneled cash to fat-cat insurers and Wall Street heavies…

…well…okay…give ’em Barack Obama statues…spread ’em across the land.

(Hey, why not? The pigeons will show him the respect he’s earned.)